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Continental Engine Timing Belt Kit with Water Pump
  • Timing Belt Kit With Water Pump Interference Engine Application Includes hydraulic tensioner and seals
  • Pro Series Plus
Brand: Continental
Additional Fitment Information:
Vehicle Block Engine CID CC
2007 - Kia Rondo V 6 Cyl 2.7L - 2656
In Stock & Ready to Ship
Dayco Engine Timing Belt Kit with Water Pump
  • Includes: Water Pump, Timing Belt, Hydraulic Timing Belt Actuator, 2 Camshaft Belt Tensioners Interference Engine Water Pump Driven by Timing Belt
  • Water Pump Kit without Seals
Brand: Dayco
Additional Fitment Information:
Vehicle Block Engine CID CC
2008 - Kia Rondo V 6 Cyl 2.7L - 2656
2007 Kia Rondo Engine Timing Belt Kit with Water Pump 6 Cyl 2.7L Gates - PowerGrip Premium OE Timing Belt Component Kit W/Water Pump

P311-07D8984    TCKWP337  New

24543K , BWPK42289 , GTKWP337 , PP337LK1 , TB337LK1 , TCKWP337 , WP337K1A , WP337K1AS

In Stock & Ready to Ship
Gates Engine Timing Belt Kit with Water Pump
  • Interference engine application
  • PowerGrip Premium OE Timing Belt Component Kit W/Water Pump
  • Product Attributes:
    • Belt Material: Hsn, Fiberglass Cord
    • Belt Tensioner Included: Yes
    • Belt Tooth Style: Modified Curvilinear (iii)
    • Belt Top Color: Black
    • Bolt Included: No
    • Contents: Belt, Tensioner, Hydraulic Tensioner, Idler, Water Pump, Bracket, Gasket
    • Idler Pulley Included: Yes
    • Includes Installation Tool: No
    • Instruction Sheet Number: 0098-3002
    • Instructions Included: Yes
    • Number of Belts Included: 1
    • Number of Bolts: 0
    • Number of Components: 5
    • Number of Idlers: 1
    • Number of Springs: 0
    • Number of Teeth on Belt: 219
    • Number of Tensioners: 2
    • Number of Timing Belts: 1
    • Number of Water Pumps: 1
    • OE Component Comparison Rating: Oe Performance
    • Spring Included: No
    • Timing Belt Included: Yes
Brand: Gates
Additional Fitment Information:
Vehicle Fuel Type Block Engine CID CC
2007 - Kia Rondo GAS V 6 Cyl 2.7L - 2656
2009 Kia Rondo Engine Timing Belt Kit with Water Pump 6 Cyl 2.7L Aisin

P311-04E4D45    TKK-006  New

029-6056 , AWK1345 , CK337LK1 , CPK1345 , GTKWP337 , PP337LK1 , TB337LK1 , TBK182WP , TKK-006 , WP337K1A , WP337K1AS , WPK-0087

In Stock & Ready to Ship
Aisin Engine Timing Belt Kit with Water Pump
  • Engine Timing Belt Kit with Water Pump
  • All OE manufactured components included in one combined kit with detailed professional instructions
Brand: Aisin
Additional Fitment Information:
Vehicle Block Engine CID CC
2009 - Kia Rondo V 6 Cyl 2.7L - 2656

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Holden Astra 2002 Timing Belt replacement and Vibrating Breaks

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Question From afmamoon on Holden Astra 2002 Timing Belt replacement and Vibrating Breaks

Hi Guys,

I have recently bought my first car in Australia. Model details are as below.

Year : 2002
Make : Holden
Model : Astra
Engine Size : 1.8
Kilometers : 137,000

The previous owner had not changed the timing belt so I thought that I might change it now before something really bad happens to the car. As the parts are very costly in the market so I am thinking of buying the Timing Belt Kit and Water pump from ebay.

If these Gates automotive parts are reliable ?
(links not allowed)

Secondly breaks are vibrating and break grip on discs is not so good. What possibly could be a problem?

Also how much would be the labor cost to replace the timing belt and solving the breaks issue ?



Response From Tom Greenleaf

"Gates" IMO is generally known as a good name brand. Any can spin off cheaper stuff as well.

Brakes (break is like taking a coffee break sport - just busting you) plain need all to be thoroughly checked. Vibration is usually warped and or problems with rotors or drums if used. This car not sold in the US or Canada TMK where most regulars are from,


Response From afmamoon


Thanks for you reply.

You might already be knowning it that HOLDEN is an Australian Company owned by GM Motors and is actually a Chevrolet. So we have Holden Caprice in Australia which is actually a Chevrolet Caprice.
Other names for these car which might also exist in USA or Canada are Chevrolet Astra, Opel Optima Vauxhall Astra or something like that.

