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1993 ford taurus steering column installation

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Question From Guest on 1993 ford taurus steering column installation

anyone know where I can get the installations to install my complete steering column for my 1993 Ford Taurus 4D 3.8 ltr vehicle?

Response From dave284 Top Rated Answer try this and see if it helps.

1999 Ford Econoline

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Question From mfordb5 on 1999 Ford Econoline

My wife got into a car accident with my 1999 Ford Econoline wheelchair van with a 5.4 engine and the air bags deployed. I fixed the van myself (very costly) and replaced the airbags and airbag computer from the junkyard. I can't get the airbags to reset and the whole steering column has no power. There is no horn or Cruise Control anymore. What else do I need to replace ?? The airbag in the steering column looked burnt after the accident.

Response From Hammer Time

It sounds like you have a bad clockspring in the steering column but I seriously doubt that used module is going to work. They are programmed to the VIN.

Response From mfordb5

Can the clock spring be reset or do I need to buy a new one ?

Response From Hammer Time Top Rated Answer

No, new module and new clockspring, assuming you have verified the diagnosis on the clockspring.

The Module will also have to be programmed.

Response From mfordb5

Should I use the old airbag module ??

1998 Ford Explorer gear shift feels stripped & lockes.

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Question From Paul Jefferson on 1998 Ford Explorer gear shift feels stripped & lockes.

1998 Ford Explorer (I believe has a 2.8 liter V6 with 226,000 miles). The gear shift feels like it is partially stripped and has locked a couple of times without being fully in any gear. Would the problem be with the transmission or something else and how much might I expect to have this repaired?

Response From nickwarner Top Rated Answer

The shift mechanism on the steering column was notorious for breaking on Fords. Not expensive and not bad for the DIY guy either if you have some torx sockets. Lower the steering column down and see if this is the case.

94 Ford Topaz Electrical Issue in Steering Column area

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Question From daledo on 94 Ford Topaz Electrical Issue in Steering Column area

I replaced a my turn signal switch component. Tested it. Put everything back together. When I went to start the car( a 1994 Ford Topaz) all interior lights went out. After a while something seems to reset and the interior and dash lights come back on. I can put the car in the On position without the power dying but if i try to start the car all the dash interior lights go out. Anyone have any ideas?

Response From daledo

The problem was completely unrelated to my replacing the turn signal switch. Corroded positive terminal. Unlucky coincidence right?

@Tom You are correct and thanks for the response.

@Discrete I replaced the turn signal switch because it no longer worked(nearly at all).

Response From Tom Greenleaf

Glad it's fixed. Sometimes a WAG (wild arse guess) from your symptoms is the reason even if you never touched it - go figure?


Response From Tom Greenleaf Top Rated Answer

Not the issue but thought "Topaz" was Mercury nameplate not Ford (same idea) but what would allow lighting, dash lights that all go out when you turn key for "start" is a battery cable connection at battery or anywhere the main cables go both positive and ground.

If you disconnected battery (best to ground cable off first, back on last if so) to do this work go check just what you did to disable power while working on it,


Response From Discretesignals

Why did you replace the turn signal switch?

Do the dash light come on and go off by themselves when you have the headlamp switch turned on?