Use the Web to Save On New Car Costs

(NUI) - It is just as important to research your finance and insurance options when buying a new or used car as it is to research the car itself. All of the things you need to know or accomplish about car financing and insurance can be found on the Internet.

For instance, with financing, there are a few questions you need to ask. What is my credit like? How much can I afford to spend? What's the best interest rate around?

Answering these questions before walking into a car dealership can save you thousands of dollars in the long run. There's no need to rely on the dealer's financing if you can find a better rate and payment plan online.

When it comes to insurance, everyone who has insured their car recently knows what a hassle it can be finding the best rates, or to get a quote from a company without them coercing you to sign right away. Wouldn't it be nice to find all of that information in one place, without having to call a single company?

When you log on to, you can learn everything you need to know about financing and insurance through the site's numerous links to the top auto sites on the Internet. Plus, you can even discover some bargains you would have never found elsewhere.

For example, GeoWheels is linked to There you can buy a copy of your credit report and get it in seconds. This way you'll know what the loan officers are looking at when it comes to your auto loan.

There are two different places to find financing through GeoWheels - Eloan. com and On, you can get a quick quote or finance your car online. offers low rates on new and used cars, simple terms, and the ability to calculate your monthly payment, research your loan and apply online.

When it comes to researching and securing insurance for your car, go to There you can get free quotes instantly from brand name insurers, including Kemper, General Electric and Ohio Casualty.

If you are financing your new vehicle, why settle for the APR and payment plan the dealership will give you? And if you're looking for insurance, why spend an entire day calling companies that may or may not give you the information you need? Why do all that when you can use GeoWheels, part of the family of Web sites, to get all the information you need to research, finance and insure your new car at the touch of a button?

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