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2017 - GMC Acadia Limited

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Horn grounding problem- 90 Gmc Van

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Question From blt on Horn grounding problem- 90 Gmc Van

Is anyone familiar with how GM grounds the steering column?

My horn relay and horn ring works when I ground them to the dash. Contact with the column shaft or other metal parts on the column gets no horn sound. Basically the steering column is dead!

Response From DanD

They loose their ground under the hood at the intermediate shaft going to the steering box.
I believe it’s a metal slip joint shaft with a couple of u-joints at either end. I’ve used a length of wire wrapped around the shaft so it doesn’t catch on anything while rotating and bolted to the pinch bolts at either end of the shaft.

Response From blt Top Rated Answer


I ran a jumper from the gearbox connection to the column shaft today and had a ground. One friend had mentioned loosing ground thru the u-joints but I thought there had to be some metal to metal contact and was thinking the problem might be thru the turn signal . Your post verified this and that saved me disassembling the column any further. Making up a wire with two terminals will be an easy fix. Your comments were greatly appreciated.


Response From DanD

Thanks for posting the fix.

1998 GMC Jimmy

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Question From KCarlisle on 1998 GMC Jimmy

My neighbor has a 1998 GMC Jimmy that someone tried to steal the other night. They broke the steering column, but the ignition is in tact. Is there any way of manually disabling the steering lock so that they can drive it to be repaired? She is a single mom and I'm trying to be a helpful neighbor!

Response From Hammer Time Top Rated Answer

That truck has a theft deterrent that requires the ignition lock to be working for it to start.

1998 GMC Jimmy ignition problems!

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Question From Paqk on 1998 GMC Jimmy ignition problems!

I have a 1998 Jimmy that I've been working on to get it running so I can make some money on it.

Ok. So I have a push-button rigged up and wired directly to get the Jimmy to fire up and run. I have to turn the ignition on and push the button to get it running.

I want to fix the ignition. Now when I put the key in and turn it, it makes a winding noise. But when I try to crank it over, it acts as if I have a dead battery. No click, nothing.

Any ideas are appreciated. I'm not any good with ignitions, or anything in the steering column. Lol.

Thanks in advance!

Response From Tom Greenleaf

The electrical ignition switch isn't at the key it's down lower. You are lacking power to trigger wire to starter solenoid. That must sense the vehicle is in either Park or Neutral also so there's a "neutral safety switch" that could be the issue. If you go hacking up tricks you'll just make it harder to fix properly.

Ign switch is apparently providing power to run just not to trigger starter by description. Find where it loses that power from the switch or the switch with a test light,


Response From Paqk

Thanks man. I have a floor shifter as well. Do you know exactly where these switches are, or if they're easy/hard to get to?

Any specific details will be greatly appreciated.

I also will note that I have to wiggle the floor shifter to get the key to turn all the way back. Otherwise it won't at all.

Thanks guys.

Response From Tom Greenleaf

Well that shows the problem fairly well. Having to wiggle a floor shift then it works to me also means it doesn't know if it's in N or P to start. In a safe place with nothing around try with OE wires (hope those are still intact) to see if starter will engage playing with shifter as well. Move towards R or towards drive and bet it starts by key.

No parts yet. Gotta get a eyeball look at why it's like that mechanism near certainly at the shifter itself not in the column yet or ign switch yet. It doesn't know where you are IMO so look for why,


Response From Paqk

I tried wiggling it through the gears trying to start it and it still wouldn't. I do have a push button rigged up that I can start the jimmy with, but the ignition isn't working.

I don't know much along the lines of electrical. Pretty much nothing. Lol.

Response From Tom Greenleaf

Chances are it senses the position electrically, allowing key motion and enabling trigger wire to starter based on that thru solenoids/actuators. Once cables and rods on some stuff out there much older than this. I have to believe the problem is at the shifter for now,


Response From Paqk

So would you say my best bet is the neutral safety switch, or some kind of wiring? Where's a good place for a noob like me to start?

Response From Tom Greenleaf Top Rated Answer

Look at it! Something may just be loose or broken and can't know till looking right at it. I plain don't have a clue what a floor shift looks like at all in this vehicle. Is it in a console or just one small spot for this shifter?


Response From Paqk

It's in a console.

