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Squeak in steering column

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Question From LLE on Squeak in steering column

Squeak in steering column when the steering wheel is turned.

Response From Double J Top Rated Answer

I show a couple TSB's (Technical Service Bulletins) addressing steering column squeak concerns.

May want to take it in to a qualified shop or the Dealer to have it inspected

Bulletin #'s 09-02-34-001B and PI 0029H

Response From LLE

Thanks for your help.

Response From Tom Greenleaf

If you mean heard right inside the car check for cosmetic parts on the column and hope for that simple. If more than covers to hide what's going on by turning wheel would need to isolate just where the source of noise is,


Response From LLE

It sounds like it is right under the cover on the steering wheel. Because the air bag is located in the same area, not sure I should tackle it. Would you recommend going to a GM dealer?

White smoke from Steering column in 2001 Honda Civic

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Question From iyrrj on White smoke from Steering column in 2001 Honda Civic


I have a 2001 Honda Civic. It is manual transmission and has 113 K miles on it. Recently, it has been very hot here and on a couple of occasions when I have driven the vehicle for more than 20 min or I see white smoke coming out of the steering column. Also, it smells like plastic burning. I was worried about this so I oppened the plastic covering and found that plastic on some part ( I guess electrical part) was burning ( . I am kind of worried about the airbag as well. I am not sure if that is the only part which was responsible for the white smoke. Any ideas what I should be doing.

Also, I have seen the front headlights behave oddly. Occasionally I see that the only the right or only the left OR both lights work. I dont know if there is any pattern at all. Is this a safety concern ? An
y ideas ?


Response From Double J Top Rated Answer

Check with your Honda Dealer.

They have a recall on this
Call them with your VIN Number (vehicle identification number) to see if yours falls under the recall.

Response From Tom Greenleaf

See if that will show direct.....May not?? Either way - that plug is heat stressed from inside itself shorted or with headlights acting up is for headlights thru the column switch. A short exists somewhere no doubt. I would consider this a safety issue. Air bag can make dust but not onging smoke and generally would have to have been deployed and I think you'd notice that! May take some wire chasing looking for shorts or wires rubbing bare to each other or ground, T

please help with installing new steering column lock plate

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Question From ricky182 on please help with installing new steering column lock plate

1992 buick riviera 3.8L

Steering column lock plate help.

SO working on the steering column I had to remove the lock plate. Everything went well with my repair, I have the turn signal switch installed but I can not for the life of me get the lock plate spring pushed down far enough to slip in that little ring. I believe the part I am having trouble with is the top bearing inner race. Here is a link to how this looks exactly on my car.

AS soon as i took off the spring that pushes the lock plate I noticed this race was just loosely sitting and the steering column just wobbles around. What am I doing wrong?

I did this in this order. I just moved the top bearing inner race as far back as it will go (it still just wobbles around with the steering column). then I put the spring in so that it touches the race. finally I place in the lock plate and compress it with the lock plate tool. However it simply will not compress enough for me to slip in the ring and lock it in place. Any tops would be helpfull. Am i doing something wrong ? Is there some part of the bearing that should go in before this race?

The spring sits on this race but I cant compress it enough. Like i cant get it aligned properly or something.

(edit to show picture directly)

Response From Tom Greenleaf Top Rated Answer

Hmmm? You did use correct tools to remove steering wheel and the "lock plate?" that should be similar to this it pic shows.....

Did quite a few mostly for lock cylinder (keys lost) and understand the fussy little ring but not problems you are having now. I suspect something in how the tilt function of shaft went wrong or was wrong. Never had to fight with one so really can't expound on fix or find whole column!

Did steering wheel come off without a fight?

Not quite sure but might try putting steering wheel back on and snug up even without the plate to set the shaft back as it seems something went wrong.

Yes - getting that little ring out and back is tight and fussy even with the right tools. Something isn't adding up to me just yet with this.

Showed your pic directly on an edit. One I showed probably wont show but was the tool for holding that locking plate or "star wheel" I think is another word it's called,


1993 ford taurus steering column installation

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Question From Guest on 1993 ford taurus steering column installation

anyone know where I can get the installations to install my complete steering column for my 1993 Ford Taurus 4D 3.8 ltr vehicle?

Response From dave284 Top Rated Answer try this and see if it helps.

steering column

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Question From Guest on steering column

I am trying to replace the steering column switch in my 1982 Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme. I have removed the Steering wheel and the ignition switch but i still can't get to it PLEASE help!

Response From Tom Greenleaf

There's a tool that holds the locking wheel down such that you can remove a wire snap ring then it will allow you further down to a small bolt or something that holds the body of the lock cylinder itself.

That ring is tricky but will come out with two flat head screwdrivers - snap ring pliers aren't so helpful as it is withOUT eylelets,

Shown in that snap ring the the tool threads onto spindle bolt and little nut pushes it down. Common tool - cheap or rentable,


Response From Guest

Thank you but i already have the lock ring off file:///C:/Documents%20and%20Settings/Owner/My%20Documents/My%20Scans/scan0001.jpgthis is the actual piece i have to replace
it goes inside the column behind the ignition switch housing i belive it locks the shifter in place but i can't get to it I need to know how to remove the blue ignition housing the piece right behind the steering wheel that holds the ignition switch.

Response From Tom Greenleaf

Shoot - your pic didn't show Not sure just where you are at but things should tilt with wires still attached to get further down. You probably are needing to remove the directionals and a wire loom that should unplug down by the pedals to take the housing that hold the lock cylinder itself off.

Just Googled the web dry looking for a blowup of where your at and only found one with a floor shift so no shifter in that particular diagram.

Try your pic again or another way if you can,


Response From Tom Greenleaf Top Rated Answer

That's all I could find out there - it doesn't have the shifter in this.......