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1990 Pontiac Grand Am Window Regulator Guide - Front Left Dorman

P311-3C3BA8B    700-896  New


Dorman Window Regulator Guide  Front Left
Brand: Dorman
Position: Front Left
Additional Fitment Information:
Vehicle Position
1990 - Pontiac Grand Am Front Left
1990 Pontiac Grand Am Window Regulator Guide - Front Right Dorman

P311-126A35E    700-897  New


Dorman Window Regulator Guide  Front Right
Brand: Dorman
Position: Front Right
Additional Fitment Information:
Vehicle Position
1990 - Pontiac Grand Am Front Right
1996 Chevrolet Impala Window Regulator Guide - Front Left Dorman

P311-126A35E    700-897  New


Dorman Window Regulator Guide  Front Left
Brand: Dorman
Position: Front Left
Additional Fitment Information:
Vehicle Position
1996 - Chevrolet Impala Front Left

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Window Regulator

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Question From gigirl on Window Regulator

01 Grand Prix - drivers window regulator gone bad - replaced with aftermarket part. Bad again? Why does this keep happening?

Response From Tom Greenleaf Top Rated Answer

What about it is broken? Is this a power window problem or manual? Both have regulators and neither like to be forced. Ice is a problem sticking glass and forcing them causes issues in some more than others,


Response From gigirl

It is an electric window, you can hear the motor working but it will not move. I think the cables are shot. I already replaced it once.

Response From Tom Greenleaf

If two door it should look like this........


You really need to go in there and see what went wrong and hope something can just be put back in place. Noticed while looking it seemed this was only available as an assembly.

Some of this crap is under-engineered IMO and just a pill. While in there, lube everything up so it's easier on the dang thing,


Response From Hammer Time

Something is likely binding in the channels somewhere causing the window to bind and break the regulator.

Wiring up window regulator switch

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Question From banjoman on Wiring up window regulator switch

Honda CRV 2001 2 litre 90,000

Hi all just finished a 2 hour knuckle scrape yet managed to fit the window regulator on my left hand drive front passenger door, I bought the replacement window regulator complete with motor direct from Poland it was delivered here to my holiday home in the Algarve within 5 days so far so good
However when I went to clip the 4 pin connecter to the new connector ONLY TO FIND IT WAS A 2 PIN CONNECTOR ON THE REPLACEMENT PART aaaaaah
yes I know it was the first thing I should have checked before I fitted it, but my wife is here to ridicule me so she don't need extra help lol
I have managed to get the window shut by connecting the two cables from the replacement motor to a old car battery, which then gave me the option of closing the window up or down depending which way around I attached the cables to the plus or minus on the car battery
.MY QUESTION IS can it be possible to connect the two cable from the motor to the four cable connector which are standard in the door panel.
I just wondered could I fit a simple rocker type switch using the four cable connector to the new two cable window regulator motor
I have not a clue about car electrics so please keep any suggestions as simple as possible phew cheers

Response From banjoman

well I know I could have send it back but it is now fitted and out of the box the reason I have asked is that is the very thing I am trying to avoid and yes I can buy a new part no problem however as its fitted if somebody has a solution it would save me another 2 hour knuckle scraping job
,and yes the part does fit the proper side of the car which is left hand drive here on Portugal and Poland it is ok it goes up and down , but thanks for the replies I know you both mean well ...

The question was does anyone know if the 2 core wiring can be connected to the four core wiring to operate the window up and down the question is aimed at somebody who knows about electrical switches who can come up with a solution ..... there is power getting to the switch on the 4 pin side

cheers happy new year 2016

Response From Hammer Time Top Rated Answer

We all know a lot about electrical switches and we are telling you that you can cause yourself double the headaches you have now by messing with the original circuit.

Response From Discretesignals

Why can't you send the part back and get the correct one instead of hacking up the factory wiring in the door? That would be the simplest solution IMO.

