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1991 Ferrari Testarossa Starter Motor Bosch

P311-103F72D    W0133-1842921  New

$75.00 $442.64
Bosch Starter Motor
  • This Original Equipment Manufacturer part is the same part that was made & installed by the car manufacturer at the factory where the car was produced.
  • Remanufactured
Brand: Bosch
Additional Fitment Information:
1991 - Ferrari Testarossa

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Car wont start

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Question From danmcn on Car wont start

my car wont start... i just tried replacing the starter too, and now i seem to be worse off. before i replaced the starter it would start if i was tapping the engine with a screwdriver and someone else turned the key, but not every time... note: i was not tapping the starter as the starter is inaccessible from the top of the engine. but i had the car at pepboys yesterday and they said my alternator was good and my battery was weak. so i replaced the battery today, along with the connectors. but as soon as i tried to start after i installed the starter the car would not only fail to start, but now i dont get power to the dash. meaning none of the warning lights light up, the radio doesnt work, and there is no sound from the engine. headlights windows and power locks DO work . frustrated. cant even put the car in neutral to push it back down off the ramps it on. help me please!!

Response From nickwarner Top Rated Answer

Moved this out of the air conditioning section to the wiring section.

It would help to know what kind of car this is. Right now it could be a Ferrari, Chevy, who-knows-what.

You said when you replaced the battery that you replaced the connectors. Does that mean you put new cables on this or did you get those hack-job ends where you strip the wire and bolt them into a clamp? If that the case toss them now for proper cables.

This is possibly a connection issue, now we need to see where the issue is. Are any of your fuses blown? Have you cleaned the areas the cables bolt in at? Not sure exactly how this is set up since you didn't give me a make and model but many will have a ground on the bolt to the starter or very near it. If you left this off, loose or making a poor connection due to corrosion you will have issues. Look for anywhere on the cable it could rub too. If it rubs through the ground cable insulation moisture will get in and the cable will corrode inside its sheath.

One trick you can try to see if you have a ground issue is to shine up a metal part of the engine. Sometimes an accessory bracket or intake manifold will work, but it needs to be free of corrosion and paint. Hook one end of a jumper cable on it. Hook the other end to you battery negative post. If this suddenly works you know you have a ground issue.

Response From danmcn

and yes, i got just the ends not the whole cable. the positive one screwed on to the wire and the negative one i had to cut off, and as you guessed pinched the wire into the new connector. i will try replacing the cables asap. another thing i didnt mention was that the first time i turned the ignition after i installed the new starter i DID have power to the dash and i heard noise from the engine although it wasnt much. ill go back out and look at the wiring now. thanks for the help though!

Response From nickwarner

Was there just one wire coming off the original ends or was there a big one and maybe one or two smaller ones?

Those quickie ends are big troublemakers. They pretty much roll out the red carpet for corrosion. Generally if the original cable is bad enough the ends are shot, its time for a new cable. Seen more electrical gremlins and no-starts from these than I can count. Even temporarily fixed one on a Ford truck in a Wal-mart parking lot for an old guy with a nut driver and a pocketknife. Sent him to get a new set of battery cables after I got him started. Since he got to see why they got so corroded I think he made sure he got over to the parts store right away.

Response From danmcn

on the original end there was one big wire and one small one. there had been heavy corrosion a few months ago that prevented the car from starting, but after i cleaned them up real good there was no problem until now.

Response From nickwarner

Parts store may not take that starter back now that it's been installed. You can bench test the old one to see if it works though, and some parts stores will do that for you. Its also pretty easy to do yourself. Try getting your meter or test light to the small terminal on the solenoid. Have someone turn the key to the start position and see if it gets power. That will tell you that the starting control circuit is working. Then we would be looking at voltage drop testing on the power and ground side. Still plenty of possibilities so a little more testing to narrow down a direction to go.

Response From danmcn

yeah i tested the old starter and its fine, and i already checked about returning the new one and it shouldnt be a problem. Ive been checking all my wires and fuses with my dad and we think it might be something in the ignition switch.. picking up a part today so im really hoping it works. its too cold out to keep biking to work! but im definitely getting all new battery cables before i get back on the road. sucks i wasted the few dollars on the ends i bought, but im glad you told me how they are just begging for corrosion problems!

Response From Tom Greenleaf

This type quick ends right?

Emergency/temp use only till you get the right stuff as said. They do make very good end splices but hard to find. Whole cable is best. Before you get too far I didn't see if you checked that the trigger wire got power at the solenoid?


Response From danmcn

i just tried the trick you suggested, attached jumper cables to the neg terminal and the intake manifold. the results were the same as when the batter was connected, power to lights locks windows but not to dash lights or starter.i havent checked the fuses yet, but im trying to find a diagram of the fusebox now. i was thinking i may have attached the new starter incorrectly, but i went back over the steps and i dont think i did. i will have to wait for the sun to come up to check the wiring again.. and i will be taking out the new starter and returning it as i dont think that was the problem to begin with now. i think youre on to something with the ground connection or wiring though, as it would make sense as to why the car was starting when i touched the engine with a screwdriver while the key was being turned..? maybe? i really dont know much about cars, but i try to do what i can to avoid ridiculous garage fees, and id really like to solve this myself. (with expert advice of course:))

Response From danmcn

Its a 2001 Nissan Sentra. didnt realize it was in A.C. section