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2013 Lexus RX450h Suspension Strut Mount - Front Moog

P311-215468E    K90658  New

Moog Suspension Strut Mount  Front
  • Suspension Strut Mount
  • Product Attributes:
    • Feature 1: Engineered To Meet Or Exceed Oe Requirements.
    • Feature 2: Superior Rubber To Steel Bonding For Durability.
    • Feature 3: High Polish Chrome Steel Bearing Races.
    • Feature 4: Replacement Helps Restore Vehicle Handling.
  • MOOG Problem Solver products incorporate proven design and engineering features for like new steering, ease of installation and longer life. MOOG is the preferred steering and suspension brand of professional technicians.
  • Suggested Purchase Quantity: 2
    • Most jobs typically require 2 of this item.
Brand: Moog
Additional Fitment Information:
Vehicle Position
2013 - Lexus RX450h Front
1995 Mazda Protege Suspension Strut Mount Sachs

P311-07EA918    W0133-1759795  New

Sachs Suspension Strut Mount
  • Rear - Right
Brand: Sachs
This Product is Eligible for Free Ground Shipping
Additional Fitment Information:
Vehicle Submodel
1995 - Mazda Protege DX
1995 Mazda Protege Suspension Strut Mount Sachs

P311-58F5BC4    W0133-1759794  New

Sachs Suspension Strut Mount
  • Rear - Left
Brand: Sachs
Free Ground Shipping on this item
Additional Fitment Information:
Vehicle Submodel
1995 - Mazda Protege DX
2002 Jaguar X-Type Suspension Strut Mount Genuine

P311-3C24C4B    W0133-1890450  New

Genuine Suspension Strut Mount
  • This Original Equipment Manufacturer part is the same part that was made & installed by the car manufacturer at the factory where the car was produced.
Brand: Genuine
Additional Fitment Information:
2002 - Jaguar X-Type
2003 Ford Mustang Suspension Strut Mount Sachs

P311-2C041C0    W0133-1704560  New

Sachs Suspension Strut Mount
Brand: Sachs
This Product is Eligible for Free Ground Shipping
Additional Fitment Information:
2003 - Ford Mustang

Latest Strut Mount Repair and Installation Advice

CarJunky AutoAdvice

2002 Ford Escort strut mount question

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Question From edt71 on 2002 Ford Escort strut mount question

Hey guys, few months ago posted on weird popping noise while turning or hitting a bump, well HammerTime here mentioned on changing out the strut mounts. Well I just got around to it and bought a new set. Problem is, they both have a notch or some indentation. I was wondering which way does this notch supposed to face? towards the front or to the rear or inwards to engine or outward?

I have changed the struts but I didnt remember this notch facing and simply put it on a few months ago. However during that time until now both front tires have worn out considerably on the outside rims suggesting positive camber (In whereas I didnt have this problem before and wondering if the I installed the strut mount incorrectly)

Anyone have any suggestions? The box the parts came in didnt have instructions, cant seem to find it on the internet, not about to pay out 20 bucks to AllData for 1 year of the shop manual (which probably wouldnt tell me anyways)

Response From Hammer Time

They should only bolt in one way. There is usually angling or spacing of the studs that lets it mount into the car only one way.

Response From edt71

Thats just it, its not angled or did it have any spacers to make caster or camber. Its just a square looking mount with 4 bolts which seem very straight. I can turn the mount around and it fits all holes perfectly.

However I read on some older threads online on different model cars that the notch faces outward with that little nipple looking rubber peice is supposed to face inwards. But cant seem to find anything on the 2002 Escort to verify it.

Response From Hammer Time

The mounting bracket is offset from center and rotating the mount will change camber and caster so if you don't remember which position it was in, then you will have to send the car out for wheel alignment when finished and they will have to deterine which position it should be in by measuring the Camber and Caster.

Response From Tom Greenleaf

Get the alignment. IMO put the best matching pair of tires on the front. Shop should check tires and pressure along with checking front end parts and rear too that it's all good for an alignment.

By any chance is the front of this vehicle now sitting too high? It shouldn't,


Response From edt71

Yeah I was begining to think that is what Im gonna have to do eventually. The alignment guy should be able to fix the problem (I assume he would put spacers on the bolts to give slight angle as to correct the camber) At least the popping sound would be gone

And no the car isnt sitting higher

Response From Hammer Time

No, he rotates the plate to change Camber and Caster.

Response From edt71 Top Rated Answer

Thanks anyways Hammertime. To think they were going to charge me to change out the rack & pinion mounts and charge 300 something. Simply changing the strut mounts solved the problem with the popping sound. Drove it around and the noise is gone. To think, Ive been driving it around for a long time with that noise. Im glad I came to this board.

Response From Hammer Time

I still wouldn't ignore that wheel alignment. You ma have changed the alignment dramatically when you moved those strut mounts.

Response From edt71

Ohh of course, just got to save up for the alignment and two good tires. At the moment, using 2cnd vehicle. (which in itself is falling apart)

Response From Tom Greenleaf

Just know that you need a new alignment with several jobs you may do. I find and try hard to get alignment when new tires are real fresh for the best job.

Check but many if not most who specialize in alignments would also do most repairs while at that machine or in same shop so less annoying to you or time consuming.

FYI not all shops do the alignments as it's costly equipment but should have someplace near that does them routinely from work that requires it,


replacing struts help!

Showing 2 out of 2 Posts
Question From pine6204 on replacing struts help!

