Auto Phone Number Empowers Consumers

(NUI) - The gentleman across the desk had a tight grip on the Blue Book. Holding it close to his chest he stole glances at it, so the person trading in the car couldn't get a glimpse. He held all the cards and, without a time-consuming trip to the reference section of the library, or without finding a bank or credit union willing to give him the information, the would-be trader was at the other man's mercy.

Now, however, a no-nonsense 900 telephone service takes the guesswork out of used car negotiations and is both fast and convenient. Through the use of a touchtone telephone, the Auto Priceline provides the high-low values of automobiles and trucks, without built-in delays that may squeeze every last penny out of the caller.

The state-of-the-art computerized system includes options and mileage, and the data is systematically updated to always reflect current regional values. Callers simply punch in 1-900-884-3300 and follow the instructions for wholesale and retail values from 1946 to the present.

The service costs $2 per minute, and the average call is anywhere from four to six minutes. The investment could save a caller hundreds of dollars the next time he or she negotiates the purchase, sale or trade-in of a used vehicle.

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