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1977 Cadillac Seville Steering Damper - Front ACDelco - Professional

P311-0814722    509-607  New

In Stock & Ready to Ship
ACDelco Steering Damper  Front
  • Professional
Brand: ACDelco
Position: Front
Additional Fitment Information:
Vehicle Position
1977 - Cadillac Seville Front

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drifting of front end of truck

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Question From Guest on drifting of front end of truck

I have just purchased an 86 f-250 and while driving it drifts in the front end. Could you tell me what parts may be needed to repair this?

Response From Tom Greenleaf Top Rated Answer

Front end parts must be checked and known good and safe, bearings good and adjusted if need be. Alignment could be at minimal caster which makes steering seem to drift - like playing catch with it left and right. Non radial tires were a pill with that too. Quality aligment job can help wonders and state the complaint. Steering box lash can be adjusted for less free play at dead center driving on these by those who know how to do that - alignment shops dang well should.

There should be an original or available "shock" like steering damper that helps with this with the vehicles that are prone to that behaviour. I'll call it a steering damper and they look like and act like shocks....


Maintenence Question about Jeep Shock Absorbers

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Question From Tylerkent on Maintenence Question about Jeep Shock Absorbers

My 1996 Jeep Cherokee Classic (not the Grand Cherokee or Wrangler) 4.0 liter, 4X4, has 200,000 miles on it. Should I replace the shock absorbers? They are original.

Response From Hammer Time

Yep, you're way past due.

Response From Tom Greenleaf

Just a note on that: Do them as Hammer said. You'd be surprised that the general ride, handling and feel comes back that so slowly you didn't know was lost - go for it,


Response From Discretesignals Top Rated Answer

Don't forget the steering damper and have the front end inspected for loose or worn out steering and suspension components.

boot leaking

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Question From keepitsimple on boot leaking

found out my front right boot is leaking somewhat, i was wondering how long can i drive on this? i need to get to my appointments and i have no other way. i cant get it fixed until october...

Response From Discretesignals

Well, you kept it too simple. Which boot? Year, make, model, and engine size?

Response From Tom Greenleaf

Crystal ball seems to be working DS. I think we are talking about a CV/Driveshaft boot probably spraying out grease.

Yes those can wait a bit if making no symptoms but must go. Best as whole shaft and check all and do both side at the same visit if near worn as when dirt gets in or even water they are done with.

All that if you aren't talking about a boot on your foot leaking!


Response From keepitsimple

2001 dodge dakota sport, front right boot was leaking fluid... that is all i know about this... im not a mechanic or a specialist...

Response From Tom Greenleaf

When ready then just ask for a quote for a 1/2 shaft or axle for each but leave room if they run into a snag that might make it more. Again consider both sides if this car is a keeper for you.

You can look up parts costs + some markup a shop does to get a clue of costs ahead of time or swing by a shop of your choice they could probably just glance and see for sure for you and price it out,


Response From Discretesignals

It is either a steering rack boot or CV axle if this is 4wd. If it is a rack boot that is leaking fluid, you'll need a new steering rack. If the CV boot is ripped, as Tom stated, grease will come out. You can probably get away with driving it with a torn CV axle boot till you have the money. If the rack is leaking out a torn steering rack boot, you may need to keep an eye on the power steering fluid.

Response From Tom Greenleaf Top Rated Answer

Good point DS - the crystal ball isn't always right but pretty good. OP - if this is out of a power steering boot you need to get on it or perhaps this has a steering damper too and IMO that could wait but you need to know if you don't find out and do check PS fluid and find out right away what is doing what and the urgency. You said you weren't a tech so find out in person as running low on PS can be much more involved later if it ran out.

That spraying grease out of CV boot can wait some time not the PS rack though. Any bad sounds or feeling rush to fix it,


95 wrangler YJ u joint angles

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Question From ddodd64:209 on 95 wrangler YJ u joint angles

my mom has a 95 jeep wrangler YJ with a 2" body lift and 6" suspension lift i need to know the angle of the u joints. the jeep makes a poping noise when you get to 40-45mph but will stop if you let off the gas and slow down but will arise again when you speed up. the trany mount is blown with i suspect is "a" problem.

Response From re-tired Top Rated Answer

By all means fix the tranny mount. As for the shims or wedges a general rule of thumb is 1 degree for each inch of lift. The body lift does not factor in . I once owned a 73 cj-5 , 6" spring lift ,5" body lift 40 " ground hogs ,dual blisten shocks on each corner,daul steering damper, 383 stroker eng , full roll cage , 5 point harness. Just a little advise . It WILL handle different ,always wear your belt . I had a unlicensed, uninsured A hole run a red light , went under me . After 4 rolls with a half twist I ended up hanging in my harness with just bruises. Jeep was terminal.

Jeep streering vibration

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Question From texas_twister on Jeep streering vibration

I have a 2003 Jeep Sahara. About 2 years after I purchased it is developed a severe vibration when traveling between 80 and 90 kph (50 - 55 mph). Within a week, this vibration was so bad the steering wheel was jumping like crazy. This vibration only happened when I accelerated up or down through that speed or travelled at that speed.

I took it into the dealer and they replaced the U clamp rotated and aligned the tires. This did very little to improve the situation. I went back and was told to replace the tires. They had less than 45,000 kilometers on them. I did so and the vibration lessened but did not go away.

Now, 5,000 kilometers later, the vibration is coming back and the dealer says I need new tires. Any suggestions?

Response From texas_twister

Thanks for the advise guys. I'll look into it.

Response From way2old Top Rated Answer

I would check to see if the steering damper(sideways shock absorber) is weak. Look for any fluid leaking where the piston goes into the body of the damper. If leaking, replace damper.

Response From Tom Greenleaf

"This vibration only happened when I accelerated up or down through that speed or travelled at that speed. "

This still really points to the U-joints (said already replaced ? One or both outers?) if only one I think it's not right or the other was worse. That shock as way2old suggested would really make things worse if bad but I don't think by iteself would cause it. Those really do help the well known misbahavior of these critters just driving along.

Rotate those tires now as whatever the problem is could cause a wear problem on the tire(s) and the fix won't seem fixed