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2003 Ford Escape Auto Trans Filter ATP

P311-3BBC3E6    B-236  New

ATP Auto Trans Filter
Brand: ATP
Additional Fitment Information:
Vehicle Transmission Manuf. Code
2003 - Ford Escape CD4E

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2004 Ford Escape trans fluid change???

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Question From jab81 on 2004 Ford Escape trans fluid change???

I looked up a transmission filter on-line for my 2004 Ford Escape 3.0 and there was a footnote that the trans had to be totally dismantled to perform the filter change??? (NAPA) Is this correct??

Response From Tom Greenleaf

A/Trsax Filter (Filter Only)
Product Line: NAPA Automatic Transmission Parts
Comments: Filter Change Requires Complete Disassembly of Transmission
Per Car Qty.: 1


YIKES! Checked Autozones site and nothing listed? Haven't worked on one of these so really can't guess exactly what that means?? If you are supposed to be doing this as per owner's manual in routine maintenance I'd need a new set of shorts about now!

Basics on this: If you are really supposed to tear down entire transmission for a $20 dollar filter - I quit. Something is messed up with the info on this. Bet it's just a screen and not a real filter but guessing.

IMO - for the most part if a trans filter is really clogged with junk the trans is junk. For that matter if you really were to teardown 10,000 parts why wouldn't you just overhaul it?

What is really suggested in owner's manual for service? You didn't say 4X4 or 2X4 which could matter and NAPA didn't ask?? If there's a known drain plug I'd think about changing the fluid - the exact amount that came out.

Check manual and I can't wait what the others will say on this. Haven't run into it yet. Watch out before you do this. Filling it may have oddball ways and you could get stuck,


Response From jab81


Response From nickwarner Top Rated Answer

more and more vehicles are going to this now, where the filter is in the case and only replaced in overhauls. They want you to just have it flushed with a machine and not be servicable.