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Standard Ignition
2010 Mercedes-Benz R350 Windshield Wiper Switch Standard Ignition

P311-46383A5    CBS-2016  New

1S11351 , 93410-2M010 , 934102M010 , 934102M015 , DL7416 , S16216 , SW8551

In Stock & Ready to Ship
Standard Ignition Windshield Wiper Switch
  • Multi-Function Switch
  • Product Attributes:
    • Attachment Method: Snap Fit
    • Connector Gender: Female
    • Connector Quantity: 1
    • Connector Shape: Rectangular
    • Contents: Switch
    • Cruise Control Cancel Included: No
    • Cruise Control On/Off Operator Inc: No
    • Cruise Control Resume Included: No
    • Cruise Control Set Included: No
    • Cruise Control Speed Adjustment In: No
    • Displayed: Yes
    • Fog Light Operator Included: Yes
    • Functions: Combination Switch
    • Indicator Markings Included: Yes
    • Latching High Beam Operator Includ: Yes
    • Main Light Operator Included: Yes
    • Momentary High Beam Flasher Includ: Yes
    • New or Reman: New
    • Number Of Connector Cavities: 1
    • Rear Window Washer Spray Included: No
    • Rear Window Wiper Delay Control In: No
    • Rear Window Wiper Speed Setting In: No
    • Running Light Operator Included: No
    • Terminal Gender: Male
    • Terminal Quantity: 13
    • Terminal Type: Blade
    • Turn Signal Control Included: Yes
    • Turn Signal/Directional Indicator: Yes
    • Windshield Washer Spray Included: No
    • Windshield Wiper Delay Setting Inc: No
    • Windshield Wiper Speed Setting Inc: No
  • Direct-fit OE-replacement switch effectively restores combination switch functions. Copper alloy conductors ensure superior electrical conductivity with low resistive losses. Robust design and high-grade materials meet the stringent demands of today's service professional. As a global manufacturer of switches, we maintain complete quality control throughout the manufacturing process and manufacture each switch to OE spec to ensure proper fit, form, and function.
Brand: Standard Ignition
Additional Fitment Information:
2010 - Mercedes-Benz R350
Painless Wiring
Windshield Wiper Switch Painless Wiring

P311-528071C    80173  New

In Stock & Ready to Ship
Painless Wiring Windshield Wiper Switch
  • Universal Windshield Wiper Switch
  • Universal Windshield Wiper Switch; 3 Position switch Operates 2 Speed Wiper Motor;
  • Product Attributes:
    • Position: N/a
    • WARNING CA Proposition 65: Yes
    • WARNING CA Proposition 65 Message: Warning: This Product Can Expose You To Lead Which Is Known To The State Of California To Cause Cancer And Birth Defects Or Other Reproductive Harm.
  • Features:
    • Three Position Switch
    • 2-Speed Wiper Motor w/On-Off
    • Washer Function
  • Painless maintains strict quality requirements for all raw material suppliers to ensure the highest quality finished product. Only American venders are approved. Quality is the key ingredient in every Painless product. Rigorous QC inspection follow all products every step of the way in production to verify the integrity of every crimp, every splice, every application of terminals and connections. When you open any Painless box, you will know without question that you have in your hands the highest quality product available anywhere.

  • This is a Universal/Non Application Specific Product. To install this part, you made need to cut, weld, or make other modifications to your vehicle.
Brand: Painless Wiring
Additional Fitment Information:

Latest Car Advice

CarJunky AutoAdvice

Windshield wiper switch install

Showing 2 out of 2 Posts
Question From Tapanga on Windshield wiper switch install

I have a 1995 Toyota Tacoma, 3.4 L with 219,000 miles.
I am trying to replace the windshield wiper switch and i can't get the wires out of the wire harness connector block. How do i get the pins to release?

Response From Discretesignals Top Rated Answer

Are you trying to unplug the connector from the switch or are you trying to remove the terminals from the connector?

91 Ford Escort LX wagon wiper switch location?

Showing 4 out of 4 Posts
Question From viciousvic on 91 Ford Escort LX wagon wiper switch location?

My mom just bought it, I can't find it, most of the lettering is worn off so I have no clue. Any info will be greatly appreciated.

Response From Hammer Time

It's right on the steering column.

Response From viciousvic Top Rated Answer

I figured it out, the wiper motor must be bad. But thanks.

Response From way2old

It is on the end of the turn signal swith. Just twist it.

Windshield wipers turn on, but will not shut off unless vehicle is turned off. Any Suggestions?

Showing 3 out of 4 Posts | Show 1 Hidden Posts
Question From BuzzelliDesigns on Windshield wipers turn on, but will not shut off unless vehicle is turned off. Any Suggestions?

