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2002 Lexus LS430 Rack and Pinion Assembly Mapco

P311-216BD47    9356M  Remanufactured

26-2621 , 3679V , 44200-50180

$200.00 380.44
  • ; Unit is equipped with a electronic solenoid, this part is included.
Brand: Mapco
Additional Fitment Information:
2002 - Lexus LS430

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2001 Malibu steering

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Question From howmany5 on 2001 Malibu steering

Purchased 01 Malibu used that has been well cared for, practically no rust. Steering wheel turns several time freely yet wheels barely provide 10 degrees of turning. Unable to locate any hydraulic leaks.
Is it rack or some type of u-joint type coupling. Heard and felt a clunk and now it wont steer.

Response From Hammer Time

With the car running stand outside the driverd door where you can see the front wheels and reach in and the the steering wheel back and for about 3 inches and see if the wheel moves at all.

Response From howmany5

I did as you suggested. I can turn the steering wheel to the left 1 - 1.5 revolutions with no visible tire movement. I can turn the steering wheel to the 1 - 1.5 revolutions with very little tire movement. There's an audible clunk when turning to the right as well as you can hear the pump go under load when turning (completely) to the right, but not in the left.

Response From Hammer Time

Someone needs to look under the hood while you're doing that to determine what is broken. Something definitely came apart.

Response From howmany5 Top Rated Answer

The steering shaft and connection to rack and pinion is really not too visible from looking under hood. In you opinion, does it sound like a mechanical connection issue vs a rack and pinion assembly failure?

Response From Hammer Time

What's the difference? They are both mechanical issues. Unless you have a crystal ball, somebody needs to inspect it.

Response From howmany5

Excellent point. Thank you for your insight and suggestions.

Response From Hammer Time

Don't try to drive it. It needs to be towed to wherever it's going.

Response From howmany5

That's affirmative. Tower picking up in am. I was just trying to understand to be more knowledgeable when communicating with mechanic as well as not getting hosed. Thanks again.

Response From Tom Greenleaf

Excellent on towing this only! That is a WILD amount of free play!


Response From howmany5

Turns out to be the sub-frame rusted out and unable to support the rack loads..

Response From Hammer Time

Turns out to be the sub-frame rusted out and unable to support the rack loads..

Yep, that's about as serious (and dangerous) as it gets.

Response From howmany5

The used car/parts guy says he can replace sub-frame with used, that the rack functions fine. Are sub-frames a bolt on component?

Response From Hammer Time

Yes, it's bolt in but it's still a real lot of work. It carries the engine and transmission.

Response From Discretesignals

Practically no rust? Someone forgot to inspect the bottom of the car before buying.

We sometimes get those here in the shop. Car looks pristine until you get it up on the lift, then you need an umbrella cause it is raining rust. If the engine cradle is rotted out, how about the suspension and braking components?

Did you buy this as is?

Response From Tom Greenleaf

Still will take a good look at overall rust to toss whole subframe or what. Geez, is your car and my truck related? Just went thru that on another area. Not the point so find out from those looking right at it what is best.

IMO if good used beats the heck out of new (still might be available) locally and rest of car is good go for it IMO. No clue why but here in RustoChusetts (MA) and plenty of places some parts go but vehicle fine and no telling just why?

No telling on costs - ask. No escaping vehicles costing bucks no matter what you do,