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Acura Vigor power window wiring

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Question From toots on Acura Vigor power window wiring

Hi! I have a 1992 Acura Vigor GL. The Chilton manual I have does not have wiring diagrams for
power windows. Can anyone help??????
The problem is, that the passanger window will go down, but not back up from the passenger control.
Works fine from drivers control....

Response From DanD

Hopefully this is the proper diagram for your cars windows sometimes these after market repair manuals are not the most accurate. This one has an obvious mistake with the coloring of a couple of wires. There usually close enough thou that you can figure out how it’s wired.
With your description of the problem and the way the diagram looks it’s probably the right side switch.
Sorry the image is so large, anything smaller and you couldn't read it.

Response From toots Top Rated Answer

Thanks very much Dan. This is very helpful.


starter replacement for 2000 acura rl

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Question From cwest on starter replacement for 2000 acura rl

I am trying to find the steps for removing/replacing the starter in a 2000 acura rl.

Response From Hammer Time Top Rated Answer

  1. Make sure you have the anti-theft code for the radio, then write down the frequencies for the radio's preset buttons.
  2. Disconnect the battery negative terminal first, then the positive terminal.

NOTE: The PCM memory setting is needed after reconnecting the battery.

  1. Raise the coolant reservoir, then remove the battery and battery base.
  2. Remove the alternator belt and alternator.
  3. Remove the left exhaust manifold cover.
  4. Remove the left damper fork.
  5. Disconnect the left suspension lower arm ball joint.
  6. Remove the left driveshaft.

  1. Remove the transmission stop collar, then remove the exhaust pipe A.
  2. Remove the front mount mounting bolts.
  3. Attach the chain hoist to the engine.

  1. Remove the left engine mount bracket.

  1. Disconnect the starter cable and BLK/WHT wire, then remove the starter.

  1. Install in the reverse order of removal.

NOTE: When installing the starter cable, make sure that the crimped side of the ring terminal is facing out.

  1. Enter the anti-theft code for the radio, then enter the customer's radio station presets.

2004 Acura RSX - Strange light issue, please help troubleshooting

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Question From Babil on 2004 Acura RSX - Strange light issue, please help troubleshooting

Hi all,
I hope that someone could help out.
This is a 2004 Acura RSX-S. After uninstalling the front bumper, I removed the headlight projectors to test some new LED bulbs that I recently bought. They didn’t do as much light as the halo bulbs, so I discarded them and reinstalled the original halo bulbs.
Both lights, the low and high beam are not working properly on the passenger side, while they are perfectly working on the driver side.
1) First issue is that on the passenger side they are not bright as they should, the light is really low (check picture below). Also, I need to plug both lights into the connector in order for them to turn on. If I plug only one light, they don’t turn on. This problem doesn’t happen on the driver side, where I can plug only one light at time and they turn on.

2) Second issue is that when I turn on the high beams, both low and high beam shut off. Check the picture below. The driver side is fine, while the passenger side lights are off.

I did the following testing:
- I checked all the fuses one by one and they all seem to be fine. Also if a fuse was broken, then the light wouldn’t turn on at all.
- I removed the light bulbs from the passenger side and installed to the driver side and vice versa. Same exact issue. Thus, the light bulbs seem to work perfectly fine. I guess that the issue is somewhere else and I don’t know where.
What could cause this issue? What other components should I check/replace?
Thanks in advance. If you have questions, please let me know and I’ll answer promptly.

Response From nickwarner

Back pin the ground wires of the sockets at the connector and run a jumper to ground. See if they are doing better. If so you have poor ground on that side. You would fix that by finding the ground point at the body and taking it apart, grinding the steel it bolts to nice and shiny and then bolting it back up, with something over the top of that to seal it from weather. Do you have a multimeter and some experience with using it?

Response From Babil

Thanks, you were right. The ground cable was bad. I couldn't do it myself for lack of knowledge. I couldn't locate it. I took the car to a mechanic he did it for me.

Response From nickwarner

Glad to hear its fixed. Sometimes when you're in over your head the smartest thing to do is seek out a pro. I've seen others keep going blindly and do some expensive damage, so good that you know your limits.

Response From Discretesignals

Just curious, but why did you remove the bumper cover to switch out the head lamp bulbs?

Check G201.

Response From Babil Top Rated Answer

Just curious, but why did you remove the bumper cover to switch out the head lamp bulbs?

Check G201.
Excellent question. I removed the bumper because the LED I bought are fatter than the stock halo and they didn't fit. I made a bigger hole to insert the LED, just to discover that it wasn't as powerful as the stock halo . Also, I always wanted to learn how to remove the bumper to install fog lights, and to possibly paint the headlights, making the metallic plastic black to match with the car (not the projector itself, but the outside of it)

Response From Babil

Thanks for the prompt response. I will follow your suggestion. I have a digital multimeter. I don't know much about it. All I could understand is how to read the Volts.

flat rate time acura rsxtype s

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Question From terry2526 on flat rate time acura rsxtype s

what is the flat rate time to replace a clutch assy. on a 2004 Acura RSX- type S 6spd.?


Response From Jeff Norfolk

6.7 hrs is the book time. But understand that this is purely a guideline, not the absolute time. The book is short as often as it is long. SOOO past experiance will dictate the time normally. I have never done one of these so i don't know. As a rule I will usually add a bit for the unknown and if it works out that the book was correct credit the amount back at the checkout counter. It is a better serprise when the price is less than more.

Response From terry2526 Top Rated Answer

thanks i appericate it........

Re: Acura Integra ABS Antilock Sys.

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Question From Guest on Re: Acura Integra ABS Antilock Sys.

Hi there! can you tell me how much ABS cost for an acura integra 95? Thank you!

Response From Hammer Time Top Rated Answer

Are you trying to install a system into a car that didn't come with ABS?

Response From Guest

the ABS light indicates in my car( yellow color). when i started the engine, i hear the noise from ABS. how can i fix that and do you know how much it cost? Thanks!

Response From Hammer Time

The light coming on indicates the system has detected a problem. It then stores a trouble code to identify the issue and disables the system. You will have to get the codes read first before your going to have any idea what the problem is.