Facing Carjacking Threat Best Advice Is 'Walk Away'

Photo caption: The threat of a carjacking makes some people want to be heroic - which is a bad idea.

(NUI) - Carjacking is a terrifying crime that may provoke dangerous behavior from the intended victim in order to protect his or her vehicle.

For safety's sake, the best response for the victim of a carjacking is to say, by word and deed: "Take it, I won't try to stop you" - and then get away from the vehicle as far and fast as you can.

This approach makes things seem quite easy for the carjacker and often preserves the victim from the carjacker's rage and brutality.

However, a lot of people, upon seeing their means of transportation - and often the biggest financial investment they have besides their house - about to disappear, take heroic action that can result in injury or death.

A new security device called The Posse, by Audiovox Corporation, uses satellite tracking gear to pinpoint the vehicle's location within minutes.

"If you are carjacked, you just walk away," says Tom Malone, Vice President for the company. "A call from the nearest telephone to a toll-free 800 number for the 24-hour-a-day Posse command center will activate your system. Posse will flash your vehicle's lights, and sound the horn. An optional, ear-ripping siren can temporarily deafen the carjacker and make everyone around take notice."

Then, when the carjacker leaves the vehicle to try to shut down all the attention-getting noise and flashing, the Posse closes down the ignition system so the car won't start again. The frustrated carjacker must leave it where it is stopped.

The Posse system is about the size of a pack of cigarettes, with quick, easy installation if you already own a security system you wish to upgrade to state-of-the-art.

Extra features include a convenience system, too. Let's say you lock your keys in the car. A call to the command post will unlock your power doors and your trunk for you. A remote starter can start your car without disarming the security system - a good idea at places like airports, where you can have your vehicle secure, warmed up (or cooled off) and ready when you get to it.

For additional information about carjacking and other vehicle security problems, call 1-800-645-7750.

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