What to Know Before Buying a New Car

(NUI) - Buying a new or used car is often difficult enough. Different people buy vehicles for many different reasons but, in the end, everybody wants their car to be as perfect and dependable as can be and nobody wants to pay too much. Yet these days, the power of the Internet makes shopping for your new car a quick, easy, agreeable experience.

For example, if you haven't done your homework, how do you know what the best price is for the car you're thinking about buying? At which dealership can you get the better deal? Where can you find the best financing package? If you're buying a used car, what is its blue book value? And where can you find out if that nice looking Saturn wagon was ever in an accident?

GeoWheels.com, part of the GeoPortals.com family of useful Web sites, has several sites that can aid in your endeavor to buy a new or used car. Some of them, like CarOrder.com, will let you order a new car on the Internet. Plus, they will deliver it to your home or office!

On Autobyte, you can buy, sell, price and research your intended new vehicle. CarPrice offers a Price War program on which you can choose a car down to its every specification and get quotes back from hundreds of dealers.

And where else but on Carpoint can you punch in the make, model, color and options to get a free quote on that very automobile, buy new and used cars, get free advice and reviews, and find out that the new Pontiac Piranha has a removable tub to create a mini-pickup, and foldable seats that can double as beach chairs - all without the hassle of haggling with a dealership?

GeoWheels.com also has vehicle auction and overseas markets pages where you can compare automobile prices in 13 different countries.

Shopping for a new or used car used to be a daunting task, but GeoWheels has changed all that. GeoWheels.com has all of the information you need to make your car buying experience a knowledgeable, pleasant one.

Where else can you accomplish everything involved with buying a vehicle - from researching price, financing and reliability, to having it delivered - without ever leaving the house?

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