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2004 Mitsubishi Eclipse Repair Manual Chilton

P311-58A9632    50401  New

Brand: Chilton
Additional Fitment Information:
Vehicle Region Submodel
2004 - Mitsubishi Eclipse United States RS
2012 Mitsubishi Galant Repair Manual Haynes

P311-2AE192B    68035  New

Brand: Haynes
Additional Fitment Information:
Vehicle Region Submodel
2012 - Mitsubishi Galant United States ES
1990 Mitsubishi Eclipse Repair Manual Haynes

P311-56FDCFF    68030  New

Brand: Haynes
Additional Fitment Information:
Vehicle Region Submodel
1990 - Mitsubishi Eclipse United States GSX
1983 Mitsubishi Cordia Repair Manual Haynes

P311-371AECC    68020  New

  • Does not include information specific to V6 engine and all-wheel drive models.
Brand: Haynes
Additional Fitment Information:
Vehicle Region Submodel
1983 - Mitsubishi Cordia United States L
1983 Mitsubishi Mighty Max Repair Manual Haynes

P311-5A3E2F1    68040  New

Brand: Haynes
Additional Fitment Information:
Vehicle Region Submodel
1983 - Mitsubishi Mighty Max United States S

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CarJunky AutoAdvice

Need Vacuum Diagram for 89' Mighty Max

Showing 4 out of 4 Posts
Question From stevenee34983 on Need Vacuum Diagram for 89' Mighty Max

Mighty Max
115,000 miles

I need to put the vacuum hoses back on after a headgasket job which requires removal of the intake and stupid me didn't mark the vacuum hoses, I thought I would remember, but sadly no, can anyone help me with a vacuum diagram please. (my repair manual doesn't have one)

thank you

Response From Sidom

It's a little small but may help.... This is a federal, non high altitude diagram.............


Response From stevenee34983

thank you very much, if you have it in a larger size, please email that to stevenleeknapp @ yahoo dot com

thanks again

Response From Tom Greenleaf Top Rated Answer

Steve - try printing it and use a magnifying glass. I could read that on my screen with one and would be better on paper,


1995 mitsubishi Galant

Showing 2 out of 2 Posts
Question From Guest on 1995 mitsubishi Galant

My SRS (airbag) light stays on does not turn off--(basically stay on while car running). it suppose to behave like check engine light.
someone give me list of thing that maybe wrong.

so far, I know airbag is connected.

people keep talking about a fuse or a relay--I have been under dash, under hood and chilton repair manual.
Can someone tell me where it is or if its in fuse boxes--what name i'm i look for?

Response From Tom Greenleaf Top Rated Answer

There could be broken parts right in steering column - horn ring - who knows? I suggest getting pro help for this. Air bags can be deployed by accident just trying to repair and have dangerous consequences. Not a good DIY job,


fuel system? trouble shooting

Showing 2 out of 2 Posts
Question From andrew30 on fuel system? trouble shooting

Hi Everyone,

I have an '86 Mitsubishi Magna with a carb. It doesn't get used much but usually gets along reasonably well.

Now when I try and start it the engine turns over well but (if the engine starts at all) it idles along for a minute or 2 before dying. If I try it again it just turns over and won't start. I.e. if its going to start at all (for a min or so) it does when it's cold.

To try and fix it this is what I've done (with the help of a repair manual):

1. Put 5ltrs of fuel in it as it was pretty low

2. Checked I have spark

3. Looking down into the throat of the carb (with air filter removed and choke flap thing open) I pumped the accellerator thingy to see if I could see a squirt of fuel out of the nozzle. A couple of random times it squirted fuel but it doesn't anymore.

This led me to believe its a fuel problem I have. So I then:

4. Changed the fuel filter (1st time in 100,000ks)

5. Pulled the fuel supply hose to the carb off and turned the engine over to see if I have fuel supply.

6. Wedged open the choke in the carb throuat to make sure it wasnt getting stuck on

In step 5 (above) when the engine is turned over for a few seconds no fuel comes out of the fuel supply hose but when the engine stops turning over a bit of a fuel comes out the hose. Probably only a tablespoon or so and it isn't pumped out. Just sort of bubbles out.

So after all that my question is:

Should the fuel be pumped out of the fuel supply hose when the engine is turned over? And how much fuel should be pumped?

I don't think the following has anything to do with my current problem but thought I'd mention it anyway in the hope of an accurate diagnosis

Many Thanks in advance for any help/thoughts/suggestions. I'd like to keep the car on the road for a year or 2 more even though it's had a bit of a hard life lately.


Recently I decided to flush out the radiator as it was full of very rusty water. After flushing it out as much as I could I noticed that there were some leaks in the fins (they were probably blocked up by rust that I flushed out?). I got some Bars leaks and put it in the radiator and viola no more leaks. Problem was that the first drive overheated the car big time. Smoke, nasty noises, and all that. However after it cooled down everything seemed fine and I've driven it for a week or 2 since then (till it decided not to start that is).

Response From steve01832 Top Rated Answer

Check the fuel pressure. The service manual you mentioned should have the specs in psi. You will need to obtain a fuel pressure guage. It sounds to me that the fuel pump is at fault.