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1989 Saab 900 Repair Manual Bentley

P311-1F0A1AA    W0133-1618871  New

Bentley Repair Manual
  • This Original Equipment Manufacturer part is the same part that was made & installed by the car manufacturer at the factory where the car was produced.
  • Saab 900 16-Valve Official Service Manual 1985 - 1993 Saab 900 16 Valve Including 1994 convertible
  • Saab 900 1985-93
Brand: Bentley
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Additional Fitment Information:
1989 - Saab 900

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heater problem

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Question From rgod7771 on heater problem

My 1999 saab 95 is blowing cold air out on the drivers side, but the climate control on the passengers side heat is working fine.

Response From steve01832 Top Rated Answer

You may want to check the fuses and relays to see if the driver's side heater is on a different circuit than the passenger side. The owner's manual may shed some light on it but I would suggest getting a Saab repair manual. I would suggest Mitchell, Alldata, or get one directly from the Saab dealer. Mitchell and Alldata have online subscription and it costs about $30.00 per year. Short money for all the info you receive.