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Re: 96 Toyota Corolla Front Tail Pipe

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Question From johnson.tumble9 on Re: 96 Toyota Corolla Front Tail Pipe

hi tom i have the same problem in my car and by following your instruction i got sorted out my problem and solve it thanks dear for helping. please visit www (DELETED NOT ALLOWED)

Response From Hammer Time Top Rated Answer

You need to read the FORUM RULES and start over.


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Question From Guest on exhaust

I have a 2001 Chevy, Metro and the muffler is falling apart. Do I have to replace everything( tubing and all) or can I just replace the muffler?

Response From flgmtech1 Top Rated Answer

If you are replacing the with factory parts it comes with the resonator parts and muffler and tail pipe as an assembly, the muffler itself aftermarket can be serviced by cutting off ahead of the muffler but the hard part is to be ble to access over the top of the rear suspension. You can remove the two bolts at the flange in front of the resonator and lower the entire section down off of the rubber hangers and move forward of the suspension enough to access the front of the muffler pipe section, cut off and using a coupler join the exsisting pipe to the new aftermarket muffler and tail pipe.

Response From flgmtech1

also this is a bettr picture

1999 nissan frontier

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Question From bobh-17044 on 1999 nissan frontier

having trouble with it running we scan it came up with the mass air senor clean it up and still won;t idle right and now there is no code seem like it is loading up with fuel blowing black smoke out the tail pipe could this be the fuel regulater being bad this is on a 3.3 motor with injection thank bob[

Response From Mr.scotty

Can you post the code number please?

Response From bobh-17044 Top Rated Answer

the code number came up for mass air senor now the engine light will not come back on the mech cleared the code now it is just running rough no power black smoke out the tail pipe and rough idol . now he was thinking that the fuel regulater might be going bad or is bad i just put a new fuel pump in a couple of mth ago

1993 Ford Crown Vic LX engine clicking

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Question From homerm06 on 1993 Ford Crown Vic LX engine clicking

First, I got a 1993 Ford Crown Victoria LX v8 4.6L SFI.

Next here's what happened and where I am.

I got the Crown Vic from an uncle who gave me the car. He bought it used in Feb '06 and I got it June '07. Never once did he change the oil in it. When I got it, it did a nasty clicking sound so I had the oil changed. The oil looked like Karo syrup or like Lucas Oil Stabilizer and there was less than 2 quarts. in the engine. Ok, I thought that was it, but it still clicked. Had a mech look at it and said it was the lifters. Eh.

I spent the next months trying to get it to be quiet. I tried 10w30 @ first (smoked a bunch from tail pipe), 10w40 (smoked a bit from tail pipe) & 20w50 (a puff of smoke here and there from tail pipe) in each oil change between December '07 - Sept '08. Then I tried CD2 for a month afterward. Then the fun began, there was an oil leak between trans and engine (which I just got fixed last week, funny huh) and more smoke poured out the tail pipe. (Engine cleaners do the job, but not always to your liking.)

I learned that lesson.

Then I just ended up adding 4 quarts of 20w50 in the hot months with a quart of Lucas and in the cold months I added 4 quarts of 10w40 with a quart of Lucas. Did that until December '09. Now I do 5 quarts of either respectively.


Some mechs say, "Change the oil, it'll clear out" But how long does it take, 3-1/2 years of changing the oil isn't doing it! "Just change the lifters." Yeah! 16 lifters at 9 bucks each + labor? HA! "Just use Engine Restore, it's in a silver bottle" Um, isn't that like Lucas or the other million and one oil products out there?

Help Please?

Response From way2old Top Rated Answer

By any chance it the noise seeming to come from the passenger side? I have had PCV valves rattle and sound like internal engine noises. Just a thought.

antifreeze in cylinder 3 and 4

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Question From shelcase45 on antifreeze in cylinder 3 and 4

antifreeze in cylinder 3 and 4 of my 1999 ford contour 2.0 4 cylinder

can you tell me what is wrong with it

Response From re-tired

Cracked or warped head . Blown head gasket . blown intake gasket . TIme for a teardown and looksee.

Response From shelcase45 Top Rated Answer

there is water coming out of the tail pipe

Response From Tom Greenleaf

Keep running it - it won't be doing that much longer. It's as R-T said and needs a tear down (take apart) to diagnose probably a head gasket but keep running it and it will make a good mooring,