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Squeak in steering column

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Question From LLE on Squeak in steering column

Squeak in steering column when the steering wheel is turned.

Response From Double J

I show a couple TSB's (Technical Service Bulletins) addressing steering column squeak concerns.

May want to take it in to a qualified shop or the Dealer to have it inspected

Bulletin #'s 09-02-34-001B and PI 0029H

Response From LLE

Thanks for your help.

Response From Tom Greenleaf Top Rated Answer

If you mean heard right inside the car check for cosmetic parts on the column and hope for that simple. If more than covers to hide what's going on by turning wheel would need to isolate just where the source of noise is,


Response From LLE

It sounds like it is right under the cover on the steering wheel. Because the air bag is located in the same area, not sure I should tackle it. Would you recommend going to a GM dealer?

2001 Buick Regal 3.8 Making noise steering column

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Question From Mariospr on 2001 Buick Regal 3.8 Making noise steering column

Alright. So my girlfreinds car has been crushing me. The noise I'm talking about is coming from the steering column it self while driving. Vehicle needs to be moving to hear the sound. The sound sounds like a thick thick baseball card stuck in a spoke of the cars steering column. (Not that there is spokes in a steering column but you get what I mean?) If the vehicle is stoped you dont hear it. If the vehicle is being accelerated it makes the noise louder and louder. But this only happens when I am pulling left on the steering wheel it self. If I pull it to the right for a long right turn no noise at all perfectly quite. When I go really straight the noise is still there just not as prominent as when I ease the steering wheel left or make a left turn then the noise is loud. I have removed the front right and left hub and bearing assembly and niether have an issue. Bearings are spinning fine and no noise. So thats ruled out. I can't find where the heck this noise is coming from. I even raised the vehicle and put it in drive to see if it would buzz so that my father can check the noise and while in the AIR the vehicle makes no noise what so ever. SO HELP.., well I hope I've put enough info. ANything else let me know?


Response From Double J

Just a thought here...

Sounds like something may be contacting the tire...I.E. Some plastic splash shield/wheel well area type thing.
Especially since it goes away up in the air...figured you raised it so the suspension is hanging..
Look for any smooth/rubbing areas on the tires inner/outer sidewalls..or in any areas in the wheel well area..

Any recent work on the car ?
Tires replaced at all?

Just a thought l like I said..

I'll keep thinking here

Let us know


Response From Mariospr Top Rated Answer

I'm starting to feel like this . You know what? I did check that too.., I totally forgot. Yeah I checked for any type of wear on the inner and outer on all tires. I work on the car myself. Everything is up to par. I completed the front brakes prior to the noise. So as much as I would like to say that " I did it right!" I checked the brakes and all the associated items, Nothing is out of place. Caliper bolts, caliper, brake pads, IE everything else too!lol. All plastics and all trim are intact there isn't anything touching I even checked the air ducts for something, and even tried listening in when raised.., LOL. Still nothing here on my side. I'm going to again check all of these just in case so that I may rule everything out tomorow.., thanks for the help Jim. Let me know if you find anyone else that has had this problem?

Response From Tom Greenleaf

?? CV joint ??


buick lacrosse headlights shut off periodically

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Question From tfrissen on buick lacrosse headlights shut off periodically

My 2005 Buick LaCrosse headlights go off when travelling at night. The brights and the fog lights will work but not the low beam. This has happened 3 times over the last 3 months.

Response From Hammer Time Top Rated Answer

It would really need to be tested during the failure to confirm it but it sounds like a bad Combination (Dimmer) switch in the steering column.

please help with installing new steering column lock plate

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Question From ricky182 on please help with installing new steering column lock plate

1992 buick riviera 3.8L

Steering column lock plate help.

SO working on the steering column I had to remove the lock plate. Everything went well with my repair, I have the turn signal switch installed but I can not for the life of me get the lock plate spring pushed down far enough to slip in that little ring. I believe the part I am having trouble with is the top bearing inner race. Here is a link to how this looks exactly on my car.

