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Mercury bogging down upon acceleration

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Question From Towanda on Mercury bogging down upon acceleration

1999 Mercury Mystique
Engine size ? Um, it's a four cylinder, that much I know. Sorry *blushing*
Current mileage 82,000+

Hello and thanks to any and all who read this.

Last Oct. I bought the above stated car from a veterans charity, so of course I got no info from previous owner who donated it. Since acquiring it I have had much drama and numerous tow-ins. I do get of course that you can expect much of this when purchasing a 14+ year old car.

Current problem: Occasionally it 'bogs down' when I mash the gas petal. This happened really bad on a fast moving freeway yesterday evening and I had to turn on emergency flashers and wave people around me. Then it just sort-of passed and began driving normally. I always use regular unleaded if that matters. And I do not have any dash lights glowing.

Here is a list of what has already been addressed, repaired, and/or replaced since beginning of my ownership, just in case this will rule out any issues about my question:

Alternator and of course battery replaced.

Spark plugs, spark plug wires, air filter and fuel filter all replaced (all this was done a couple months ago when car was misfiring so badly I almost didn't make to the garage and check engine light was on).

Water pump and thermostat last month, since car overheated.

Came out one day and all my power steering fluid was on the ground. Mechanic said he replaced a power steering hose (? I think?). Anyway, whatever he specifically did, it stopped making that racket when the steering wheel was turned hard and I've seen no more fluids underneath it.

Some positives: It starts fine and seems to idle fine, best I can tell. The issue is only happening when accelerating.

Fuel pump going out maybe?

I'm a woman with no mechanical experience. (NO offense to any lady mechanics on here who know your stuff!)

As you may have guessed from the laundry list posted above I am out of money right now and so discouraged, I'm almost at the point of junking it on the side of the road. Any and all suggestions or input appreciated and thanks again for reading.

So any guesstimations here would be welcomed.

Response From HT

This is going to require some testing and equipment to expose what is going on and as you admit, it's not your thing.

Response From Hammer Time

Or an intermittent MAF

Response From Discretesignals

or a potato in the tail pipe.

Response From Hammer Time

or a potato in the tail pipe

Yeah, in intermittent potato

Response From Discretesignals

I guess you didn't pick up on my sarcasm there...

Response From Hammer Time

I guess you missed mine

Response From MarineGrunt Top Rated Answer

You two did miss each other, didn't you?

Response From Discretesignals

It's odd, but in our shop we call those cars Mercury Mistakes.

Is the check engine light on? A fuel pump that isn't putting out enough volume or pressure could cause that type of symptom. A gauge would need to be connected to see what the fuel pressure is doing when the problem shows up if you suspect a fuel pressure problem.

Response From way2old

Maybe it will be as simple as a partially clogged fuel filter.