Response From Tom Greenleaf

OK - so more has to be taken away to get a look. Doubt it but electrical could be from underside of vehicle. No software to help you from me with procedures but should be usual screws, clips and perhaps those zip buttons to get in there. It's just too likely that when you said wiggling it made a difference so suspect that is where the problem is,


1999 GMC Sonoma 2.2L, 5spd + RR clutch pedal assembly

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Question From LudlowLou on 1999 GMC Sonoma 2.2L, 5spd + RR clutch pedal assembly

Lost clutch on start up. All mechanicals are good/verified. Thought it might be safety switch which is OK, in the process of looking found the pedal assembly itself is loose. Appears that on end has become unattached. Looks miserably tight in there. Where do I start? Anyone out there have any experience with remove & replace the clutch pedal assembly? HELP

Response From kev2

more likely the clutch hydraulic cylinder has disconnected fron pedal arm....

Response From LudlowLou

Thanks for the response. But it is definitely the pedal assembly, loosened on the left hand side. Looking for remove & replace advice for the pedal assembly.

Response From Discretesignals

That clutch pedal comes out pretty easy.

1 remove the clutch master cylinder rod from the pedal.
2 Depress the tabs on the sides and the pedal should come out.

Response From LudlowLou Top Rated Answer

Tabs on the sides? Do you have a diagram? A picture? Why do I seem to think that the whole dash & steering column needs to be moved out of the way? If I am wrong , please help lest I waste a lot of energy & time. Thank you greatly, in advance.

Response From LudlowLou

The assembly, which includes the brake pedal, is spring loaded. ABS plastic spacers and bushings hold it all together in the assembly housing. Only access is through the dash & column. Huge and nerve racking job for a backyard guy like me. Sent it to a seasoned vet, still a two day job. A good GM parts counter guy can print out the diagram with your VIN#. I am good now. Thanks for being Car Junkies!

Response From Discretesignals

Book time is only 1 hour to replace the clutch pedal shaft and bushings. You shouldn't have to remove the whole dash for that.

The clutch pedal rod, springs, and such act just like a toilet paper holder. You press in the sides to remove and install it. The pivot bushing is probably broken.

Response From a9fingdad

hey man can i get a link to that pdf i need to find the name of the pivot bushing to order the part i cant find it anywhere and do u have a link to buy the parts

Response From Tom Greenleaf

Thread is getting old sport. Copy the dang pic/diagram above and take it with you to a GMC dealer - they have better look ups if they know what you are after.
Thread closed as this isn't your thread to begin with,


Response From Hammer Time

Posting links is not allowed in the open forum.

Response From LudlowLou

Done and over. I was charged $250 to pull apart the front dash & lower the steering column, remove pedal assembly, and rebuild the spring, bushings & guides. I witnessed most of this job, especially the rebuilding of the pedal assembly, and seemed like pulling the pedal assembly apart was not easy. One spring and a couple plastic pieces were mashed and ruined.
I always tell friends that it is important to have a relationship with a competent mechanic based on fairness and trust. Satisfaction comes with some give and take by both parties.
Nevertheless, I am grateful for both a local mechanic that rarely, if ever, lets me down. AND, a website community that is highly knowledgeable, and quite dependable..........always there.
I am happy. Now on to the next job.............and there will be one. LOU

1994 Sonoma won't start and no power to dash

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Question From dkuest on 1994 Sonoma won't start and no power to dash

94 GMC Sonoma
V6 4.3L Vin-W

I was able to drive my Sonoma all day without incident. Then in the evening went to start it and had no power to ANYTHING when I turned the key. I tried a battery jumper on it to start with no change, still no reaction on dashboard by any gauges. I put a volt meter to battery and is showing 12 volts. I changed out the ignition switch on top of the steering column. No change.
I am stumped! Any suggestions?

Response From Discretesignals Top Rated Answer

Make sure the battery connections are free of corrosion and tight. Have the battery tested.

Response From dkuest

So the side mounted battery connection had seemed tight, but upon removing it I found some rust and corrosion hidden underneath and it was not as tight as it felt by hand. I cleaned it up and tightened it good and it worked.

Thank you so much for your help!

Response From Discretesignals

That would do it. Sometimes those side posts will leak acid and etch the inside of the battery cables too. Glad to read you resolved your issue. Thanks for the follow up. Locking thread as solved.