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Front wipers have stopped working on a peugeot 306

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Question From Awelch on Front wipers have stopped working on a peugeot 306

Front wipers have stopped working on a peugeot 306 & already tried another motor Any advise?

Response From Tom Greenleaf Top Rated Answer

Guess: If you have power to it then it might be missing ground. Don't know this car from Adam as they say but most need the body of the motor grounded if nothing else you can find seems wrong check that body of motor has ground by using a test light backwards with power and it will light when it touches ground. Most are rubber isolated for shock and quiet reasons and need a ground source added. Again, just my guess,


Response From Awelch

I think there is power to it when it first stopped working it would move but slowly when assisted...

Response From Tom Greenleaf

Still check as I said and now with the new news check again for power that it will light up strong via test light. Got to rule this all out before blaming anything else,


peugeot 205 1.8d steering problem

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Question From pug205d on peugeot 205 1.8d steering problem

Hello to all.
I got a peugeot 205 1.8d that has a dangerous problem in the steering.
When I drive in the highway sometimes after passing a bump or while turning, either left or right, the steering wheel feels like it jumped a teeth to the other side, it miss aligns with the wheels making it very dangerous to drive, then after another turn it just goes to its position.
I thought it was the steering rack so I replaced it, I also marked the steering wheel position to see if it was jumping teeth and its not.
Below the car everything looks kinda normal. The only thing I noticed is that one of the tie rods (not the end, the other tie rod thats fixed to the car frame) has the rubber with a hole but doesnt look to bad, Ive disassembled its mount and it has no free play also doesnt look so bad when I look at the inside of the rod.
Another thing I noticed is that the passenger shock absorver/suspension mount has a loose nut, the middle one, you cant rotate it by hand but you can with a wrench, I cant lock it because I need a special wrench to lock the middle bolt, when I turn the nut the middle bolt also rotates.

Usually when I drive in city I dont notice the problem but I can feel it also happens when going on bumps or on roundabouts, the real problem is on highway since theres a brief moment when you feel that the steering wheel is not turning the wheels, I dont feel like the steering wheel is jumping but the steering itself, the steering wheel stays "rotated" and the wheels feel like they jumped a tooth to the other side.

The car has no power steering.

Please help.


Response From Discretesignals

Your vehicle is not sold here in the states, so don't have any information on how the steering system is configured and we are not there to visually see any problems. Your best bet is to have your mechanic look at it. Four eyes may be better than two.

Response From pug205d Top Rated Answer

The problem with a mechanic is that they will rip me off and probably the problem wont get fixed since you can only notice it while driving.
After changing the steering rack I took it to an auto shop to get wheels aligned and they didnt even touched "toe" and im sure its not right because I aligned my self at home.
The steering is secured with two bolts and nuts, one of the nuts I can see its not original because its a normal nut and the other is a square shaped nut, but I can tight it up without a problem, can this be the issue?
The steering is as simple as you can have, pinion type no power steering and im sure this problem could happen with any EU/US car.

Thank you all for your time.

Response From Hammer Time

The problem with a mechanic is that they will rip me off and probably the problem wont get fixed

I have to warn you that the people here that you are asking for help are professional mechanics and if you continue to insult their trade, you won't be here long.

Response From Tom Greenleaf

You can't align this at home so you need help just for suggesting that.

A tech (guessing) can duplicate the forces on steering sitting still and note what it does with that force put on it. I'm thinking you are looking at the position of the steering wheel while going straight ahead that changes. Depending on where and how it could do that it might not change alignment angles.

If you don't get help from one place fine another as it can't stay like this,


Response From Tom Greenleaf

Same as DS as car not sold here but agree this is way too dangerous! Areas likely common are steering wheel splined to a shaft held by a nut about can't fail right there unless an accident or wrong steering wheel? Along that shaft could have "U-Joints", a rubber damper, perhaps a splined shaft to accommodate motion meaning its length can tolerated small changes with no loss of exact steering.

This is real different in that it stays in another location and can go back! Sitting still you or highly suggested a profession tech with your observations should isolate the exact reason and what to fix/replace that may not be a common replacement part at all!

Good luck and no waiting if you need to tow it IMO,