Response From Tom Greenleaf

Banjoman: I think I know what the problem might be? You said "left hand drive" and neither Poland or Portugal are left hand drive countries so you probably got a right hand drive part which would not be wired as a driver's door.
Could you have that backwards in your mind? Not the side the steering wheel is the side of the road you drive on is right or left hand drive cars and exact car would have different wiring but regulator would probably fit as riveted or bolted in.
Any which way it's not the correct part.
IDK - What are your realistic options as DS suggested send it back for correct one or quite likely get the harness for a passengers car door same exact car. Look at your own wiring is that the right side of the car or left side of the car so look at the real passengers wiring - just a glance you may see where this problem happened or plain wrong as said.
Just a note - so few real OE left hand drive cars in N. America which are legal to use but expensive to ship so few of them. I've just noted that so many left/right vehicles particularly of Asian designs are frequently mirror image reversed for things like this or big word asymmetrically opposite.
In short I would hack up wiring but get right wiring or whole part as needed to do this up to taking pics of the plug you want it to be if needed.
I can't know as the window fit but might have been altered already for the other drive car?


Window regulators/motors

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Question From Rangerj on Window regulators/motors

1999 Chev Malibu drivers side window doesn''t go up,or down motor makes no noise when switch is activated, all the other windows work from same switch. Could the switch be bad or is it the motor and regulator?

1993 Mercury Marquis passenger and right rear window don't work, motor engages rear window goes down but not up, pass window does nothing.What parts do i need for both vehicles? Thanks

Response From re-tired Top Rated Answer

You need to take the door panel off and check for power at the motor. you need to re-post other car in a new post.

Response From Rangerj

Thanks,It was the window motor,everything else was okay.

Toyota Corolla, 2005, passenger power window broken?

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Question From Guest on Toyota Corolla, 2005, passenger power window broken?

If anyone can help, I have a dilemma. The passenger window in my 2005 Toyota Corolla seemed to fall out of its track or something yesterday. I took it to a mechanic today to have it fixed. I am getting a quote of almost $700. I hear the motor is fine, but the window regulator is bad. Although the window glass is not broken, he tells me that the whole window must be replaced because of how it ties to the regulator rod? Now I've started researching online and see many people doing this repair themselves. Is this a DIY project, or a $700 fix left to the professionals?

Response From Hammer Time Top Rated Answer

I don't know what he's trying to feed you there but there is no reason to change the glass if it's not damaged. It merely bolts to the regulator. I doubt you would save much trying to do this yourself because the bulk of the cost is parts and you can break the plastic parts easily.
I would expect the price to be close to $500 to $600 though. Alldata shows the regulator at

Front Door Window Regulator
Front Door Window Regulator
Right 6981002170 $321.18
Left 6982002170 $321.18

Right 6981002340 $90.73
Left 6982002350 $90.73

Response From Guest

Thanks for the helpful reply. It didn't sound right to me either, but I picked up the car yesterday. I walked away with a $95 shop fee and a window that is now permanently in the up position (better than open I suppose). I pressed on the glass issue, and was assured that Toyotas use a strip of metal that is somehow "bonded" to the bottom of the glass, and that is why they say the window would need replacing.

I'm not convinced, especially hearing what you all have to say. I have a trusted mechanic across town I'll likely take it to later, for now as long as the window isn't falling out, I'll deal with the inconvenience of not being able to open it. A bummer on a car less than 4 years old that never has passengers.

Response From Hammer Time

Yes, the strip is permanently bonded to the glass but the strip bolts to the regulator.

Response From dmac0923

be careful when you tighten the the bolts for the regulator onto the glass. a fraction too tight and you WILL be replacing the glass

Response From Hammer Time

be careful when you tighten the the bolts for the regulator onto the glass. a fraction too tight and you WILL be replacing the glass
That goes without saying working around any glass.

Response From Loren Champlain Sr

To add; Mitchell labor guide shows 1.1 hrs. labor to replace regulator.