Just bought this 2003 Honda Odyssey, 2 1/2 months ago and it has had this problem since the minute we purchased it. When vehicle is running and we turn the windshield wiper switch to the "on" position, they turn on with no problems. They will even change speeds accordingly based on the position of the switch. However, they will NOT turn off when we turn the windshield wiper switch to the "off".
The windshield wipers WILL turn off but ONLY if we do the following. 1. Turn the windshield wiper switch to the "off" position, WHILE the vehicle is still running. 2. Completely shut the vehicle off.
****It is at this point, when the vehicle is restarted, the windshield wipers will be off. Please let me know if you think it is the switch or the motor? Or maybe even another issue that we may not be considering. Thank you in advance for your replies. Regards, Angela

Response From Discretesignals

This doesn't act like a wiper switch problem. There is a park switch in the wiper motor that closes when the wipers reach the park position and opens when the wiper motor isn't in the park position. This is how the multifunction control module knows the position of the wiper motor so it can turn the motor off when the wipers hit the park postion when you turn turn the wiper switch off. If the module doesn't sense the voltage from the park switch circuit, it will keep the motor running on low speed with the wiper switch turned off. The multifuction control module is basically a body control module and one of its function is controlling the speed and timing of the wipers.

The park switch is inside the wiper motor assembly. You can check to see if the park switch is working by using a 12 volt test lamp connected to battery negative and back probing the wiper motor electrical connector on the blue/white wire. When the wiper motor isn't in the park position the test light will be off and when the motor hits the park position the test light will be on. Basically the test lamp should be flashing with the wiper motor running. If it doesn't flash, the park switch is messed up in the wiper motor.

Response From Tom Greenleaf Top Rated Answer

I think you are onto it DS. Forgot all about park position. Just for my info is it possible that if wiper arms are (most can't) not on star that turns them properly they can't reach full park? Like from getting a new windshield or any reason they might be removed?

Obviously not sure of much with this. GM got the gold medal for this type of bull for ages


Response From Tom Greenleaf

Angela - nobody has been by yet so I'll struggle with some ideas. Since it was like this when you got it you nor we can have any clues from any history most likely.

OK - So the guesses and reading thru what I think you meant (correct that if wrong) is wipers will quit if you shut them off while running THEN shut off car they'll stay off - right? Otherwise they just stay on?

That's what I'm basing guesses on. Washer motors usually trigger wipers to stay on so anything that makes it think washers were requested that failed could be the source issue. At the multifunction switch or slight maybe a stuck relay but tend to think the switch.

A real maybe for quick temporary fix. If you can find the washer motor that must have failed if it was enabled and run dry by now for unknown time unplug it. That just might allow wipers to quit but have not washers and probably don't now - right?

Sorry - best I can guess from here on this issue,


how do you remove the front windshield wiper switch in a 94 ford escort?

Showing 2 out of 2 Posts
Question From dirt on how do you remove the front windshield wiper switch in a 94 ford escort?

1994, ford, escort, 1.9L engine. i was driving to work and i had my wipers on. when i got to work i turned my car off and my wipers were still up so i turned the key to the on position again but the wipers havent worked since. i tried to replace the motor but it still wont work. im thinking it's in the switch but i dont know how to go about getting it off of the steering column and replacing it. any help?


Response From Double J Top Rated Answer

the combination switch on the 91 to 99 models controls the wipers, headlights and turn signals...

click here to see if this link helps you...


2005 Chrysler Sebring 2.4 DOHC No Wipers

Showing 3 out of 36 Posts | Show 33 Hidden Posts
Question From mystic2 on 2005 Chrysler Sebring 2.4 DOHC No Wipers

A couple weeks ago I tried to use the wipers and nothing happened. The next day the gauges inside the car went hay wire, started flashing on and off. Turned out the car needed a new battery and alternator. Replaced both and the car has been perfectly fine except for the wipers.
I checked the wiper fuse and it wasn't blown so I pulled the cowl, unplugged the motor, turned the key on, turned the wiper switch to full speed and then tested for voltage at the plug and got almost 12 volts when testing several terminal combinations. I thought for sure I had it figured out so went ahead and bought a remanufactured wiper motor but nothing happened when I plugged it in. I thought maybe since I didn't mount it it wasn't grounded so went ahead and did that and still nothing. Thinking maybe it was defective I returned it and went to a different auto parts store and bought another one, hooked it up and got the same results. So then I tested all nine relays in the relay control center and they all passed. So Today I bought and installed a new wiper switch and still no action from the wiper motor.

