How to Avoid Road Alligators

(NUI) - You see them every day - mean, ugly and dangerous rubber road alligators on the sides and in the middle of major streets and highways throughout America.

Tire debris can be quite menacing for motorists just trying to get from point A to point B. And it won't go away until all motorists immediately pull over when a tire problem is detected, according to the Tire Retread Information Bureau.

Contrary to popular belief, this messy waste isn't because of tire retreads. The real culprits are poorly maintained tires that are driven underinflated, overloaded and mismatched.

In fact, a tire run 20 percent or more underinflated is considered flat by tire manufacturers. But most motorists, including truckers, ignore air pressure maintenance without realizing just how dangerous it is.

"Tires that are run underinflated long enough will come apart," says Harvey Brodsky, managing director of the Tire Retread Information Bureau.

For more information about the tire debris problem and what the retread industry is doing about it, contact the Tire Retread Information Bureau toll-free at 1-888-473-8732, by e-mail at, or on the Web at www.

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