AS soon as i took off the spring that pushes the lock plate I noticed this race was just loosely sitting and the steering column just wobbles around. What am I doing wrong?

I did this in this order. I just moved the top bearing inner race as far back as it will go (it still just wobbles around with the steering column). then I put the spring in so that it touches the race. finally I place in the lock plate and compress it with the lock plate tool. However it simply will not compress enough for me to slip in the ring and lock it in place. Any tops would be helpfull. Am i doing something wrong ? Is there some part of the bearing that should go in before this race?

Response From Tom Greenleaf Top Rated Answer

This duplicate thread/post locked. Just one please to avoid confusion on same exact topic,


turnsgnal dont Blink

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Question From PeteOh on turnsgnal dont Blink

I have a Buick Century 2000. The 4-ways blink fine. All the correct lights go on when turn lever is shifted BUT dont blink. I found the 4 way blinker relay and "supposedly' there is another like it which I can not find. I looked hard - not under dash near the other one, and not in the relay blocks. Last note when the turn signal is shifted right or left, the dashboard indicators (little green arrows) do NOT come on at all. IS there another blinker relay can or do I have a problem somewhere else ? Thanks Pete

Response From Tom Greenleaf

Flasher On your 2000 Buick Century 3.1L SFI OHV , the Flasher is located: Top rear right side of the engine

That's where AutoZone says it is. It probably is that, that is bad,


Response From Double J Top Rated Answer

That has to be a misprint Tom...

Flashers are usually put closest to the driver so as to be most audible to the driver(s)

I would check up at the top portions of the steering column area,left or right side
May have to remove the trim panel(s) under the steering column to access

Response From Tom Greenleaf

Must have been a typo Jim as that was copy and paste work - I didn't write that? Makes much more sense that it be where it can be heard and usually under dash somewhere over where the pedals are on most cars in general.

Pete: Keep looking. Have you taken the one out for the four ways to see if they stopped - that might be the one perhaps?


Response From way2old

Maybe this will help a little. According to Alldatapro, the flashers are one and the same.

  1. Remove the LH instrument panel (IP) insulator.
  2. Remove the steering column tiller panel.
  3. Grasp the hazard and turn signal flasher and slide the flasher to the right to release the flasher tabs from the slots on the BCM bracket.
  4. Disconnect the electrical connector from the hazard and turn signal flasher.

Response From PeteOh

Wow ! I am a first time user here and you guys are awesum. You would think this should be easy. I did take the dashboard and steel plate off and got a real good look around and I could only see the ONE for the four way. Yes you are right the parts guy said they are both the same, they should be together, I plugged my new one into the 4 way socket and it fits, it works ( the 4-ways) but not the turn signals. The drawing from Mr way2old looks EXACTLY like my car Even down to the 3 channel like slots for the relays to go in BUT I only see one. SINCE the drawing looks so good I will give it another shot tomarrow and I will follow the wiring harness and double ck myself. THANKS PS how old is "way2old" I work with some pretty old guys and have hopes of getting way too old Pete

Response From Double J

Depends on what you consider "old" ..

I too years ago used to work with some"pretty old guys"
Then when I got to their age,i realized that "Hey ,That Ain't Old"

We're all like Jack Benny...29 and holding...

BTW..I think I speak for all when I say..."FIRST TIME USERS HAVE TO BUY THE FIRST ROUND"

Response From Tom Greenleaf

LMAO! You know you can google "Maker's Mark" and get to CarJunky! Pete - didn't you see the box where it says you have to buy when you signed up if any of us have a clue about your car?


Response From way2old

HELL YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Age is dependant on which way you are looking. When I went into managment, the techs said I was way too old to work anymore. I just modified it to way2old. You might have a problem with the turn signal/4 way switch. I am assuming the brake lights work also? See if this helps any.

Response From Double J

Yea I know you didnt write it Tom..
I knew it was copy and paste..
Thats only the 2nd time I've seen a misprint by them..they're usually are right on.
Cant complain for the free info they provide all of us.