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Article Archives : Auto Updates

Science Solves Dusty Roads
Thu, 19 Jun 2003, 23:01

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(NAPSI)—Keeping aggregate (gravel) particles where they belong—on the road surface and not in the air—may be easier than many people realize.

Testing has demonstrated that a naturally-occurring salt called calcium chloride can be used for dust suppression on unpaved roads. This means cleaner, healthier air for people who travel on or live on gravel roads. In addition, road maintenance costs are reduced when the road surface is held in place.

The calcium chloride comes in the form of Liquidow® liquid calcium chloride, a clear, odorless product that is sprayed on. Once applied, it soaks into the road surface, creating a stabilizing effect that reduces wear and frost damage.

Calcium chloride is so effective because it attracts and holds moisture from its surroundings. Gravel particles are bound together, and the road surface becomes more compact. Taxpayers, homeowners and others can learn more online at

Mr. Althouse is a Technical Service Specialist for The Dow Chemical Company.


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