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2004 Freightliner Classic Exhaust Muffler Walker - Walker Heavy Duty Muffler

P311-43AD102    22920  New

  • ; Dual Exhaust
  • Walker Heavy Duty Muffler
  • Product Attributes:
    • Automotive Item Grade: Oem Standard Part
    • Body Height: 10.000
    • Body Length: 44.000
    • Body Width: 10.000
    • Finish: Aluminized
    • Fitment: Universal
    • Inlet 1 Inside Diameter: 5.000
    • Inlet 1 Type: Pipe Connection
    • Inlet Configuration: Center
    • Longitud del Cuerpo: 44.000
    • Max Year Covered: 2016
    • Min Year Covered: 1981
    • Most Popular Make / Model: Kenworth T800
    • Most Popular Year: 2007
    • Muffler Body Height: 10.000
    • Muffler Body Length: 44.000
    • Muffler Body Width: 10.000
    • Muffler Inlet Configuration: Centered
    • Muffler Inlet Connection Type: Pipe Connection
    • Muffler Inlet Diameter 1: 5.000
    • Muffler Inlet Diameter Designation: Inside Diameter
    • Muffler Outlet Configuration: Centered
    • Muffler Outlet Connection Type: Pipe Connection
    • Muffler Outlet Diameter: 5.000
    • Muffler Outlet Diameter Designation: Inside Diameter
    • Muffler Overall Length: 51.000
    • Muffler Type: Combination
    • Notas: Arc Welded
    • Notes: Arc Welded
    • Outlet 1 Inside Diameter: 5.000
    • Outlet 1 Type: Pipe Connection
    • Outlet Configuration: Center
    • Overall Length: 51.000
    • Product Grade: Economy
    • Terminación: Aluminized
    • Total Part VIO:
      • 470998
      • 494107
Brand: Walker
Additional Fitment Information:
2004 - Freightliner Classic

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CarJunky AutoAdvice

Muffler fell off of my car--how to fix?

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Question From jblane on Muffler fell off of my car--how to fix?

As I was driving home I went over a pothole and the muffler just fell off the bottom of my 1989 Mazda 929. I looked in the rear view mirror, saw it sitting in the street, and stopped to put it in my trunk and drive (noisily) away. So I still have the muffler and I'm wondering if it would be easy for a car novice like me to re-attach it, or if I'll need to go to a mechanic. The muffler itself doesn't look damaged, dented or anything. Thanks for any advice!

Response From asleepatdawheel Top Rated Answer

I would just go to a muffler shop and have them reattach it... Theres a reason the muffler came off initially and if you need anything related to your exhaust then a muffler shop would be more than able to repair it...

Response From Tom Greenleaf

Not sure how that one is installed but would bet by now it's been replaced and just a muffler and tail spout. If a clamped one over the other pipe it will be hard to do without the tools as once installed they don't just slide on so easy without being stretched open where a clamp would make an imprint OR if this was bolted with a gasket type that may just need a gasket and the bolts.

By now it may not be exact original so I too suggest getting some help as the tools would cost a fortune for a one time thing unless you have access to them,



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Question From Guest on exhaust

I have a 2001 Chevy, Metro and the muffler is falling apart. Do I have to replace everything( tubing and all) or can I just replace the muffler?

Response From flgmtech1 Top Rated Answer

If you are replacing the with factory parts it comes with the resonator parts and muffler and tail pipe as an assembly, the muffler itself aftermarket can be serviced by cutting off ahead of the muffler but the hard part is to be ble to access over the top of the rear suspension. You can remove the two bolts at the flange in front of the resonator and lower the entire section down off of the rubber hangers and move forward of the suspension enough to access the front of the muffler pipe section, cut off and using a coupler join the exsisting pipe to the new aftermarket muffler and tail pipe.

Response From flgmtech1

also this is a bettr picture

water in muffler

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Question From bob29 on water in muffler

96 Blazer 4.3 with water dripping from the back of muffler during warm up. Is this a serious problem or do i just need to replace the muffler?

Response From mdaniel Top Rated Answer

Condensation in the exhaust system is normal.

need osme help and advice!

Showing 2 out of 2 Posts
Question From Guest on need osme help and advice!

I have a 2002 pontiac sunfire and want to take my stock muffler off and replace it with the new aftermarket muffler i got for my birthday. I want to do it myself but i have to cut the stcok muffler off because it is welded on and i dont know that when i cut it off if my new muffler will be long enough? and what clamps should i use? because i dont want to weld it on.

Response From steve01832 Top Rated Answer

The best advice I can give you is hold the new muffler up to the old. Mark the old pipe where you need to cut it. You will need an adapter to slip onto the old pipe and slip the new muffler into the other end. 2 clamps and a possible hanger and you should be good to go.

sputtering from muffler

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Question From drew2009 on sputtering from muffler

Vehicle: 1995 Dodge Intrepid
Engine Size: 3.3/v6
Mileage: 136,289 mi.

My car is making a sputtering sound and its the noise is mainly coming from the muffler. Every once in a while it cuts off on me but cranks right back up. i Just got the car 4 days ago so I know nothing about it yet. If someone can please help me out, id greatly appreciate it.

Response From Tom Greenleaf Top Rated Answer

This could be a zillion things - chances are the engine isn't running smoothly and you are just hearing the issue from the muffler.

It could be a muffler issue and rusted inside but that's kind of rare,


Response From Sidom

Tom has those number right, with such little info.

One quick check you could do would be to get a can of carb clean & spray around the intake manifold. Those are real good for leaky gaskets..........