Here's the wire descriptions:
brown & white wire: low speed (12 volts)
red & yellow wire: high speed
tan & red wire: park switch
black wire: ground

And here's the readings from the wiper plug.
Wiper switch set to ''Hi'' ignition switch on:
black wire plus tan & red wire: 11.90 volts
tan & red wire plus red & yellow wire: 11.85 volts
(no other combinations showed voltage)

Next setting down:
brown & white wire plus tan & red wire: 11.84 volts
(no other combinations showed voltage)

Next setting down:
brown & white wire plus tan & red wire: 11.84 volts
(no other combinations showed voltage)

Next setting down:
brown & white plus tan & red: 11.83 volts
(no other combinations showed voltage)

Next setting down:
brown & white plus tan & red: 11.81 volts
(no other combinations showed voltage)

Next setting down:
brown & white plus tan & red: 11.80 volts
tan & red plus black wire: 11.79 volts
(no other combinations showed voltage)

Next setting down:
brown & white plus tan & red: 11.76 volts
black wire plus tan & red wire: 11.76 volts
(no other combinations showed voltage)

Wiper switch ''off'' ignition switch still on:
brown & white plus tan & red: 11.74 volts
black wire plus tan & red wire: 11.74 volts
(no other combinations showed voltage)

brown & white wire: low speed (12 volts)
red & yellow wire: high speed
tan & red wire: park switch
black wire: ground
Any idea what the problem could be?

Response From mystic2 Top Rated Answer

And also when I turn the wiper switch to the highest setting the wiper relay ''clicks'' and when I turn the switch down to the next lowest setting it ''clicks'' again but those are the only two settings that I can get any noise from the relay.

Response From Discretesignals

Ok, to test the wiper system you have to make sure that your meter's black lead is connected to battery negative at the battery terminal itself. This is the common reference ground point for all the electrical circuits. Any circuit voltage testing that you do the meter has to be connected to a known good ground or else you'll get inaccurate results. The only time you would want to use both leads to measure something in a circuit is if your doing a voltage drop measurement across a component, connector, or section of wiring, measuring amperage, or measuring continuity.

Next, you need to have the circuit operational to test it properly. With the connector unplugged all your seeing is open source voltage. If you have a resistance problem you won't see it measuring open source voltage because there is no current flow. You need to back probe the connector, with it plugged in and circuit turned on, at each circuit with your meter's red lead.

Write down the voltages you see on each of those wires.

Response From mystic2

Ok, big difference. I did it the way you said...
I'm only getting voltage at the tan/red wire and it's constantly moving around. It ranges from .25 - .69 volts. I tried all the different wiper selections and the readings are about the same.

Response From Discretesignals

You don't have ~12 volts sitting on either the red/yellow or brown/white wires with wipers on high or low?

If not, find the wiper high/low relay in the power distribution center. Put your finger on it and then have someone turn the wipers on high and low. You should feel the relay click each time the switch is put to high and low.

Response From mystic2

yeah, that's correct. I don't have voltage at any of the wires except the tan & red wire. And it's less than a volt.

It only clicks when I move it to high and then to the next lowest setting. Any settings below those two and it doesn't make a peep.

Response From Discretesignals

That good because that tell you that the high/low relay has power to its coil and that the body control module is turning it on and off. That also means the body control module is receiving inputs from the wiper switch.

Find the front wiper on/off relay in the power distribution center. The relay should click when you turn the wiper switch from off to on or on to off.

Response From mystic2

Nope. There's no click coming from any of the relays when I turn the switch from on to off or vice versa.


Response From Discretesignals

Check fuse number 18 (40 amp) in the power distribution box.

Response From mystic2

There's no fuse in that slot.

Response From Discretesignals

Should be one in there according to the diagram

Response From mystic2

I don't know what to say. I guess someone stole it. Maybe not all Sebrings have that fuse. There's several other slots in the relay control center that don't have fuses in them.

Should I try a jumper wire to see if it makes the wiper motor come on? If you think I should, please give me some pointers on how to do it safely.

Response From Discretesignals

Fuse 17 is for the convertible top. You could move the one from there to the Fuse 18 slot.

Response From mystic2

The only slots that have 40 amp fuses are: 1,4,5,6,7,12 14 and 16. Could I try any of these fuses?
And what does your info say that slot 18 is for?

Response From Discretesignals

Response From mystic2

Ok, I see.
Can you tell if any of the fuses I've listed above would be okay to try out in slot 18?

Response From Discretesignals

This is a 2005 convertible right? Why are your fuses missing?

Response From mystic2

It's not a convertible.

Response From Discretesignals

Sedan eh? The wiper schematics are the same for sedan and convertible. The fuse blocks are the same also. Fuse 17 location should be empty though. You could use ABS fuse 15 (if it has ABS) for testing. You could use fuse 12, but if it blows for some odd reason you won't have any radiator fans.

Response From mystic2

Where did you find a diagram that has all the fuses and relays labeled for this car?
I've searched online but came up empty handed.

