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Who is Amsoil?

Synthetic oils were first developed during WWII for use in aircraft engines. These new lubricants were able to withstand the severe temperatures experienced in flight while keeping oil coolers from coking. After seeing the superior properties of these oils fighter pilot Albert J. Amatuzio started Amsoil to create synthetic lubricants for use in automobiles.

The company's first product, a 10w40 full synthetic oil, was the first motor oil on the market to meet the American Petroleum Institute's standards.

Amsoil was also the first to sell synthetic diesel engine oil, synthetic marine engine oil, and synthetic automotive transmission oil. Today they provide a full line of lubricants for passenger and heavy duty vehicles as well as oil filters, antifreeze, and fuel additives. In 1994 Amatuzio was inducted into the Lubricants World Hall of Fame for his pioneering work.

Why should I choose Amsoil?

Amsoil's lubricants have consistently outperformed every other product on the market in industry tests. What does this mean to you?

Less Volatility:
Amsoil Synthetic burns less and produces less soot, allowing it to last longer and keep your engine cleaner.

Low Total Base Number (TBN):
Amsoil is more resistant to acidic conditions created by combustion.

Lower Friction:
Part wear is reduced while fuel economy is improved.

Lower Cloud Point:
Amsoil stays liquid even in severe cold.

High Additive Content:
Anti-oxidation, anti-foaming, and seal preserving agents prevent corrosion, maintain hydraulic pressure, and prevent the intrusion of contaminants.

Amsoil also promotes the use of their products over extended periods of time. With the use of testing kits and long life oil filters it's possible to use their motor oils as long as 25,000 miles between oil changes. Amsoil transmission fluids can go as long as 100,000 miles between transmission services, and their antifreeze can protect for up to seven years or 750,000 miles. This has made Amsoil a favorite among truck drivers and fleet customers: When an oil or coolant change may require gallons of fluid extending the life of these products can represent significant savings.

How do I get the most out of these products?

While a conventional motor oil may only be in an engine for 3,000-5,000 miles service intervals for Amsoil products can be between 15,000-25,000 miles depending on the conditions the vehicle is used. Amsoil has partnered with Oil Analyzers Inc. to offer testing kits which allow users to check the life of their vehicle's fluids. The company also sells long-life filters made by themselves and Wix which help protect the oil from contaminants.

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