Service Can Tell the Story Of Your 'Dream Car'

(NUI) - Buying a used car can be an unpleasant, even intimidating, experience. Those rows of shiny, seemingly flawless vehicles on the dealer's lot are appealing. But all too often, in reality many have been severely damaged or perhaps even stolen.

To take the uncertainties and risks out of used-car shopping, CCC Information Services' Vehicle History Report (VHR) service is now available on the Internet.

By visiting VHR's Web site - - used-car buyers instantly can obtain a vehicle's history based on information from a variety of databases. CCC's online VHR service provides verifiable, detailed information on a vehicle's title and registration, plus potential theft, fire, flood and total loss

history, giving consumers a clear picture of the car's value and safety.

More than 2 million vehicles are declared total losses each year. Many of them are bought as salvage, then rebuilt and returned to the used-car market. "Consumers have become increasingly aware of the risks involved in buying a used car," said Lou Gaz, CCC's automotive services operations manager. "Our Vehicle History

Report is a powerful tool that helps them protect themselves and make more informed used car purchases."

To use VHR, simply access CCC's Web site at and type in the vehicle identification number (VIN). The VIN code normally appears on the driver's side of the dashboard near the windshield, so it is easy to read from outside the car. By comparing the VIN with a number of automotive databases, VHR instantly alerts you to a vehicle's past. The combined databases include information on 30 million previously damaged, totaled and stolen vehicles.

VHR also detects possible odometer fraud and identifies "gray-market" vehicles - vehicles manufactured in foreign countries that may not meet U.S. environmental and safety standards.

The cost of CCC's online service is $19.95 plus tax where applicable. Consumers may use an American Express, MasterCard, Discover or Visa card through a secure link from the VHR Web site.

You can also access CCC's VHR service by calling 1-800-633-7834, Ext: 5. A VHR representative will ask for the vehicle's VIN and charge the purchase to a major credit card.

Chicago-based CCC is the automotive claims industry's leading supplier of advanced software and communication systems. Its value-added, technology-based products and services increase efficiency and facilitate communication among more than 350 insurance companies, 13,500 collision-repair facilities, 4,000 automobile dealerships and a range of business partners.

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