Scientists Help Motorists Battle Icy Winter Weather

(NUI) - Motorists now have a new weapon to cope with the challenges of driving in hazardous winter weather conditions. It's a timely development, given the legacy of El Ni–o and the prediction of even more bizarre winter weather ahead.

Scientists from ThinkTrax, LLC, of Southampton, N.Y., have collaborated to bring motorists the first automatically controlled, electrically heated automobile windshield wiper blade, which they call the Hotwiper.

Having driven in heavy snow, ice and freezing rain, these scientists have experienced the frustration of poor visibility caused by annoying streaking of the windshield when ice and snow accumulate on the wiper blade. After testing other methods of alleviating the problem, they found the only real solution was to melt the ice and accumulated snow directly from the wiper blade.

The ice-busting technology they created is unique, simple and affordable enough for everyone.

The Hotwiper is designed as a replacement wiper blade. The internal electric heating element turns on automatically when the outside temperature is below 32 degrees Fahrenheit and can heat the wiper blade to 99 degrees Fahrenheit. That's enough to melt ice and snow while driving in the most adverse winter weather conditions, yet safe enough to avoid personal injury, blade deterioration and concerns about windshield glass.

The scientists hope the better visibility and the enhanced confidence will increase safety and help prevent accidents as consumers expectantly prepare to see what El Ni–o will dish out this winter season.

More information on this revolutionary device is available at the Web site, or by calling the office of ThinkTrax, LLC, at (212) 886-1817.

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