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Article Archives : News

The Great American Road Trip
Sat, 17 Jun 2006, 18:18

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(ARA) - The great American road trip is something that people either dream of doing someday or make the time to do every year. Whether you' re traveling on a work-related trip or driving to a relative's home for the holidays, preparation is the key to a safe and fun trip. You can beat stress and save time and money as well, if you take the time to plan ahead.

The following are seven tips on planning ahead when you have to hit the road.

1) Check the weather. As simple as this tip seems, many people get stuck in poor traveling conditions because they forgot to watch the weather report for their travel route. Not only will a complete weather check help you pack the right clothes, it can help you plan an alternate route, or in cases of extreme weather, a different time to travel.

2) Allow plenty of time to drive and reach your destination. You can alleviate unnecessary stress by planning for activities such as meals, sight-seeing and bathroom stops. The more people you are traveling with, the longer it will take to complete scheduled activities.

3) Don't stop exercising just because you're on the road. In fact, taking a walk, going for a run or doing any physical activity will greatly reduce the stress of a road trip.

4) When traveling with pets, plan accordingly. Find a veterinarian in the area you are traveling to, and on the way to your destination. You'll be glad you did if your pet becomes ill or gets injured.

5) Second only to car trouble, the last thing anyone wants when traveling on the road is a ticket. So slow down, especially in harsh weather conditions. Check your speedometer before you leave to be sure that it is correct. Inspect taillights, headlights or other items that might result in a ticket.

6) Breakdowns, especially when traveling far away from home, are stressful and even frightening situations. "Most people don't think that they can ever prepare for events like this," says Michael Joyce, president of Justin Case products. "But taking a few steps in advance can save you time, emergency service costs and a headache." Justin Case recommends the following:

- Have an emergency kit ready for many different situations. "Emergency kit needs vary with circumstances," says Joyce. "The kit you have should meet your individual needs and equip you for emergency situations." Justin Case has developed emergency kits for every budget, from simple to comprehensive kits containing light sources, jumper cables, tire inflators, heat generation and retention sources, and other items to attract or provide help.

- Justin Case recognized the importance of 24-hour roadside assistance as a natural addition to their safety kits. This safety kit insurance policy guarantees that if the kit cannot help resolve your roadside problem, the 24-hour roadside assistance program will. This FREE roadside service is available throughout the U.S. and Canada and allows up to 3 service calls per year. The services provided include battery boosting, towing up to twenty-five miles, delivery of fluids, lockout services and tire changes. This is a reimbursement program, where you pay your service provider at the time and send your receipts in for repayment.

7) In addition to a comprehensive roadside safety kit and 24-hour roadside assistance, personal items should be gathered to complete the emergency supplies. For example, extra coats, gloves, scarves and clothing are crucial for cold weather driving. Keep in mind your lifestyle, your family and the regions where you travel and compile items accordingly.

Planning road trips, at times, can be stressful as well as exciting, but planning ahead improves your ability to deal successfully with emergencies and problems. Take the time to prepare for breakdowns, delays and small mishaps and your trip will be smooth sailing, instead of a bumpy road ahead.

For more information on Justin Case Products, visit

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