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95 Geo Prizm with FROZEN shocks

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Question From Guest on 95 Geo Prizm with FROZEN shocks

Prizm (jealous much?)
1.6 - 4

Issue: Left rear shocks

In early December I had an extremely bumpy ride into work - and pulled over a few times because I was pretty sure I had a flat tire. With no flat and nothing stuck in my tire I was worried that I needed new shocks.

Of course, for the next month I had very few days with extra bumpy rides and the issue, I thought, had just cleared up (wishful thinking?)

This morning with temps at 5 degrees and another very harsh and bumpy ride - I came to the conclusion that the left rear shocks are freezing.

I had my car on for about 20 minutes this morning before even driving so it could warm up also.

Is there anything I can do to help this situation?

Thanks everyone for your help!


Response From DanD Top Rated Answer

There’s no repair for this; replace the shock.


Geo Prizm makes loud hum like noise at high speeds

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Question From chad.jordan93 on Geo Prizm makes loud hum like noise at high speeds

Year of vehicle 1994
Make of vehicle Geo
Model of vehicle Prizm
Engine size 1.6
210,*** miles

Like the title says, my car makes a loud humming like noise when going over 60 also vibrates slightly when going over 25. The vibration is still there at higher speeds but the humming sounds kills that noise. I know with old age problems like this come up, but there's always a reason for them. Anyways, when driving on the highway it makes this humming noise and i don't know why, it doesn't have problems getting up to speed, tires are brand new( less then 1000 on them ) wheel bearing are good, struts and shock checked out to be okay, no bent rim, exhaust system is good (reason mention that is cause prizms tend to kill manifolds and I just replaced that) rotors could be changed but aren't that bad and same for brakes, change the oil every 3,000 miles last tune up was about 3 months ago. Ive had it for about the last 25,000 miles and the owner before me had it for 10,000, and he told me that it did it when he had it, and unfortunately the person who had it before us, passed on. Ive taken it to a mechanic and after driving it around a neighborhood he said the vibration (when going under 35, I hope) is caused by the exhaust system. But I jacked it up and all its supports and what not are in good order.

So the question is , why does it make this humming like sound.

So if anyone has any idea about what it could be, i would greatly appreciate the help.


Response From Hammer Time

You have to make sure the exhaust system isn't contacting the body without insulation anywhere. It sounds like you have a bad hub bearing though.

Response From chad.jordan93

the exhaust system isnt contacting anywhere...
and the hub bearing has been checked too, sorry i forgot about that when listing whats been checked.
The noise though seems to be coming from under the hood. if i lean forward while driving its actually louder, then when sitting in my seat regularly

Response From Hammer Time

If it's in the motor, you will hear it sitting still with the engine running. If you only hear it when moving, then the problem is in the drive train. I'm not sure how you eliminated bearings but replacing them is about the only way you can do that unless you can positively track the noise to another component.

Response From chad.jordan93

all the bearings checked out to be fine...
But the drive train i havent messed with yet, how could i narrow down the noise if it is in the drive train?

Response From Hammer Time

all the bearings checked out to be fine...

Exactly how was that done?

Response From chad.jordan93

when i asked the mechanic at the local shop who put on my tires to check out the bearing around the wheels. so if theres other bearings in other places then that, i dont know if they are bad.

Response From Hammer Time Top Rated Answer

As I have already informed you, you cannot easily check a wheel bearing. You can't just simply walk up to the wheel and shake it expecting it to wobble around. That's just not the way it happens on a hub bearing. You need to find a shop that actually knows what they are doing and have the car checked. I still say that you are going to find a bad wheel bearing.

Response From chad.jordan93

i just told you a shop did it, not my next door neighbor. when he was replacing my tires i asked him to check out the bearings, the struts+shocks, brakes and rotors and he told me that brakes would last for a little longer along with the rotors and the suspension system was still good and that no bearings were NOT bad.

Response From Hammer Time

OK, apparently, your just too stubborn to help. Take it to the dealer if you can't find a shop competent enough to diagnose your noise and then come back an apologize when you find out you were wrong.

If you want to bet the farm on your tire buster's opinion, go right ahead. We didn't start doing this yesterday.

Response From chad.jordan93

Alright dick, apparently you don't understand that a PROFESSIONAL did this. The mechanic who did my stuff has the same certification you have. i didnt take it to pep boys and let them look at it, i took it to a shop where they do just about everything.

Response From Hammer Time

I don't know how many ways that I can tell you that you can't check a bearing that way but one thing I will tell you is that this question will go no further.