I Know My Car Won't Do That When I Take It Into The Shop

(NUI) - "I know my car won't do that when I take it into the shop," you told yourself. You were right. It acted just fine, so you tried to recall the symptoms and convey them to your technician.

That's not always easy, as perception and terminology vary from person to person, especially between technician and car owner.

Sometimes the problem makes itself evident to the technician, like a malfunctioning air conditioner or engine.

But most car trouble manifests itself on the road. For this reason, it's a good idea to make notes of the symptoms and circumstances surrounding the occurrence. This is especially true in the case of handling or ride-control difficulties, which usually occur under circumstances not easily demonstrated in the shop.

These problems usually can be traced to worn shock absorbers, struts or other suspension components. Sometimes it's a tire, wheel alignment or balance that's at fault.

The Car Care Council offers help in recording information with which a technician can begin his or her diagnosis of handling problems. If you've noticed some of these symptoms, use the following checklist to note the pertinent data.

For an informative brochure on ride control, send a self-addressed, stamped envelope to Car Care Council, Dept. RC, One Grande Lake Drive, Port Clinton, OH 43452.

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