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1981 Oldsmobile Cutlass Calais Steering Tie Rod Assembly ACDelco - Advantage

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ACDelco Steering Tie Rod Assembly
  • Advantage
Brand: ACDelco
Additional Fitment Information:
1981 - Oldsmobile Cutlass Calais

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Ford inside tie rod R & R help?

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Question From comnavguy on Ford inside tie rod R & R help?

I just removed the outer tie rod and in the process the inside tie rod pulled out. How do I re-position and re-insert the inner tie rod?

Response From Hammer Time

What's the year, make and model?

Response From comnavguy

It's a 2003 Explorer 4L (not-sport) 2WD

Response From Hammer Time

I'm not sure what you mean by "pulled out". The inner tie rod is bolted solidly to the rack and pinion.

Response From Loren Champlain Sr

To add; Takes a special socket to reinstall and tighten. (the socket is apprx. 18" long and a bit spendy)

Response From comnavguy Top Rated Answer

Thank you, Loren, for your reply.

I was not familiar with the method of attachment. I was replacing the ball joints and tie rod end.
The inner rod felt excessively loose, and I thought I had done something wrong.

My pulse and blood pressure are back to normal now, so, thanks again.

inner tie rod or Rack question

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Question From smoraq on inner tie rod or Rack question

2004 Merc Grand Marquis 92,000 miles:
Tire wear inner, drivers side. Inner tie rod appeared sloppy compared to passenger side. Replaced Driver side inner and outer tie rods. Still has play drivers side inner tie rod where it connects to steering unit. Any help is appreciated.
Thank you

Response From Tom Greenleaf

? Have you determined tire wear is because of tie rod ends - those don't generally wear tires unless so bad they wobble and about to fall off/out. Replacing a good one (some will disagree with this) doesn't make it better. Good is good, replacements can be junk.

OK - because of the bellows can be at least a little tricky so see just where free play is for inners. Is anything else not right about rack suspension, and the bar right down from the steering wheel?

Same feel both old and new one? Something doesn't add up. Suggests it wasn't bad to begin with?


Response From smoraq

Thanks for your reply. I have not determined that tie rod end caused tire wear. Bar from steering wheel appears tight. I agree that maybe there was no problem in the first place, just that there was play on drivers side and no play on passenger side. Maybe it wasn't broke and I fixed it anyway? Thanks for your help.

Response From Hammer Time

If you installed that stuff correctly, there cannot be any play there so you may be actually moving the steering gear internally or maybe your play could be a wheel bearing or something else.

Response From smoraq

Play is definitely from inner tie rod towards steering assembly. So if inner tie rod is new and installed tightly, could rack and pinion be faulty? Thanks again.

Response From Hammer Time

It's definitely NOT a loose tie rod end. Of course the rack can be worn out which should have been checked before installing tie rod ends.

Response From Discretesignals

You'd think if there was internal play in the rack, you would see it on the passenger side too when your checking for play in its tie rod? How are the rack bushings? Can you move the rack pushing on it with your hands? You'd think inner tread wear on one tire would be a camber issue.

Response From smoraq

I think replacing the Rack is not something I can do. Is there a way to test it, or should I just bite the bullet and take it to a shop? Thanks again
Add'l info: no fluid leaks and rack is not loose against chassis.

Response From Tom Greenleaf

You'll need this aligned when all set anyway - places I know ALL do and want front end work as well.
One extra thing for the alignment is if tires are really all worn differently it really won't help with the best alignment - not tire wearing just not as perfect as could be,


Response From Discretesignals Top Rated Answer

Has this vehicle been in an accident and had front end damage?

Response From smoraq

Yes, about a year ago it was hit pretty hard on front passenger side.

Response From Tom Greenleaf

Accident damage can't be contained into exactly what damage happened to everything and this issue probably does stem from that and now past the "unseen" damage grace period for anywhere I know of.

No telling what was harmed in the rack in this case that wasn't noticed at that time or all tested good. You said tire(s) aren't wearing evenly which if that is since the fix for accident damage it wasn't done too well was it?

