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1989 Nissan Maxima Won't Start Up???

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Question From Spartan50 on 1989 Nissan Maxima Won't Start Up???

Hi, how are you, hope everything is going good???
I had a question about my Automatic 1989 3.0L V6 Nissan Maxima with around 180,000 Miles recorded.
I think my battery died due to leaving on the radio for too long, so I cleaned the precipitates from the battery connectors, then used jumper cables which helped start the car, turned off the car for a 2nd time then started it again, then I turned off the car again for a 3rd time, but now the car won’t start. When putting the key in the ignition it sounds as if the car almost will start, but then struggles to do so. Is there a problem with the battery, spark plugs, fuel injectors, timing belts, etc.???

Response From Tom Greenleaf

Is it cranking the engine and not starting or not cranking at all?


Response From Spartan50

Thanks for the reply,
Yes, the car was cranking with a great amount of noise, sounds like it should start up, but just barely wouldn't start up.

Response From Tom Greenleaf

Seems to me and forgive me but sounds like you aren't sure what you are hearing. Noise? If starter's gear or "flywheel" is striped it will make or could make some zipping sounds and be loud but it's not cranking the engine or an "I don't know" from me as I'm not there to hear this noise. A bad starter drive gives a distinct humming noise.

If engine cranks at a normal cranking speed and won't start then you go on to find out what is missing. Generally lacking spark or fuel to narrow it down and if it did run recently without running out of oil or a wild overheat then valve timing can be an issue and some fatal for the engine cost wise unless this car is a real gem otherwise.

What engine is in this? I'll try to find out what system it uses for valve timing and if that is way off it could bend valves on some or crank sound funny as it would show no compression or if that very low compression and not enough to start - just can't say with the info at hand yet.

This is open to a lot of possibilities so you may need a mechanic to hear this noise AND the no start. Are you planning to fix this yourself?


Response From Spartan50

Hey Tom,
I can understand there might be a million different noises with a car hehe, there have been occasions where my car wouldn’t crank as much and the battery was the problem, but this time it was funny because there was a good cranking noise and engine sounds like it will start, but just not able to in the end. This led me to think the battery was fine, and another issue may be at hand such as problems with the timing belt.
Today my dad and I took the battery to Sears, they charged the battery, we put it back into my car, and it started without any hesitation! It was a battery problem I guess the whole time.
Listen Tom, I want to thank you for giving me great detailed tips about my car, it’s hard to find this type of help online, you sound like you know a lot about cars, I will keep you in mind as an online friend who has great knowledge of cars. If you have any recommendations of good local mechanics in the east bay area that would be cool.
Thank You Tom!

Response From Tom Greenleaf

Thanks for the kind words. You gotta be nuts to do this stuff but some of us just have to get dirty, cut, burnt and come back for more. Do know the age and miles on the timing belt - too important so pay attention to those,

Glad you are up and running


Response From Spartan50 Top Rated Answer

Hey Tom,
No problem, and the world of cars is fascinating, I want to learn more about fixing them, so far the main thing I know is how to change the window regulators, which I had to change on my Nissan about 4-5 times hehe electrical probs.
I will keep in mind the age and condition of the timing belt, don't think we changed it recently.
Thanks and Have a Great Day!

Response From Tom Greenleaf

Spartan - it's a hoot. I was into cars years before I could legally drive and owned several before my initial licence! Odd ball kid could fix dumb things and parents allowed this - three siblings were NOT allowed cars till college!

Just know that the underling principles of how about everything works is old as dirt but the way it's controlled changes. Gasoline, 4 stroke engines prevail now as they did 100 years ago but OMG how to control the thing, maximize efficiency, still improving power out of smaller displacement engines is ongoing.

Wheels are still round and fuel of choice for foreseeable future IMO will be gasoline as it works in hot and super cold climates. Not much else can just up and replace that so easy or it would have been done. Controlling things by vehicle's computer is ever growing doing the same old crap but right on time and target to waste the least.

Retired long time now and the changes are still coming. Nobody has beaten the plain internal combustion engine however controlled since it's inception. Ferdinand Wankel made an rotary engine which beats the hell out of a piston engine for power by nature and weighs less. Problem. It just pollutes too much and is a pig on gas. Same with the two stroke engines but needed unless you want to carry a V8 for a weed whacker - laugh.

Transmissions and differentials are still based on 100+ year old science and physics but not controlled better.

Fiercely competitive industry and have to make things perfect (new) the first time with common labor and do it fast! Same stuff just engineer in fast efficient assembly.

The people want........... low price, high MPG, plenty of power and room?! Oh - all that and no pollution. Oh my what a challenge and what happens is the mechanical stuff gets tight to work on when and if needed. Good grief I recall cars you could stand under the hood and do work on them!

Stay interested - I do. Being retired means I'm not buying an 8 thousand dollars scanner for multiple cars! Yikes! So if need be you still can do your own stuff but may need to pay for a scan now and then as unless using it daily it could never pay off. Need to know when it's right to pay the pros and really always did but seems more now than ever.

