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  • We Stock the following top leading brands, including Idemitsu, Genuine
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We stock Power Steering Fluid parts for most Honda models, including Accord, CRV, CRZ, CRX, Civic, Civic del Sol, Element, Fit, HRV, Insight, Odyssey, Passport, Pilot, Prelude, Ridgeline, S2000.

2001 Honda Accord Power Steering Fluid 4 Cyl 2.3L Idemitsu - IDEMITSU PSF

P311-34E49D3    30040106-97200C020  New

  • ; Capacity unlisted OE Manufacturer
Brand: Idemitsu
Additional Fitment Information:
Vehicle Block Engine CID CC
2001 - Honda Accord L 4 Cyl 2.3L - 2254
1983 Honda Accord Power Steering Fluid Genuine - 12 oz. - For Honda ONLY

P311-4E901B4    W0133-1639499  New

Genuine Power Steering Fluid
  • This Original Equipment Manufacturer part is the same part that was made & installed by the car manufacturer at the factory where the car was produced.
  • Conventional
  • 12 oz. bottle; For use in Honda and Acura power steering systems only. Before installing this fluid, please refer to the vehicle's owner's manual to confirm that this fluid is the correct one for that vehicle's power steering system.
  • 12 oz. - For Honda ONLY
  • Honda, 12 oz
Brand: Genuine
Additional Fitment Information:
1983 - Honda Accord

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1988 Honda Prelude Power Steering Fluid Leak

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Question From etaub1 on 1988 Honda Prelude Power Steering Fluid Leak


My 88 4WS 2Si Prelude is leaking power steering fluid directly from the rack, according to the mechanic.

I add about 2-4 oz a day, which is getting to be a real drag. plus, the steering wheel is really hard to turn until it warms up.

any suggestions? the mechanic says a new rack is way too expensive to install. Is this a danger to drive?


Response From bmac Top Rated Answer

Try some stop leak. I think lucas makes some good stuff. It cant hurt to give it a shot. I dont think it will be dangerous to drive just messy and annoying.

where is the power steering pump on a 88 honda accord.

Showing 2 out of 2 Posts
Question From Guest on where is the power steering pump on a 88 honda accord.

i have a 88 honda accord that is leaking excessive power steering fluid im guessing is the power steering pump but i dont know were is at is ??
can someone help me locate it?

Response From Sidom Top Rated Answer

It should be right there on the right side of the motor (rad side). just follow the supply hose from the p/s fluid reservoir.

2006 Honda Odyssey making weird noise

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Question From cvanderhoef on 2006 Honda Odyssey making weird noise

Hi guys, I'm hoping you can help me out here. I have a 2006 Honda Odyssey with an unusual problem. I'm getting a weird "Whurl" sound coming from the front of the car after driving long distances such as driving the interstate. This doesn't seems to happen when driving in the city. I can't seem to tell if the sound happens when hitting the accelerator or when turning but I think it is only happening when turning the wheel. Any ideas? Thanks.

Response From Jeff Norfolk

Check all your fluid levels. Power steering may be low.

Response From cvanderhoef Top Rated Answer

Well I checked the Power Steering fluid level and it's got a quarter left before it hits the low level on the container. This isn't the proble, is it?

Response From Hammer Time

Fill it to the full level and find out.

Response From Jeff Norfolk

Only takes one air bubble to make some terrible noise.

Response From cvanderhoef

I'm a notch above stupid when it comes to cars as you can see. I'll fill it up and see what happens. Does it matter on which PS fluid to get? Certain cars take certain kinds or is it all the same. Also, you have to fill it on a cold engine, right?

Response From Hammer Time

Yes, a Honda takes a special fluid designed just for Hondas.

Response From cvanderhoef

Yes, a Honda takes a special fluid designed just for Hondas.
Wow, thanks. I'm glad I asked because I would have gotten any old fluid. I take it I can only get it at a Honda dealership, too.

Response From Hammer Time

You can buy it at most any auto parts store. Just make sure it specifies for Honda.

Response From cvanderhoef

You can buy it at most any auto parts store. Just make sure it specifies for Honda.

Ok, thanks alot. Much cheaper at an auto store I'm sure. In case this isn't the fix do you guys have any other ideas on what it could be?

Response From Hammer Time

One step at a time.

Response From cvanderhoef

Alright, we'll see how this goes. Thanks.

Response From cvanderhoef

Well, I filled up the Power Steering fluid and it did the trick! No more noise. Thanks a lot, guys.

Power steering pump noisy. 1998 Honda Civic LX

Showing 2 out of 2 Posts
Question From chriskaeding on Power steering pump noisy. 1998 Honda Civic LX


I am having problems with my 1998 Honda Civic LX. The power steering pump is noisy and fluid backing up over flowing out of the reservoir.

I replace the pump but, still doing the same thing (Backing up out of the reservoir.)

New pump works good until fluid warms up.

I am using the Honda power steering fluid.

I have searched for an answer and asked around and have failed to find a solution to this problem.

Any advice or possible answer would be greatly appreciated.


Response From Hammer Time Top Rated Answer

The fluid is getting aerated for some reason. I have had this problem before and it turned out to be a hole in the line between the reservoir and the pump. It will draw air into the system that way.

2001 Acura TL power steering explosion

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Question From Guest on 2001 Acura TL power steering explosion

Year: 2001
Make: Acura
Model: TL
Engine Size: 3.2L
Mileage: 110k

I just got back from a week long vacation and was getting ready to go to work. I started my car and didn't notice anything unusual until I started to back up out of the garage. The steering was kind tight. I didn't think much of it and thought since it was sitting for a while, that it would just go away after some steering fuild got into the lines. After going a little ways in my neighborhood, I stopped the car because it was not going away the steering was just as tight as when I back up out of my garage. So I popped the hood - that's when I saw power steering fluid all over the place, and the level was at the "lower level" line. I looked on the ground and there was a puddle of power steering fluid. The explosion looked to be pretty recent, like when I started the car.

So I turned around to switch my car out with my wife's. I didn't see too much evidence of any puddles on my garage floor.

Anybody got any ideas as to what this might be? And how I can fix it? I'm not a mechanic by any means, but I'm good with direction and with my hands.

Response From Guest

Just to give you an update, I got home tonight and popped the hood before I started to do anything. I noticed the level of the power steering fluid was at the "upper level". I had my wife start the car so I could watch it. As soon as it started, some of the fluid was sucked out and then it was below the "lower level".

I took it for a spin and didn't notice any tight steering or any unusual noises. It couldn't have fixed itself, so something is wrong - I just don't know what to think now.


Response From Loren Champlain Sr

Just a guess; Check valve in the pump stuck. Without the power assist, when you turn the steering, it will force fluid into the reservoir, overfilling it. You may want to have the system flushed. Could be just a one time occurance.

Response From Guest Top Rated Answer

I just drove to autozone with no problems, got the "Honda Certified" power steering fluid and filled it to the upper level.

I started the car while the autozone guy watched the reservoir and hoses. There weren't any leaks or anything, so you're probably right Loren - one time occurrence. I probably should have it flushed, thanks for the information!