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1996 Chrysler Town & Country Oxygen Sensor Delphi

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Brand: Delphi
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Additional Fitment Information:
1996 - Chrysler Town & Country

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CarJunky AutoAdvice

2001 Chrysler Intrepid

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Question From angelgirl86 on 2001 Chrysler Intrepid


I went to a mechanic a month ago and replace the alternator because my battery light came on. After about one month, the battery light came on again. I went to the same mechanic and he said that the oxygen senor is faulty. If I unplugged one oxygen sensor and I did not fix that one oxygen sensor. Will the car still run and won't shut down? What are the problems that the car might cause?
Why is the battery light keep coming on. Should I change the oxygen sensor since the mechanic said the wiring looks burnt out?
Now that I took one oxygen sensor off, the battery light and the engine light does not come on anymore. I notice my car is consuming more fuel.

Response From Hammer Time Top Rated Answer

That's a load of nonsense. You should NEVER unplug an O/2 for any reason. That is one of the biggest players in the computer's fuel mixture control and I don't see any connection to the battery light at all. If you have a bad O/2, then replace it but I doubt it's the cause of the battery light.

Response From dmac0923

sounds like this mechanic is taking you for a ride

Chrysler Oxygen sensor help

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Question From valleybusman on Chrysler Oxygen sensor help

I have a 95 Chrysler Concorde with a 3.5 enegine and the car has 164000 miles on her . Well the other day she wouldn't start so I hooked my OTC 4000 tester and it said cam and crank sensor were okay . I used the same tool for the coil and it checked out . So I put my foot to the floor and cranked and after awhile she started up . I took her for a testdrive and the check engine light cam on . Checked for codes and got a 51 saying low voltage . Okay so I figured the sensors are bad . I need to know where they are . I took the car in and replaced the catalytic and while under there I saw something sticking out of the pipes in front of converter. Guy said those were oxygen sensors . Book says exhaust manifold who's right . Sorry if I am long winded here !

Response From Hammer Time

That tool you have isn't a magic diagnosis box and doesn't tell you as much as you think it does. That code doesn't necessarily mean a bad sensor. It means you have a lean condition and now you have to determine why the old fashioned way.

Response From Discretesignals Top Rated Answer

I do know that OTC 4000 and cartridge had the capability to do ATM tests. Maybe that is how he found the coil was good. You could tell if you had crank pulse by looking at the RPM pid in the data stream while cranking the engine. Not sure about the cam sensor though.

Response From Mr.scotty

Yes, those things sticking out of the exhaust pipe were more then likely oxygen sensors.
A picture of what your talking about would help also is you feel the need.

Oxygen sensor replacement?

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Question From Willybill on Oxygen sensor replacement?

1990, GMC, K1500, 4.3L, 151,000 miles. The oxygen sensor is in the tail of the crossover pipe. When I went to change it the sensor was broke off at the above the nut. I let the truck run to heat up the pipe and I couldn't move the sensor. I then heated the thread area and got it good and red hot still it wouldn't turn. I did this two or three more times until the nipple started to break out of the pipe. The thing I would like to know can I get another nipple to weld in or do I have to get a new crossover pipe? If I take the nipple out I don't think it will be possible to get the sensor out.

Response From Hammer Time

Once they are corroded in like that, they get fused to the pipe and then there is no saving it. I'm afraid replacing the pipe is going to be the only savior now. Be sure to put anti seize on the sensor threads to avoid this happening again.

Response From Tom Greenleaf

Generous Motors at its best! We had the audacity to bail them out with borrowed money at that!


Response From Hammer Time

Don't blame GM. It happens to all of them. The combination of corrosion and heat just welds the 2 parts together.

Response From Tom Greenleaf

USA put a man on the moon in 1969 and can't deal with an o2 sensor! Right. GM designed the lunar landing module the was wire mesh wheeled and it's four wheel drive failed! Nice flicking company! 100 bazillion bucks to do that and their equipment fails!

No sympathy for GM from me!


Response From chickenhouse

Last I heard, I think they said the lunar rover should still be operable. May have to call in AAA to get it hauled in 4 repair but it's supposed to run- still. I have been pro G M products since the 60's, when it still belonged to G M, and they had design, every year. Not the cookie cutter cars they evolved into. I went to the tech center for many classes, very good training, hands on with newest cars. These days my yard has a diversified collection, albeit still mostly G M, I do/have had many Fords & Chrysler products. Some of the best Fords IMO are still the Model A's. Had many, want another. Basic car- points, condensor, one of the first to employ ignition systems that lasted decades. And how old are YOU??

Response From Loren Champlain Sr

CH; I can't tell you how old Tom G is, but he was involved in the think tank inventing dirt.

Response From chickenhouse

Thinking about it, if T was on the panel to invent dirt, was he standing on water then?

Response From Loren Champlain Sr

Ouch. Not sure you meant it the way it sounded?

Response From chickenhouse

There should be no "ouch" to it, all meant in good humor.

Response From Hammer Time

And Ford and Chrysler have never done anything wrong?

Response From Tom Greenleaf Top Rated Answer

Hammer and LOL,

">And Ford and Chrysler have never done anything wrong?<"

Of course not! First car was a Mopar in fact,


Response From Tom Greenleaf

CH "How old are you"

Old enough not to say!


Response From Loren Champlain Sr

Agree. Especially if the joker before you didn't use anti-sieze. I've been pretty sucessful using a 3/8 impact. Not strong enough to break it, but the hammering (no pun intended) effect usually works.

Need some help, please?!?! Oxygen Sensor??

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Question From cassi1983 on Need some help, please?!?! Oxygen Sensor??

I have a 2002 Chrysler PT Cruiser..... here's what it's doing:

  • It sometimes hesitates when accelerating, does it as it pleases, it seems.
  • It's getting poor gas mileage, especially for a 4 cylinder
  • When idling the RPMs jump up and down. It sounds like it's going to stall, but doesn't then the RPMs come back up to normal.
  • The check engine light came on, blinked on and off a few times, then went off and hasn't come back on again.

  • My dad, brother and I are thinking the oxygen sensor, but the check engine light doesn't stay on. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

    Response From cassi1983 Top Rated Answer

    I had Auto Zone hook it up to their computer thing and they said it passed, that there was nothing coming back as wrong. I checked the air filter that same day and it was clean.

    Response From dmac0923

    try cleaning the MAF sensor. IAC valve and TPS sensor

    Response From way2old

    Also get some throttle body cleaner and have the throttle bore cleaned really good. Just follow instructions on the can.

    Response From way2old

    Before replacing parts, have the codes read. Even if the light is not on, the codes are stored in the computer. Major parts houses will read the codes for free in hopes you will buy the part from them.(Autozone--Pep Boys and a few others) Please get the EXACT code number and post back. They usually want to tell you what is wrong. Remember, they are parts people, not necessariloy technicians/mechanics. We will be waiting on your reply.

    Response From dmac0923

    like way2old said, you def need the codes scanned. at first glance if i had to guess, i would say your problem is more on the intake side. not your 02 sensor. i would check your Air filter, MAF sensor, TPS sensor, IAC valve and overall Throttle body cleanliness