Any suggestions about the Break Pads or Discs. Which vendor is trusted one ?



Response From Tom Greenleaf

Just "owned by GM" doesn't mean much for export markets. Specs for equipment, parts meeting a standard OE or aftermarket is unknown to me place by place.

If doing things yourself I'd ask locally where and what names techs like best. DS's point on getting parts on line does scare me anyway. I would rather see it in hand at a counter and pay more personally,


Response From nickwarner Top Rated Answer

A lot of shops won't even install parts bought by the customer. I've had a few people get the cheapest junk out there for parts and then get mad when I refuse to install those parts.

While Holden is a GM subsidiary, they are building cars for your market and tend to use many different parts from the american version. Chevy has only within the last year started making the Caprice again, and its a police-only car. You guys have been getting one for a while though.

Response From Discretesignals

Don't think it is wise to buy a timing belt kit and water pump off ebay for the simple fact you have no recourse if something goes wrong. Another thing to consider is if you have a shop perform the labor with your ebay bought parts, they won't warranty the labor if something goes wrong with the parts and causes major engine damage. You'd be left holding the bag.

This is a US based website and we don't have any service or labor time info on your vehicle. Call around shops in your area to get a general estimate.

Not Dead Compressor, but rather broken Mounts=Rattling/Shaking Whole Car

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Question From ndjame01 on Not Dead Compressor, but rather broken Mounts=Rattling/Shaking Whole Car

*See my most recent post at the bottom of the thread for update*

So my Hyundai Sonata (2005) was in the shop this week because the compressor was dying and making a lot of noise (I thought it was the engine). The shop mechanics took a look at the engine and realized I needed a timing belt replacement, but didn't know what was making noise until they realized my compressor was dying. They replaced my timing belt, related parts, and water pump, but not the compressor (can't afford it). When I was paying for the replacement parts and labor, one of the mechanics mentioned that the car has a bit of a rattle to it when you start the engine but it's nothing to worry about, just the dead compressor shaking.

I think he downplayed this. The problem is, my car was rattling the whole drove home from the shop (especially bad at 30 mph). It is a ridiculous amount of vibration and resulting noise (at least inside the car). What can I do? I don't have the cash to get a new compressor. Can they do something to stabilize it/take it out? Sorry if this seems like a stupid question. I'm pretty mechanic-illiterate.

Response From ndjame01

Also: They said they replaced the timing belt with a shorter belt that doesn't attach to the compressor. So can't they remove the dead compressor so it's not shaking under my hood? If not, what options do I have?

Response From Tom Greenleaf

Timing belt is one thing and the service belt(s) another entirely. If you really know and can see the compressor as a pulley wobbles you'll be stuck soon.

If you don't want A/C to work anymore if you even know this time of year you should be able to fix just the clutch (a pulley too) bearing or put a dead but good clutch used one in as it's not always possible to by-pass them.

You need to have this looked at by another shop IMO as if pulley or compressor really is causing the whole car to shake you don't have a minute to waste to do something,


Response From ndjame01

I don't care about cold air right now; I just want my car to get me from point a to point b without shaking. Is it possible to remove the dead compressor (placeholder essentially?) without immediately replacing it?

I hope that question makes sense.

Response From kev2

return to the place that did the so called work. Get a better understanding of what they did - if compressor is no longer driven by the belt then the poor drivability is not caused by compressor . The use of a NO A/C belt would easily eliminate the compressor being driven...simple on the 2.5L and 2.7L engines

You need a second opinion AND a new professional repair facility.

Response From Hammer Time

I don't think it would work on either engine. There is another pulley there that the belt would make contact with if the compressor was bypassed.

Response From kev2

I checked the belt routing to be sure, its easy simple (my favorite) ...

I really have to learn how to add attachments -

Response From Hammer Time

If this compressor is eliminated and that belt runs directly from the crank to the alternator, it is going to make contact with the belt and pulley in between the two.

Response From kev2

NOT the diagram I show - Its academic anyway, as the actual vehicle is the consideration and the issue is a bypass of the real problem

Response From kev2

whats more important is I added a diagram !! the start of good things to come

Response From Discretesignals

Kev, something is wrong. Your images are not showing up.

Response From ndjame01

They wont be open until Monday. I live in Louisville, and they were absolutely swamped with repair work when we were hit with the cold weather earlier this week. I don't think they are bad; I think they were just busy, and maybe tried to get the job done in a rush. I am very happy they checked and replaced the timing belt, because apparently it was in bad shape and that is obviously priority number one for the life of my engine.

