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steering shaft repair

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Question From jerry4603 on steering shaft repair

I have a 1999 ford f150 with a steering issue. The vehicle drove fine, gave me no indication of a problem in the steering. I pulled up to a stop sign, turned the steering wheel and the front wheels would not turn with the steering wheel. After further investigation, the ujoint coupler at the steering gear was loose on the gear box shaft. There is no indication of wear, stripped splines on either the shaft or the joint, and the pinch bolt was tight. I loosened the bolt, put the joint back on the gear box shaft but i am nervous to drive it now, wondering why it would have come loose to begin with. SHould i replace the ujoing on the steering shaft, or is there something else i should be looking for?

Response From Tom Greenleaf Top Rated Answer

This is a new one to me and YES I'd be VERY alarmed at how and why this could happen!?

Hope this pic shows...........

You are saying this coupler just came off the shaft at gearbox but bolt was tight? Something is way wrong and needs investigating as of course one of the two or both are messed up. Do you know of a repair there or accident in truck's history?


Response From jerry4603

Thank you all for your input. Something i could have mentioned previosusly and did not is this: I purchased the truck from my next door neighbor 2 years ago, and he bought it new in 1999. It has never had any damage of any kind. In fact any work over the years that it has needed, brakes, oil changes etc, I have done on this vehicle, so other than driving it for the first 10 years it was maintained as though it was mine. What i have determined after further investigation and the only thing i can think of that makes snese is, that since the joint came off of the steering box shaft, and the pinch bolt was tight, it is my thinking, that the steering shaft was never properly put on to the steering gear box so the pinch bolt was actually located in the grove as it should have been. I'm not placing blame or anything on anyone, but the steering gear box shaft and the universal joint on the shaft and the pinch bolt are designed to prevent the joint from coming off of the gear box. And as easly as it slid off the steering box shaft, and the bolt being tight, thats the only thing that makes any sense to me. In all of my years of auto repairs and driving i have never experienced anything like this. It is definately one for the books! I have test the sterring by parking with the front wheel against the curb and turning the steering wheel aginst the curb gently, but putting some pressure on the joint, and it seems to be tight like it should be. I drove it today back and forth to work, a bit nervously i will admit, but it functioned and handled just fine. Seems all is well. Well except that the airbag light is now on in the instrument cluster and the cruise does not work. My guess from what i have read is that the wheel was turned too many rotations one direction while the shaft was disconnected and things came unplugged underneath the airbag. Pulling an airbag off of a steering wheel is something i have never tackled before but from what i have read, if i disconnect the battery and let the vehicle sit for at least 5 minutes the airbag can be remove without worry of setting it off and i can take a look at things inside the wheel. Still not sure if i will tackle that or not. Thanks again for your feedback. I am glad i found this site and will monitor it in the future. I may be able to help someone sometime.

Response From Sidom

Unfortunately it sounds like you stretched your srs cable so if that's the case it'll need to be replaced. I would pull the code and test it out to confirm it but I've seen this before with racks & gear boxes where the column wasn't secured properly...

You theory sounds on target but I would be tempted to replace the joint anyway. This is really the only link that would make sense in what happened....If your theory is right, then all is good....If DS's theory is the one that hit the bullseye then there could be a problem down the road..

From what you've posted it really doesn't sound like you trust the truck 100% yet.....Replacing that joint at a minimum would give you peace of mind to not worry about it anymore and if the joints are cheap enough buy an extra one and throw it in the back and then you can totally forget about this and get back to normal

Response From Discretesignals

I've seen this happen on vehicles with pinch bolts that hold a knuckle to a ball joint shaft. This might be related to your situation.

Someone at one time may have done repair to the steering system and had to disconnect the gearbox. If you over tighten the pinch bolt, it will stretch and distort the coupler end causing it to be loose. It is important on a pinch design fixture that you tighten the fastener to manufacture's specs.

If the pinch is over torqued causing distortion, then you should replace the coupler for safety sake and tighten the bolt only to 30-40 ft/lbs. You may think that 30-40 ft/lbs isn't much, but its the coupler's pinching action that keeps it tight.

Major misconception and I have seen a lot of people over tightening pinches.

Steering shaft to short for power steering box

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Question From mattrm32 on Steering shaft to short for power steering box

i have a 97 ford f150 with the 5.4 L in it. i recently have replaced my power steering box, due to a very bad leak. everything was going as planned till i installed the new power steering box. was hard to get the pittman arm onto the unit so i pulled the steering shaft out to allow me to have more of an angle. At this time it worked i was able to get pittman arm on and install the box. At this point i go to install the steering shaft to the power steering box and it's a good 1-2 inches to short. Now i can only think of two things that could of gone wrong. first one did i buy the wrong power steering box, i doubt because everything matched up perfect and according to advance auto parts it was a perfect match to my previous one. the last option i can think of, is when i installed the steering shaft back in, i could of pushed it up to far. so i figured i try to pull it down and yeah it wont budge at all. and when i initially pulled it out, it was rather easy. so did i jam it up there way to much and if so whats an easy way to get it down a few inches to give me the distance i need to attack it back to the power steering box? any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. thanks


Response From Hammer Time Top Rated Answer

These are not mistakes that should ever happen. The boxes should have been matched up and a difference that big should have been very obvious. If you just don't know where to bolt it back up, then you never should have touched this truck. You may have a tow truck in your future and leave the repairs to the people that know what they are doing from now on.

