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Searching for 1995 Infiniti G20 Technical Service Repair Manual

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Question From spidsparks on Searching for 1995 Infiniti G20 Technical Service Repair Manual

Year of vehicle : 1995
Make of vehicle : Infiniti (Nissan)
Model of vehicle : G20
Engine size : 2.0
Mileage/Kilometers : 170 K miles

After a frustrating conversation with Nissan Support, I am hoping perhaps a car junky out there might have knowledge where I can find a Technical Service Manual for my 1995 Infiniti G20. Nissan's customer service explained to me that they didn't have any on stock and were not able to educate either on when I could expect to get one. Very frustrating since the G20 has become a pet project of mine and I am trying to find a replacement hose (the one that connects the engine to the brakes drum). Would appreciate any help from fellow car junkies!


Response From Tom Greenleaf

Not sure what you mean by engine to brake drum. If you mean a rear brake hose I just found them as seen in part below at AutoZone's own site. Check others as needed for your needs. Shop where you wish. Just call or Google the parts store of choice or a dealer if you wish. Helps to be able to name the parts you want.

Come back if you need help from there with installation or parts names if you can describe just what you need and what it does - we'll try,

Brake Hose - Rear
Brakeware / Brake Hose - Rear for a 1995 Infiniti G20

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    Response From spidsparks

    Hi Tom, Thanks for you help. I am not sure about the rear hose. Here's a picture of my G20 and the broken hose I am trying to replace:

    Response From Tom Greenleaf Top Rated Answer

    OK! Now I get it - pics really help!

    That appears to be a vacuum hose to the power brake booster - not an hydraulic part at all. Booster looks like a drum of sorts but not a brake drum like at the wheels.

    Just take a copy of your pic to a dealer as this is unlikely to be an aftermarket part. It is special hose that is both "moulded" and can hold vacuum without collapsing.

    You could fake it temporarily with extra long proper vacuum + fuel tolerant hose making loops to accommodate the curved ends - long story on how to do that and the right thing is getting the right part asap.

    If (judgement call) this is in a spot with just one leak right there you might be able to cut it, plug it for now so engine runs and or get a good brass barbed splice and double clamps each end of splice with 100% stainless hose clamps.


    Just what happened to this one anyway?


    Ps: This may have two different end I.D.s to make it more of a dealer part.

    PsII: Plugged or leaking this will defeat power assist to the brakes! Engine won't run or run lousy with it leaking. Not advisable to drive the car w/o the power assist - they will work but not well or strong!

    Response From spidsparks

    Thanks for your time Tom. I am not sure what happened but the vacuum hose broke into two somehow, perhaps because of the below zero freezing temperatures. I am going to go to the dealer tomorrow and see what they have to offer. Meanwhile, I found some free repair manuals. See post below!


    Response From way2old

    Found this site with some manuals. Click here for Infinity G20 manuals.

    Response From spidsparks

    Thanks for taking the time!

    Here's another site (and it's free / password: I found for others who are looking for technical service repair manuals:

    Infiniti G20 P11 Series - 1998 - 2002


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