Around closing time when I was picking up the car one of the mechanics said in passing that the car shakes a little on start up, and "it's just the dead compressor." He said it was the compressor that was shaking. Since they did say they bypassed the compressor, I'm not sure why that would be the case.

Hopefully I'll have some answers by Monday.

Response From ndjame01

Hey everyone. So the mystery of the shaking is solved. All of the engine and transmission mounts are broken according to the most recent call from the shop. I found this page with part prices listed: link deleted ........................ not allowed
He told me the only way to get the parts was expensive, through Hyundai, but it seems he was mistaken. I'll give him the benefit of the doubt that he didn't look very hard, or maybe their dedicated parts dealer just only caries hyundai parts in this case.

What kind of labor cost would you all think is reasonable for replacing the engine+transmission mounts?

It's going to be pricey either way, is there a minimal mount replacement I could do? Or is it a bad idea to not replace all of them (due to the added strain on the less than optimal number of functioning mounts).

I hope this isn't too much to ask, just looking for some other informed opinions.

Response From Tom Greenleaf

Time for another shop IMO. This has gone from compressor that wasn't likely to begin with to belts now mounts. I don't know what to believe from what you are being told from that shop.

If really mounts and you have to wonder with that joint it could have been discovered in no time. One or more. There would be some need to know how and where to support engine for replacing them.

Quick look mounts are available all over the place. Time to install would depend on equipment and tools like most things.

Find a place that fixes cars as this one has you all over the place for what should have been so easy to diagnose IMO,


Response From ndjame01 Top Rated Answer

I think you're right.

I took my car in because of a noisy compressor and ended up getting a timing belt kit and water pump replaced for $550.00.

Drove the car home without any functioning mounts,
after being told it was the rattling compressor.

Now I have to replace all four mounts and he tells me you can't get a transmission mount from anyone but Hyundai, he left out "immediately" or "locally," because clearly you can get one from several brand name companies besides Hyundai for cheaper.

Very disappointing

But, thanks for your help.

Response From Tom Greenleaf

In this whole thread I still don't know what is noisy about the compressor from the get go. Brackets that hold it, bearing in clutch or what? You went in with a noise and came out with a noise. Something is wrong about that all by itself. We still don't know exactly what or why compressor or what was making noise for certain just that it still does.

There's so much misunderstanding with all of this of what was really needed or if it even was done it's making me dizzy. You are a customer seeking help. Had you plain insisted to replaced something without allowing them to check like "just please replace the battery and never mind why" type thing than that's what you should get.

More often you should be just stating what you've noticed that isn't right and let the tech's tell you your options on the fix if there are a couple ways to solve it to be dependable as a car at least.

When or if something is notice just opening the hood that you didn't even know about I find it fair to tell you something is wrong and ask what you'd like to do about it.

Said that this is all just a disconnect of......... understanding, procedures, communication, incompetence, malice or all of the above so I still suggest you go elsewhere.

Seriously, I don't know what else to say on this mess.......... Tom

Response From ndjame01

It is my understanding that the air compressor can make quite a racket when it is breaking down. That's what I heard. I took it in to the shop and they diagnosed that as the noise. They said the timing belt was in horrible shape and it needed to fixed asap (more immediately than installing a new compressor). So I payed for the kit and they suggested a new water pump while I was at it (since it is accessible when the belt is replaced).

When I was leaving the shop, one of the mechanics mentioned in passing that there was some noise at startup, but it is just "the dead compressor shaking." This was plain wrong apparently. I was hearing a different noise than the noise before, a vibration throughout the car. I took it in to the shop again and they found that all four of the motor/transmission mounts need to be replaced, and that is why it is vibrating.

I don't know why they didn't notice this BEFORE, and that's the most frustrating part of this whole thing. They should have checked the mounts at some point (this isn't the only time I've been to this repair shop). The main guy at the shop said that what must have happened is that the last of the four mounts failed basically at the same time as the compressor failed. Seems coincidental...but what do I know. I never knew any of them had failed and suddenly I have to replace all four.

Response From Tom Greenleaf

The compressor is confused. They are two things in one unit. When not engaged IT'S JUST A PULLEY! HEAR ME? When engaged that pulley is static, bearing isn't being used but the shaft thru the inside of the body of compressor is. It would make noise or shut up when engaged or not and nobody mentioned that.

They could be left loose or have a broken mount would be different completely. It's hard to believe it could make the whole car shake without a quick fatal failure - that's all,


Response From Hammer Time

That was the 2.4. here is the 2.7 V6

Response From Tom Greenleaf

Either way if this "whole car" shakes over whatever compressor/clutch has wrong if anything it would blow the belt off in shards in minutes if that screwed up somehow.

This more wrong with this whole scene than we know about?? T