If you were paying strict attention to tire wear and the clues they leave lots more than just a car the pulls left or right you should have brought that up long ago now.
With this new snag in the mix now I suspect the rack is the problem or tires all mix matched before or after the accident so you are starting from square one again.

A good alignment shop will check a ton of things including tire pressure and suspension parts all tight and can be put in range or norms after an accident. This includes proper even tires too.

Now for all I know or we know this car is so bent maybe it needed frame straightening or being totaled out? Can't know, alignment machine should show plenty you aren't going to see by eye,


Response From smoraq

Thanks to all of you for your help. Will go to shop for repair.

Response From smoraq

Yes, about a year ago front end was hit pretty hard on passenger side. Damage was repaired

Front end alignment bad Tie rod end

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Question From mercuryman on Front end alignment bad Tie rod end

I have a 1996 Mercury Grand Marquis.
I had a bad ,loose inner tie rod end on the drivers side.
I replaced it, but now the car pulls to the side while driving, and feels way out of line.

Can I loosen both bolts on the tie rod sleeve, and re adjust the inner tie rod to get rid of the play in the front end.
This would be temporary , so I can get car inspected. I will go to garage for front end alignment in a few days.

Response From Hammer Time

Can I loosen both bolts on the tie rod sleeve, and re adjust the inner tie rod to get rid of the play in the front end.

Of course not. Changing the direction that the wheels point isn't going to repair worn out parts, but it will tear your tires apart if that's what you're shooting for..

Response From mercuryman Top Rated Answer

Can I loosen both bolts on the tie rod sleeve, and re adjust the inner tie rod to get rid of the play in the front end.

Of course not. Changing the direction that the wheels point isn't going to repair worn out parts, but it will tear your tires apart if that's what you're shooting for..

I already changed the inner tie rod yesterday, but it got way out of line. Can't I adjust the tie rod by rotating the sleeve?

Response From Hammer Time

Being off by even a 32nd of an inch can scrub your tires off in nothing flat. Get a proper wheel alignment done.

Response From Tom Greenleaf

Yes but you won't know without the alignment machine if you are making it better or worse. That's all part of an alignment (at least good ones) and centering the steering so the wheel is straight when going straight. Even that is important as vehicles I know anyway when turning will have more freeplay on purpose to compensate for the deviation of the track if a full circle one travels further so it at a different angle to be correct.

That part is a lot of training to understand. It's not a go-cart. Many observations and you should get a before and after printout showing it's within manufacturer's specifications right on paper. Good for your car and tires to have it right on the money,


Response From Tom Greenleaf

Hmmm - out of proper tow (in or out) shouldn't make the car pull from now aged front end angle training. Wheel may be off center now.

No matter - if you do this again on a standard front end part count the turns out of one of those and put exact proper replacement part back in with the same # of turns - it still needs alignment which you should do right away before you wreck tires.

If tires are not even and right on the car the alignment really can't be it's best. Sometimes and fact frequently a tires alone are worn funky from being out of line. At least have the best two on the front.

A proper alignment should include all four wheels, tire pressure even and right and height if a spring was somehow lower on one side and all other pertinent front and rear end parts. Price will be local to you. Get that done right and not look for a bargain as the right machine is insanely expensive and worth it.

Depending on where you are just being out of alignment wouldn't reject a safety inspection but IDK the test for everywhere. Some include even brake action and so on.

If your inspection is by the month rather than what day from your last than you should have time to get the alignment done first and find out if anything else is wrong,


Tie rod

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Question From Revansbane on Tie rod

How hard would it be to change a tie rod on a 95 Nissan Sentra??

Response From Tom Greenleaf

Inner or outer - both? Requires alignment when finished too. Tools required - possibly rentable,


Response From Revansbane

I will porbably change both while under there. How much will the part cost?

Response From Tom Greenleaf Top Rated Answer,14600194//shopping/partTypeResultSet.htm <<<< that's what AZ lists for the 2.0 for this car - you can price out just what you really need want and use that as a basline.

You have to decide whether to do both (all) or just what shows worn,