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2005 Mini Cooper Steering Shaft - Lower Dorman

P311-5C311AE    425-750  New

32311497219 , 32306870777 , 32306763722

Dorman Steering Shaft  Lower
  • Product Attributes:
    • Color: Black
    • Diameter: 0.84
    • End 1 Type:
      • Internal Profile
      • Thru-hole
    • Installation Instructions Included: No
    • Length: 20
    • Material: Steel
    • Mounting Hardware Included: No
    • Spline Quantity: 0
    • Universal Joint Quantity: 2
    • Universal Joints Included: Yes
Brand: Dorman
Position: Lower
Additional Fitment Information:
Vehicle Position
2005 - Mini Cooper Lower
2005 Mini Cooper Steering Shaft Dorman

P311-02BD10F    W0133-2887609  New

Dorman Steering Shaft
Brand: Dorman
Additional Fitment Information:
2005 - Mini Cooper

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steering problem

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Question From rib on steering problem

hi there

I hve a Ford ikon and my problem is that i can
turn my stearing wheel 1 3/4 on the left and
1 1/4 on the right... i.e more on right and i
seriously got it noticed wen i was taking my
car out frm a parking lot and a strange voice
came in... and i think it was like my right front
tyre's inner side was rubbing against the fender
splash worried... is this gonna screw
my pocket??!!what exactly is this...plz help me..

Response From dmac0923

this is almost a duplicate of my post i had earlier this month.

did you have any front end work done to your vehicle?

in my case when i installed my new steering rack i didnt make sure it was centered before i put it in.

Response From Guest

well actually i had gone for suspension repair in which i had replaced both fender splash sheilds, Tie Rod ends, Axle repair and i think ball joints too... the car moved on smoothly after that. then i think 5 months later i had Wheel alignment procedure and the same day that parking lot scene happened...

Response From Guest

Thanx Tom and Dmac. im new to this forum and really amazed by this quick response.

And i think Tom ur right that this prob could hve been
there and i didnt noticed earlier... but as far as i know i remember clearly that it was ok and after that alignment scene it happened...

Response From Tom Greenleaf

What may have happened was when tie rods were replaced the steering wheel wasn't in straight ahead position and was adjusted at TREs to "center" the wheel and it ended up wrong. It needs to be on known straight ahead position - then center by the adjustment of the tie rods. If something like that happened the directionals probably would not "cancel" as usual too and steering on corners would be funky feeling. The alignment should be re done IMO,


Response From rib

hmmmmmm... that could be the reason but tom i remember after doing the axle job we drove the car to full left and full right i mean in '8' form and it was going good no axle 'cut cut' sound and nothing, all smooth... and then after couple of months i had that alignment and the problem started. Can that tie rod thing come up after this much time?? i mean if i say that after that front end work things were fine and suddenly it came up... is this possible?? haaaah i was worried abt the rack but thank God its some other shit happening...

Response From Tom Greenleaf

Ok: For however this happened this is what I'd do but a question first...... has anyone removed the steering wheel itself or the shaft going to the gearbox? That would matter.

If you just turn wheel left and right - count total turns, divide and put it in the center. The wheels would be still steering to one direction and not straight ahead. Then, with equal turns on TREs you go in on one, out on other till wheel points straight then it should be on center.

Note: The shaft unseen with steering wheel on has a notch which should be a 12 o'clock. The wheel can be removed and put back on at 1/4 turn off and if centered there it would look right but be wrong - get it?

All that lines up such that when you are really pointing straight ahead the wheel is in that position. If an aftermarket wheel with no particular up down or whatever you need to go by that index mark on the shaft at the steering wheel then adjust TREs to match that,


Response From Guest

yea steering wheel was once removed after that front end repair by a mechanic due to some noise coming up in the steering wheel on bumps.. he said that the steering wheel shaft upto the pinion had to be replaced due to some torn bushes. I didn't replaced that and its still the same going on. and i didn't understant "TREs" what's this??

Response From Guest

and moreover its a power steering...

Response From Tom Greenleaf Top Rated Answer

Sorry about abr's --- ya - the abreviations or acronyms. TRE means Tie Rod End - sorry for not spelling it out.

Now! When a steering wheel, column, pitman arm are involved they MUST be indexed back to exactly the correct spot. Column would have a rubber or something damper/isolator thing (nice description for lack of proper word) that no doubt can be installed off by 90 or 180 degrees which you are experiencing. There are also mini U-joints in steering shaft/columns to box or rack if that type. Most pitman arms are not a wearing part so I don't remove too many but they too could be installed wrong - would hope they are indexed with larger tooth for one spot only but forget.

Quite simply this needs to go back for a full alignment with all the history so everything can be put in order. Check out the steering wheel vibration problem and time to fix it now if it's a safety issue - it might be. Just by chance I haven't had a column's u-joints, bushings, or that rubber thing need replacement and there are other methods to dampen road feel in shafts different car by car - again just no experience from me as none have been an issue.

You don't have the bazillion $$ alignment machine nor do I so this must go out to any good alignment tech WITH all this info so they know and don't just miss this which would be possible without knowing this history.

Good luck with the fix,


Response From Guest

haaaaah ok ur right let me go for a complete allignment and after that i'll let u know what happens and will try to contact a good mechanic for this trouble... and i just wanna thank u sooooooo very much for helping me out and making me understand sooooo many new things :-) U Rock!!
catch u soon till then take care n keep on tighting those bolts!! :-)

Response From Tom Greenleaf

Yup - I can't think of anything but an improper installation or work where some steering part was not put back on in correct position as dmac has said. It may have been like that for a while and you just didn't notice it till recently??