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2010 Cadillac CTS Steering Column ACDelco - Steering Column Tilt / Telescope Sensor

P311-3C0C311    25897117  New

In Stock & Ready to Ship
ACDelco Steering Column
  • Steering Column Tilt / Telescope Sensor
Brand: ACDelco
Additional Fitment Information:
2010 - Cadillac CTS

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2003 Cadilac CTS Short in wire for wipers

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Question From ozarkoutlaw on 2003 Cadilac CTS Short in wire for wipers

How to fix a short in the wire in steering column. When you hit a bump the wipers will come on until you hit a bump again. Doesn't do this everyday, just started last week. Is this something that should be taken to a expert mechanic our something that someone with very little experience could handle?
2003 Cadillac CTS v-6 127,000 miles

Response From Discretesignals

How did you determine it was a short in the steering column?

Response From ozarkoutlaw

Just assuming, because my superduty p/u developed a short in the steering column for the tow/haul switch which is the same setup as the wiper control

Response From Tom Greenleaf Top Rated Answer

Doubt it's a short or would probably blow a fuse. More likely connection or poor ground at the motor, the motor itself or a bunch of possibilities. Because something happened to a totally different vehicle doesn't mean squat.

Get it diagnosed and decide if you want to take it on or not. My guess if source was in the column just bumping the steering wheel would react as well so doubt the trouble is wires there,


92 Cadillac Sedan Deville Radio

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Question From kmfmgk on 92 Cadillac Sedan Deville Radio

How do you remove an original radio/cassette player in a 1992 Cadillac Sedan Deville 4.9 Engine?

Response From Hammer Time Top Rated Answer

Disable the Supplemental Inflatable Restraint (SIR) system as described in MAINTENANCE PROCEDURES/AIRBAG SYSTEM DISARMING prior to working on or near the steering column. After completion of repairs, rearm airbag system as described under MAINTENANCE PROCEDURES/AIRBAG SYSTEM DISARMING.

  1. Disconnect battery ground cable.
  2. Remove radio trim plate, Fig. 34.
  3. Open ashtray and remove one screw from rear support bracket.
  4. Remove two screws from front of radio, then pull radio straight out and disconnect electrical connectors and antenna
  5. Remove four bracket retaining nuts and brackets.
  6. Reverse procedure to install.

Response From kmfmgk

Thanks, Hammer Time. I guess I'm confused about Fig 34. I saw no illustration. I'm afraid to just try to pop off the trim. Might break it. But I can't find any screws in it. Could you elaborate on Fig 34 on the trim? Thanks, Jim

Response From Hammer Time

Response From kmfmgk

Thanks Hammer Time. I was able to remove and replace the stereo with your help. Luckily I have an identical parts car. Radio and cassette works fine. I was afraid I had some electrical problem. I really appreciate Thanks Again. Jim

Response From Hammer Time

Glad it worked out for you.

Closing this now as solved

93 Deville Brake Question

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Question From mike93 on 93 Deville Brake Question

Hi everyone how are you doing I have a 1993 cadillac deville 4.9 with 103780 miles on it brakes are good it has abs front disk rear drum brakes when it's a little moist out or raining when i have to stop short like if the light changes quick and have to stop fast the rear brakes lock up for 2 seconds then stop like pulsation car stops great noises or anything this this normal just the ABS working or what thanks.

Response From Hammer Time

Yes, that sounds like it simply engaging the ABS system. You may have some issues with the struts causing too much weight transfer forward and making the problem worse in the rear.

Response From mike93

Yeah soon im gonna change all the struts I just wanted to make sure that wasn't a problem with the brakes but it feels like the abs system thanks a lot

Response From Hammer Time

Sure, no problem.

Response From mike93

Yeah I just had the trans rebuilt gonna do a lot of work to it new struts all around new tires and all new motor and transmission mounts

Response From mike93 Top Rated Answer

Finally fixed the vacuum line what is the vacuum line for that goes into the steering column?

1983 Cadillac Coupe DeVille Won't start. dead fuel delivery and headlights problems

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Question From SlowAndDocile on 1983 Cadillac Coupe DeVille Won't start. dead fuel delivery and headlights problems

A relative of mine brought to me an 1983 Cadillac Coupe DeVille for a simple repair like fixing the headlights, because they died and only the position lights were working.

I figured out that the headlight switch on the left on the dash was dead. by the Help of a multimeter and a detailed diagram of the electrical wiring. i managed to identify the wires, especially the hot at all times wire, and the ones responsible for lighting the instrument panel, position lights and the wire that runs through the hi/low beam switch in the steering column. I also replaced one burned (white) wire that goes from the door switch to the connector that goes into the light switch. - I figured that when the switch died it somehow sizzled that wire away.

After the replacement of the wire the courtesy lights and dome lights started to work properly, I also managed to adapt an old Czechoslovakian Skoda switch to turn the lights on and off. Because it is hard to get genuine GM American car parts in Europe and especially in Poland because American cars are quite rare over here.

Now comes the fun part.

