How to Use the Web To Buy Your Next Car

(NUI) - Have you ever bought anything on the Internet - perhaps a book, CD or computer accessory? If so, you have a lot of company - nearly 10 million households have shopped online.

But how about a big-ticket item like a car? Should you -could you - surf the Web to purchase one of those? Forty percent of new-vehicle car buyers already use the Internet to research, obtain a ballpark price and get a referral to a local dealer.

But until recently, you couldn't actually buy a car on the Internet. Now you can. A new company,, takes vehicle shopping to the next level. It's the first nationwide Internet company that lets you complete the car-buying transaction online.

Buying a car on the Internet is easy, safe, fun and fast. Simply go to to research, design, order and arrange to take delivery of your new vehicle. Even financing, warranty and documentation are quickly handled online. And you get a super-low fixed price. The entire process takes just 20 minutes or so.

Here's how to get your wheels on the Web:

1. Research your car. Choose from more than 2,500 makes and models. Color images are displayed on your monitor, along with the vehicles' standard features and options, safety and performance data, and automotive enthusiast magazine reviews.

You can find out how much a car will cost you over a
five-year period, including depreciation, financing, fuel,
maintenance and repairs.

2. Compare your top choices. Now you have information on two, three or more cars. How do they measure up to one another? CarsDirect. com displays an unbiased comparison of prices, mileage and features of your top choices.

3. Build you car. Try different combinations of options until you configure exactly the car you're dying to drive. Want a fancy rear spoiler? Click on it. Prefer automatic transmission? Click - you got it. Accent stripes? Click. As you click on your "gotta haves," the car's price adjusts accordingly. And if you go overboard, you can simply click some of the options off until the price is right for you.

4. Cut your price. How much is this going to cost you? There's zero mystery pricing - it's upfront and fixed.'s goal is to price vehicles in the bottom 10th percentile of the range for any given model - typically thousands of dollars under MSRP. In other words, nine out of 10 times you'd spend more at a dealership.

5. Ready to buy? A "Lease/Loan" page lets you instantly compare monthly lease or loan payments. You can finance your car online, or you can arrange your own financing if you prefer.

6. Get your car. Your car can be delivered to your home or office if you live in California. In other states, you can pick it up at the nearest location or a local dealer.

7. Show off. Drive by your neighbor's house, toot the horn and wave.

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