Response From Discretesignals

I'm an automotive tech that has access to repair information.

Response From mystic2

I see.
I'll try the radiator fan fuse in the morning and let you know how it goes.

Response From Discretesignals

I'm not a sales person or anything, but check out ALLDataDIY.

Response From mystic2

That was it!! I can't believe after all I've been through it was only a missing fuse.

Within the Fuse & Relay Center there's several empty slots.
-18 (obviously this one)
Which of these - if any - should I fill?

Response From kev2

its Sunday -
My colleague shouldn't mind me adding to post-
you are asking about missing fuses- have you removed any fuses after the wiper failure?

I will look at the wiring BUT - important to know- is there a REMOTE starter?
Anything else not working?

Response From mystic2

Response From kev2

Its Sunday so getting access to work computer for diagrams is not happening.

the wipers operated before - you did not remove fuse #18 - likely was not there before - agree?
SO logic would say looking in wrong place -

lets try this temporary hail mary reset- the key MUST be in your pocket NEVER in ignition switch- in fuse box remove the #5 fuse should have a black clip securing it*
- remove say a prayer @ 15 seconde- THEN REINSTALL - did you hear a clicking sound ?

*squeeze ears to remove cover if still there

Response From Tom Greenleaf

This thread reads like some mystery novel

Ok - who moved or stole fuse #18? Other slots missing fuses but everything works>>?? Ahhhh - generally for features the car doesn't have or sometimes a spare slot and box/panel is used in assorted cars?

Owner's Manual should show the panel like the post Discretesignals posted and that should give locations by # and what it's for.

About now it might be a good idea to check that fuses are all in place and the correct amps as it seems they can move themselves they should go where they belong.

If all is back in order and working there isn't much more to do but wonder why a fuse get lost like this??????????????????


Response From Discretesignals

Ok - who moved or stole fuse #18?

Mrs Peacock with the candlestick in the Billiard Room?

Response From Tom Greenleaf

Oh my! Just wake up for the night and this! DS it was Col. Mustard in the Conservatory. Bet I have that dang game board somewhere knee deep in dust.

Again, with little to go on it would be nice to know (no chance at software from me which goes where) they are all in place. Look back at that diagram and if there's a fuse in a slot with only one terminal it really can't be doing anything. PLEASE DON'T OVERFUSE ANYTHING!

Cover's on that panel may say perhaps in acronyms which goes where and not uncommon to include a few spares and even a tweezer to pull them ].

Again, again - with everything working with this mystery just would like to know there isn't some 40A fuse in for something (circuit) requiring lots less and burn this car up if something went wrong for real.

Mopars {{Chrysler Motors}} doesn't historically do some funky things electrically or have seen such. Said the panel box could fit a # of different vehicles so empty spots don't mean much.

Been done with all this for a long time now. Fewer Mopars than other makes came my way. I'd probably look again at the Owner's Manual and no surprise if nothing in it but just that fuse #s and Amps, capacities, service intervals and more should be in any or what is it for?

Has this vehicle been messed with other than this? Seriously, I don't know what else to say on this,


PS: Print this out and fill in what belongs where.........

Response From mystic2

Problem solved. And maybe the mystery too.
The wipers weren't working at all when I went in to see what he problem was. So the fuse was already in the wrong cavity before I popped the hood. I'm certain of this because the wiper switch and motor both work.
The only thing I can think of is that when the alternator and battery were going south (end of last month) I might have pulled 18 then and put it back in slot 5 by mistake. But that seems unlikely because you don't even have to pull these fuses to inspect them. They have a window right on top and I've known this. And I'm not the type to just pull fuses at random. But hey, I'm only human so you never know. ;)

Response From Tom Greenleaf

For whatever reason it has been found and fixed. Still not sure who went out and mixed things up on you for sure (wink) but let it be.

I'll close up this thread as solved so it doesn't get spammed out later. YOU can ask any moderator to reopen it if you wish,


Response From Discretesignals

I'll give Mulder and Scully a call. Maybe they can figure this out...

Response From mystic2

What's slot #5 for. I think I can steal the fuse from there and use it at #18. I pulled it out and it only has one terminal that the fuse plugs into to. I guess it's safe to say that it's just a spare?

And I've checked the owner's manual but it doesn't give info regarding what's what in the Fuse & Relay Center.

Response From mystic2

I can just wait until tomorrow then. I'm kind of afraid to try what you mentioned because I don't have that much experience working on cars. And plus I took fuse #6 out and put in @ #18 and the wipers are working fine.

Response From mystic2

No, I haven't removed any fuses since the wiper failure. And there's no remote starter. And as far as I know everything else on the car is working fine. I just need to know what happened to the fuse that was in slot #18 because if it simply got moved to another slot then all I have to do is move it back.