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Don’t Be Blinded To Danger Of Sun Glare
Thu, 19 Jun 2003, 22:01

(NAPSI)—It’s happened to all of us: we’re driving down the road and suddenly the sun is directly in our eyes. We’re temporarily blinded by the glare. It often passes quickly and we continue down the road. But what if a child had run in front of the car at that moment? Or a biker veered from the edge of the road? Or a car had stopped suddenly because that driver was also blinded? The scenarios are endless and scary.

Accidents due to sun glare occur much too frequently—but there is a simple way to help prevent such tragedy. Polarized sunglasses are available from your eye doctor and not only protect your eyes from dangerous UV rays, but also protect you from the dangers of sun glare.

“Your eyes are very sensitive to the sunlight, particularly after surgery or a procedure,” said Dr. Michael Cohen, vice president, Professional Services, Sears Optical. “Sunglasses are very important during outdoor activities, and polarized lenses offer additional protection that traditional sunglasses don’t offer.”

Many sun glare accidents happen in the early morning or late afternoon, when the sun is on the horizon and little protection is offered by a car’s sun visor. Unfortunately, these times coincide perfectly with rush hour and the beginning of school days, making accidents more likely.

“People are often in a rush in the morning—getting to work or getting the kids to school,” said Dr. Cohen. “They’re thinking about a lot of different things and if they aren’t using the proper vision correction, they could be putting themselves, their kids and their neighbors at risk.”

Although the tragedy of sun-related accidents is heart-breaking, consumers are only slowly becoming aware of the need for proper sunwear. Currently, the sunwear business is only a $4 billion industry in the United States, but the athletic shoe industry is a $15 billion industry! Americans are spending four times as much on their feet as they are on their sunglasses.

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SUN GLARE—a common cause of accidents can be prevented with polarized sunglasses.

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