Repalcing struts on my car everything was going fine till i took the strut mount bolt off. My spring is compressed and nothing seems to be holding my strut, spring, and strut mount together anymore but for some reason it doesnt want to come off. I have tried hammer ( well as much as possibly without signing a death wish around those springs), wd-40, praying, everything. Could there be something more than just the bolt holding it on?

Response From re-tired Top Rated Answer

year,make ,model ,eng/trans ,2wheel or all wheel drive . Help us help you.

Strut replacement

Showing 4 out of 4 Posts
Question From mmmmsass4 on Strut replacement

2007 Dodge Grand Caravan with 150,000 miles. Front passenger side strut repair. I purchased quik strut assemblies for the front end of my van. Drivers side was simple - removed entire strut as a unit and installed pre-assembled new strut. On passenger side, the shock is broken. The piston rod that goes up into the center of the upper strut mount and is secured by a nut has ripped out of the upper strut mount. Not the three little bolts the hold the strut mount in place, the main bolt the holds the strut assembly together. I can slide the shock piston up & down with my hand. The outer spring is still under tension. My question: Do I need to rent a spring compressor to safely remove the strut assembly from the vehicle? Will lifting the vehicle remove the tension from the spring since it is no longer held compressed by the shock nut?

Response From Hammer Time

You won't be able to lift the van enough to relieve the spring pressure. You will need a spring compressor. Either that of just cut the spring in half with a cut off wheel. Be careful doing that though as there will still be some tension on it when the cut goes through. Take as much weight off the spring as possible first.

Response From mmmmsass4

Update: Took your advice, jacked the van up high and cut the spring in half. It wasn't under too much pressure and dropped right out. Finished up the job, no problems. Thank You!!

Response From Hammer Time Top Rated Answer

Glad to hear you got it resolved.

Closing this now as solved.

2002 Olds Alero suspension noise

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Question From ez50nj on 2002 Olds Alero suspension noise

Creaking/popping noise from rear suspension at low speeds on smooth surfaces up and down low/high grades, No noise over bumps and struts are good. If I drive down a quiet street at 15-20 mph on smooth road I can duplicate the noises easily by sharply rocking the steering wheel back and forth (10:00-2:00). Sway bar links/bushings or something else perhaps? PS: strut mounts were replaced with struts about a year ago


Response From Discretesignals

If you suspect sway bar or links causing noise, disconnect the links and tie up the bar. Drive to see if the noise is gone.

Response From ez50nj

I'm not that mechanically inclined to do that

Response From Discretesignals

If something like that came into our shop and we suspected the sway bar bushings or links causing noise, that is what we would do first. If the noise didn't go away with the bar disconnected, then we'd start looking at other things like loose suspension components, loose hardware, shifting cradles, and anything out of the ordinary.

Of course, a visual and suspension steering inspection would be performed before we even started disconnecting any links.

You'll have to swing into your local repair shop to see what's going on.

Response From ez50nj

will do. thanks. question: if not sway bar links is shifting cradle a common problem with domestic makes? If so, big cost involved?

Response From Discretesignals

Not entirely sure. Links and sway bar bushings are not very expensive. Shifting cradles are usually fixed by tightening mounting bolts unless there is a corrosion or threading problem. Really don't know what kind of price your looking at until the cause is identified. There also may be some technical service bulletins concerning your symptom the repair shop can look into.

Response From ez50nj

upon inspection of rear sway bar, links, and bushings, tech found bushings very worn and about 1/4" of play when moving link back & forth near the frame area. Could this be the culprit for the popping/crunching noise? I ordered the bushings and will have them installed Saturday.

Response From Discretesignals

It's a possibility and it needs to be done anyway. Hopefully that resolves your problem. If it doesn't, at least you know the rear sway bar isn't the culprit.

Like written earlier, you can disconnect the sway bar and drive the vehicle. If you still hear the noise, then it is something other than the disconnected sway bar.

Response From ez50nj

sorry for being redundant, but I'm a little concerned. If the struts are ok and the swaybar links are intact, what else might it be if I'm duplicating a bang or pop while intentionally swerving the car back & forth in residential neighborhoods? Again, the car drives perfect and noise free 40 mph and higher.


Response From Discretesignals Top Rated Answer

Could be anything that is loose back there. Maybe exhaust banging around from a broken hanger, something moving around in the trunk, loose suspension component causing the dead axle to shift around. Start with the obvious and go from there.

Even though the strut mounts where replaced, it probably wouldn't be a bad idea to check the strut mount nuts and the strut nut to be sure they are tight.

Response From ez50nj

Well> I had my private tech replace the rear sway bar bushings and voila, noise free. Repair also taking load off struts and soaking up broken pavement nicely. To tell you the truth this 10 year old car drives and handles better than my '08 Honda Accord coupe. 4 Cyl engine is also quicker and more fuel efficient tha the Accord. Knock wood, So far this is a great looking and mechanically sound for a $3200 investment. Thank you all for your input and support!

Response From Discretesignals

That is great and it wasn't something very expensive. Glad to see you have your problem resolved. Thanks for the follow up.

Closed as solved and to prevent hijacking and spamming. Can be reopened upon request by the OP.

Response From ez50nj

thanks. having repaired this weekend and will let you know how it comes out.

Response From Mr.scotty

Why don't you just wait untill they replace the swaybar bushings.
If it don't fix the problem then ask questions.. lol

Response From ez50nj

Thanks. Very helpful

Response From Discretesignals

Good luck and let us know how things turn out.