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Article Archives : News

Volkswagen Leads the Driving Revolution
Sat, 17 Jun 2006, 17:54

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(NUI) - While most car lovers are loyal to sedans and truck lovers loyal to flat beds, Volkswagen has achieved a way to please both camps.

They've been exploring new and innovative areas of vehicle design and they've come up with a new concept car that combines the functions of an off-road pickup with the comfort and convenience of a large luxury sedan. It's called the Advanced Activity Concept (AAC) Off-Road Study, and it satisfies both car and truck lovers. Driving it employs the ease of a car able to cut in and out of city traffic, combined with the utility of a truck that can haul big, heavy objects in the back, such as tools, equipment or furniture.

The good news is that the AAC is sparking the automotive community to create more cars like this in the future - ones that captivate both car and truck drivers alike.

When on display at the North American International Auto Show in Detroit, the six-speed automatic AAC resembled no car currently on the market. With a coupe body style and high-quality leather interior, this car is suitable enough to be driven by James Bond in the next 007 feature film.

In fact, the car uses a remote control known as the "Communicator" to lock and unlock the doors. And starting the car is even more 21st century-appropriate because you don't need car keys. All you have to do is press a button located on top of the dashboard to start the engine.

Have you ever wished you had a refrigerator in your car? The AAC houses a cold-store box in the center console, which is perfect for long trips. Plus, it has a navigation system with a seven-inch color screen that comes to life when the ignition is switched on.

Best of all, the AAC's V10, direct-injection diesel with turbochargers is perfect when crossing difficult off-road terrain. Its extra-low off-road ratio and two differential locks can be selected electronically by pressing the appropriate buttons so that it counteracts difficult driving situations. And in really difficult terrain, the suspension can be fully raised off the ground.

Although this car is not

on the market, thanks to Volkswagen's eminent design and technical genius, you can look forward to seeing more cars like this in the future.

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