The engine won't start. The Starter turns the engine, the spark is there, but there is no fuel coming from the fuel pump, as if there was no electricity reaching it. I checked the relays, all fuses and nothing happens... I'm on the verge of nervous breakdown.

I've spent in this car already 5 full days trying to figure it out. I even managed to find somehow a detailed diagram of the electrical wiring.

Is there somewhere an inertia switch? or something that can affect the fuel pump?

Well... that was a whiny post.

All help is very appreciated.

Response From SlowAndDocile

I found the bugger, what was causing all this madness in this car.

Somehow the big square connector oxidized and lost it conductive properties, probably after using a fire extinguisher the fine powder got inside it.

I cleared it, sanded the pins and it runs perfectly.

Response From Hammer Time

probably after using a fire extinguisher the fine powder got inside it.

Yeah, I hate it when that happens.

Response From Discretesignals

Ya, its a new Kent Moore J tool. The kit consist of a thick jumper wire that you put in place of the fuse and an ABC rated fire extinguisher for when you locate the where the short is. It also comes with a set of special goggles to visually enhance the smoke.

Response From Hammer Time

The upgrade kit has a capture balloon so you can capture the smoke and put it back in so nothing is lost.

Response From Discretesignals Top Rated Answer

You know leaving out that it had caught fire may have been a clue as to the problem?

Glad to see you got it resolved..

Response From SlowAndDocile

It's not like it caught fire on me. My relative didn't tell me that there was a barbecue going on under the dash 3 days earlier and that he used an fire extinguisher. He cleaned his mess up, quite good.

I miss the days of Halon fire extinguishers, the powder was disappearing nearly by its own with time.

Response From Hammer Time

My relative didn't tell me that there was a barbecue going on under the dash 3 days earlier and that he used an fire extinguisher.

OH, in that case I guess that doesn't mean much. That kinda stuff happens to everyone. It might be safer to drain all the oil out of the car in case of another fire.

Response From SlowAndDocile

I got this car fixed up today. Now it works like a charm. I had to replace an 3 wire connector under the dash that goes between the hi/low beam switch in the steering column and the rest of the wiring. Cleaned everything up, sanded with a fine sandpaper all connections and sprayed everything generously with contact spray to prevent any corrosion.

I "axed" my relative what was the cause of the fire, he told that it was an light switch malfunction where an broken piece of an copper contact inside the switch caused a short. Since then it all went really fast.

Thanks for all replies, have a nice weekend.

Response From Discretesignals

Contact cleaner is good for cleaning contacts. There is a chemical that is great for de-oxidizing and enhancing those electrical connections. Radio shack sells Deoxit. There is a another good product called Stabilant 22, but it is quite pricey. I've used Deoxit on a couple of vehicles that had some connection problems in the shop, so far haven't seen any comebacks.

theft protection car not starting

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Question From ezzy on theft protection car not starting

1991 Cadillac Sevelle car won't start has security pelet on key, theft protection comes
up on computer say's to wait 3 min's then try an start again. Did that about 15 times
mesg keeps popping up. How do I overide or disconect this handy option since it's
stranded in a parking lot only have 1 key & I guess its wore down.

Response From Hammer Time Top Rated Answer


The most common failure in these is the sensor in the ignition lock that reads the key pellet. That would mean replacing the ignition lock with a sensor included.

That sensor can be bypassed. You would need a digital ohmmeter to measure the resistance of the pellet in the key. Now go to Radio Shack and buy a resister of the exact same value as the key pellet. Go to the base of the steering column and locate the two thin white wires that go up to the sensor. Cut the two wires and solder the resister between the two ends coming from the harness. This will permanently bypass the sensor but not the rest of the system.

Response From oxracing

Hammer is right on with his advise, have done this hundreds of time to these vehicles, also the 2 small wires are usually encased in a orange sheath. and they are very very small

Response From ezzy


Response From ezzy

Hey Hammer, What if I just cut those 2 white wires will it start?
I'm just trying to get it home before it gets stripped.

Response From Hammer Time

Hey Hammer, What if I just cut those 2 white wires will it start?

Definitely not!!. It has to transmit the correct resistance or it will disable the system.

Response From ezzy

I got a 1.8 of key pellet, that sound right to you are I'm I doing something wrong.

Response From Hammer Time

Here are all the possible choices
Yours would seem to match the 1.870

Response From ezzy

Thank you Sir.

Response From Sidom

The ghetto method. This requires 2 keys, the 2nd doesn't need a pellet, it just needs to be able to turn the lock cyl.

Find the 2 correct wires HT posted. There will be a small connecter between the lock cyl & harness going to the module. Disconnect the connector & cut it on the cyl side with at least 3 to 4" of wire to work with. Tape/glue/use a stick gum to attach the wire to each side of the pellet of the key and plug it back into the main harness. Using the other key, start the car.

If the problem was broken wires in the lock cyl (70 to 80% of time the problem) the car should start & run.....

Response From ezzy

Thanks McGiver your the man Hammer.