Response From mattrm32

actually i was perfectly capable of installing this myself. after looking at it closely the shaft was wedge up to far about inch and a half, i did compare both boxes and they did match up, and i do know were the bolt is how u think i took it off. i appreciate u even responding, but if u had no suggestions why exactly did u respond but to rub it in my face and tell me i'm going to need a tow truck and i should pay a mechanic 800 dollars to fix something as simple as a power steering box. oh btw. it's fix works perfect took me 5 min to fix it once i figure out the problem. have a good day

Response From Hammer Time

I'm not the one that couldn't figure out how to install the steering box that he just took off.

Dumb questions get dumb answers

2003 ford mustang GT steering shaft seperation

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Question From funyuns on 2003 ford mustang GT steering shaft seperation

I have a 2003 ford mustang and just experienced a problem where the steering went completely out after investigation I noticed that the male and female tubing of the steering shaft had seperateded under dash before going through the firewall. I looked under the car and see no signs where the rack and pinion had moved nor has my steering wheel placement. Looking at break down drawings of the shaft assembly this looks like just a slip fit then bolt into the rack. It almost seems as the whole thing is to short. Is there a set screw or pin I am not seeing to lock these joints together? I also checked the Yag joint and seems to be fine. Was there ever a recall on this set up cause it seems like a recipe for disaster.

Response From Hammer Time

The universal joint connector has a pinch bolt at each end.

Response From funyuns

The pinch bolts are still intact the separation occurred in the first set of square male and female tubing after the first universal joint located directly behind the steering wheel under the dash. It almost seems like the are not long enough. I purchased the car new so I know no other hands have tampered with this area.

Response From Discretesignals Top Rated Answer

Can you take a picture of where is separated and post the link?

Response From Discretesignals

There is no recalls at this time for that.

Which part?

Response From funyuns

from your parts diagram it looks like part #3C611 the separation occurred in the first set of square male and female tubing after the first universal joint located directly behind the steering wheel under the dash. The tubing appears to just be a slip fit but should not be able to seperate from each other once the system is bolted to both pinch bolts.

Response From Hammer Time

That has pinch bolts at both HB1 and HB2 to hold it in place.

Can someone identify this part?

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Question From Mklangelo on Can someone identify this part?

I have a massive power steering leak on a 92 Buick LeSabre Custom.

The attached picture is from the front driver's side facing the Firewall. The Steering Column comes out of the Firewall and there is a rubber boot (red arrow) and the fluid is coming from the bottom of the boot (green arrow).

Can someone tell me what is inside that boot and what it's called? What steps would you take to further troubleshoot this?

Any info would be greatly appreciated!

Thanks and have a good one,


Response From Discretesignals Top Rated Answer

The arrow is pointing to the steering shaft boot. The boot protects the steering shaft that connects to the top of the rack. If you have fluid leaking out of the boot, you need a steering rack. There are also hoses and metal lines that connect to the top of the rack's head. You might want to get the vehicle in the air and make sure you don't have a line leak spraying on the boot.

Response From Mklangelo

Thanks for the reply, Discrete.

Would this part also be know as the Steering Gear? It's the closest thing I can come up with in my Chilton's manual...

Response From Discretesignals

Yes, the steering rack and pinion is also known as the steering gear.

Replaced rack pinion now steering shaft seems too long?

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Question From dowen2725 on Replaced rack pinion now steering shaft seems too long?

Please help! My husband and I just replaced our struts tie rod ends sway bar links and rack and pinion on our 2005 grand caravan. We did everything to the Haynes manual and after resetting the clockpin we went to reinstall the boot that goes over the steering shaft and the coupling and realized that the coupling and shaft are pushed so far toward the grill of the vehicle that it is actually hitting the top of the metal of the hole that is there for everything to go through. This prevents the wheel from being able to turn. We are not sure if maybe the coupler was installed too high or what to do next. Please help us. Our twins go down for nap right now and I will try to get photos as we try to figure it out but I hope one of you knows right off hand what we did wrong. Thank you!!

Response From Sidom Top Rated Answer

I think a picture would be good.......... I'm having a hard time picturing what you did??

I've done a few of those & going off memory I believe one side has a metal collar that mounts it down, the other side has an eyelet that goes into a bracket on the frame & a bolt goes thru it all.

I'm guessing you didn't get the eyelet all the way down thru the bracket and now the rack is cock. That would also raise it up where it connects to the steering shaft....