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Straight Talk On Tire Alignment
Thu, 19 Jun 2003, 22:28

(NAPSI)—Safe driving starts with keeping your car moving in a straight line.

However, extreme weather can make for damaged roads and pot holes, which can harm a car’s tires and destroy their alignment.

Fortunately, tire safety is one part of driving that can be addressed, to a great extent, through prevention.

Alignment and tire inspections are available at automotive service centers, such as Pep Boys. There, all four wheels receive computerized measurements to determine if the suspension is aligned according to manufacturer specifications.

Here are several tips on tires from the experts at the well-known car care chain:

• A vehicle’s steering wheel should remain straight on a level road. If it drifts in either direction on its own while the car is in motion, it could be an indication of poor alignment.

• The tires could also be wearing unevenly if they squeal while the driver is making a turn.

• Strong vibrations felt through the vehicle or steering wheel are indications that the suspension or wheels and tires may have some mechanical or balancing problems and could affect the alignment.

If any of the conditions listed above exist, it’s wise to take your car to a service center you trust to be inspected.

Three other areas that are critical to tire safety are inflation, inspection and rotation.

• Tire Inflation. The correct pressure for your tires should be listed in the owner’s manual of your vehicle or along the inside of your driver side door. A quick check with a tire gauge will let you know if the tires require air. In addition to safety, proper tire pressure goes a long way toward improving your vehicle’s gas mileage.

• Tire Inspection. Improper alignment and either over-or under-inflation can lead to uneven wear on tires. It’s important to check the depth of tire treads to make sure there’s enough rubber between you and the road.

• Tire Rotation. Rotating tires every six to eight thousand miles makes for even wear. Check the owner’s manual for the proper intervals and rotation sequences for your vehicle.

Customers can find Pep Boys nearest location by calling 1-800-PEP-BOYS or by visiting the Web site at

Tire safety is one part of driving that can be addressed through prevention.

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