Alcohol Test Helps Cut Drunk Driving

The Breath Alcohol Detector can help prevent drunk driving.
(NUI) - Drunk driving is the nation's most frequently committed violent crime. In 1997, more than 16,000 people were killed in auto crashes involving alcohol - an average of one every 32 minutes.

While not all alcohol use is problematic, excessive or inappropriate, consumption of alcohol is one of the most common and pervasive social problems in the country.

As a result, there is a demand for more effective detection of alcohol impairment or of blood alcohol content in individuals engaged in work or driving.

First Check's Breath Alcohol Detector offers an accurate, effective way to check for the presence of alcohol in exhaled breath. While not intended to be used for precise enumeration of blood alcohol level, it is well suited for use in the field, the workplace and at locations where evidentiary testing methodologies are not readily


` The product is simple to use, easy to read, disposable - and cheaper than a driving under the influence (DUI) citation. Test results are available in two minutes.

The First Check Breath Alcohol Detector is produced by Worldwide Medical Corporation, Irvine, CA. The company has launched a national roll-out campaign to allow consumers to buy First Check products at pharmacies, grocery chains and convenience stores. First Check's Breath Alcohol Detector and home drug test kits are now available at more than 300 Longs Pharmacies on the West Coast and Circle K stores in Texas.

For more information about First Check, call 1-888-788-5716 toll-free, or click on www.

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