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1993 Geo Tracker Power Steering Pump Cardone - Reman. A-1 CARDONE Power Steering Pump

P311-205EB31    21-5896  Remanufactured

4910060A00 , 4910056B00 , 30008716 , 30000280

$27.00 $79.71
Cardone Power Steering Pump
  • Remanufactured Power Steering Pump w/o Reservoir
  • Inline filter available For warranty purposes it is recommended to always install a filter and to use suggested OE Fluid and flush the system. Supplied w/o Reservoir
  • Reman. A-1 CARDONE Power Steering Pump
  • Product Attributes:
    • FAQs:
      • A Whining Pump Is Usually Caused By Air In The System. Remove Reservoir Lid And Inspect Fluid Level And Condition. If Fluid Has Foam Or Air Bubbles Present, You Must Bleed The System Again. Some Systems Are Very Difficult To Bleed Manually And May Require
      • I Bought A Replacement Power Steering Pump And My Original Pulley Has A Loose Fit On The Replacement Pump Shaft. What Should I Do?
      • I Only Have Assist When Increasing Engine Rpm After Installing The Replacement Pump. What's Causing This?
      • Most Likely Cause Is Contamination. Remove The Pressure Hose And Pressure Fitting On The Power Steering Pump. Remove The Flow Control Valve And Spring. Clean The Valve And Check The Valve Bore For Damage. Reinstall The Spring, Valve, Fitting And Hose. Flu
      • Should I Ever Change My Fluid, Even Though Nothing Is Wrong?
      • The Problem Is Not In The Pump, It Is In The Steering Gear. The Pump Would Cause A Steering Problem In Both Directions.
      • The Pulley May Have Cracked Upon Removal. If The Shaft Was Mushroomed Before Removing The Pulley, It Has Now Enlarged The Bore In The Pulley. The Pulley Must Be Replaced.
      • Why Do I Still Have Hard Steering In One Direction After I Replaced The Pump?
      • Why Is The Pump Making A Whining Noise All Of The Time?
      • Yes. Some O.e. Manufacturers Recommend That Power Steering Fluid Be Changed At 50,000 Miles And Continue At That Interval. Just Like Engine Oil, Power Steering Fluid Will Eventually Break Down And Carry Suspended Contaminants From Component Wear And Break
    • Features and Benefits:
      • 100% New Armatures
      • 100% Tested Using Cardone Road Simulation Technology
      • All Critical Components (campacs, Spool Valves, Etc.) Are Triple-tested To Ensure Product Reliability.
      • All Units Are Built With 100% New O-rings And Premium-grade Hnbr Seals To Prevent Leaks. Hnbr Does Not Break Down At High Temperatures Like Conventional Seal Material.
      • Brush Assembly Tolerance Specs Validated Or Replaced With New Components, If Necessary
    • Power Steering Outlet Thread Size: M16 X 1.5
    • Power Steering Pump Inlet Attachement Type: Hose Barb
    • Power Steering Pump Outlet Attachment Type: Hose Barb
    • Product Condition: Remanufactured
    • Pulley Attachement Type: Key
  • Electronic Hydraulic Power Steering Pumps provide better engine efficiency and performance over traditional power steering pumps. Rather than increasing the load on the engine to run the hydraulic system, the electric motor on EHPS units provides power to the system. By eliminating additional strain on the engine, EHPS units help to increase fuel efficiency and reduce CO2 emissions. CARDONE remanufactured Electronic Hydraulic Power Steering Pumps are a cost-effective, high-quality alternative to expensive O.E. replacement units.
Brand: Cardone
Additional Fitment Information:
1993 - Geo Tracker

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