Have a great day,


Response From Mr.scotty

Man..That sounds like me 100%.
I'm not kidding here, I was 4years old when i had my first car(1970 vw bug)Sold that then when
i was 13 i got another one that my dad and I took turns driving on dirt roads, And i did all the repairs on it had the engine out a few times swaping different heads and stuff like that.
This stuff is so much fun and I'm learning new stuff about it everyday.
My personal vehicle now is a 87 mazda B-2000.

Great to hear there was crazy Moms and Dads like mine out there..haha

Response From Tom Greenleaf

scotty - others: Thanks. Car and mechanical si*t was "grease monkey" crap so long ago. Not so obviously - takes real thought and some grey matter to get thru some stuff as we know.

No pay here and free to use site. If not into it the door to leave is wide open As said all over the site - I don't own or control it but was part of setting it up before it opened. Wadda I know? Not trying is the real failure,


Response From speed

scotty - others: Thanks. Car and mechanical si*t was "grease monkey" crap so long ago. Not so obviously - takes real thought and some grey matter to get thru some stuff as we know.

its till is grease monkey according to colleges. all the tech schools i applied for only required a 17 on the act to get accepted....i got a 23 wiht minimal sleep adn no study....and i did horrible on the math portion too (took like 20 minute nap on accident lol) i think its an insult to say that only stupid people work on cars cuz they cant do anything else....well the "smart" people out there cant fix their car...so they take it to a "Stupid" person...it does take skilll and smarts to do this. you gotta know how the systems work together, how they are connected, how they work, characteristics, all that jazz ya know. these are complex machines that require special training to fix. anyway sorry for the hijack...im done now lol

Response From Tom Greenleaf

So right speed. Not "grease monkey" crap anymore and I was there - can you spell "old phart?"

Here in Mass a two Sh*ts a good tech can make $120/hr - scary! Grease monkey - I think NOT!


Response From Mr.scotty

Freaken small engine techs make up to $70 an hours around here!
I do both cars and small engines.
I hope to one day have my own shop and I'll repair both, but manly cars cause of more $$.
For rite now I'll have to deal with my driveway and my 12x20 shed haha.

Response From Tom Greenleaf

Mr. Scotty: Where are you? Kawi 460fv - 12.5 HP draining gas into oil! Shut off doesn't work and I'll fix it, Like a radiator's pet cock - sounds kinky but just hardware,


Response From speed

Age is but a number tom, but with age comes wisdom

Response From Mr.scotty

I think if people have the time/money and want to learn on there vehicles with proper instructions and a teacher they should go for it.

Response From Spartan50

You got a head start compared to most others, I always dreamed of fixing things such as cars, but never put it into application haha until my 20’s lol.
The base never changes to any subject or field, it’s just the branches of the tree that change, exactly improving efficiency, moving onto cars that are more gas efficient, going to greener technologies and eventually creating something that just doesn’t rely on gas at all and no pollution hopefully in next 50 years hehe we’ll see.
It is extremely difficult and involves heavy research trial and error to come up with new fueling technologies, but overtime new stuff arises, we have hybrids, etc. Yes there are more technological features attached to cars, auto parallel parking, etc is crazy, I still do it the old fashioned way haha cuz I am pretty ok at it lol, can’t be a lazy driver.
That is the main issue of how to make the engines more efficient with less pollution and better gas mileaged cars, slowly they are adding more mpg’s for cars and some are just amazing like 50+mpg. I increase my 89 maxima’s car mpg every now and then, just make it run more miles before I take it to the gas sation haha.
Base technology is same yes.

That’s right efficiency and they want it fast in crazy time schedules and the company that can do that wins!

Consumers demand crzy things, it’s not possible for car co’s to do so, but create new innovative methods, lot of pressure to invent new designs, etc but they find ways to get things done.
I want to keep my maxima for sentimental love for the car, but eventually we will have an extra 04 honda I will take over in few months, is there any legal way I can keep my maxima like in some storage place without having to pay any fees such as registration fees or any other fees for the car, like abandon the car or something then in a few years when I get money I can reuse the car and customize the car???
Thanks Tom!

door open warning light fault

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Question From KAami on door open warning light fault

Year of vehicle : 1998
Make of vehicle : Nissan
Model of vehicle Sunny
Engine size: 1.60
Mileage/Kilometers: 160,000+
(Full option/automatic vehicle)


My door open warning small red light indicator (near the speedometer) lits up when the driver side window is open, when i apply frequent brakes(car celiling light also lits up) and also when acceralator is reduced or not applied.

I have checked all doors and they are always firmly closed.

kinldy let me know the problem.


Response From Hammer Time Top Rated Answer

Your having a problem with one of the door jam switches or it's related wiring. The fact that messing with the driver's window triggers the problem makes that door highly suspect. It appears that the glass or window regulator is contacting something as it goes down that triggers the problem. You will have to take the door panel off and inspect inside.

Response From KAami


I'll check it up.