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2000 Saturn SL1-Whistling Noise!?!?

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Question From zmaro5 on 2000 Saturn SL1-Whistling Noise!?!?

2000 Saturn SL1 (138K MILES)-after the car warms up WHISTLES!?!? cant figure out where its coming from! but seems to be coming from the intake manifold area! I had just changed the intake manifold gasket because it needed to be replaced! (no big deal right!?) 4 hours later i got everything back together and fire it up...AWESOME! I fixed the Intake Manifold Leak...then about 15 minutes of idling perfectly...i get this annoying (sounds like a tea kettle on the stove) WHISTLING already checked for manifold leaks...there are NONE...already checked the belt driven accessories ( took the belt off momentarily) to rule them out... its not them! i have no clue where the hell its coming from...sounds like its coming from below the intake manifold area...somewhere! It doesnt make this whistle sound, like i said, until after its warmed up! THIS IS DRIVING ME CRAZY!!!!!!!!!! ANYONE KNOW WHATS GOING ON HERE WITH THIS SATURN?


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Response From Discretesignals

Vacuum leak is making that whistling noise. Get yourself a piece of heater hose and use that as a stethoscope to find were the noise is the loudest.

Response From zmaro5

but it does not WHISTLE when the engine is cold! its only after it warms up that it WHISTLES like this! and I did check my work after I replaced the gasket...didnt find a single thing that i missed! I sprayed the intake manifold flange with brake cleaner to make sure i fixed the leak...and all is well there....

Ive been on top of and under this car trying to locate the source, but no such luck....

watch it be something stupid...SMH...

Response From Discretesignals

The whistling noise changes pitch when you open the throttle cause your causing a change in manifold pressure. You just have to pinpoint the source of the leak. The leak may not be large enough to cause a change in the running of the engine when you spray for it. The leak is vibrating something which is acting like a kazoo.

Response From Hammer Time

You may have to do a smoke test to find this.

Response From Discretesignals

You'd have to smoke it when the engine is hot, cause that is when the noise occurs. Leaks can occur either under contraction or expansion.

Response From Hammer Time

I don't think it necessarily only leaks when it's hot. It's just that the leak reaches the specific size that makes it whistle. A larger leak would end the whistle also.

Response From Discretesignals

Well, it sure ain't whistling Dixie....

Hopefully the manifold or head surface isn't excessively warped, or you didn't get all the old gasket material off, or the new gasket is defective or was damaged during install. Those nylon vacuum tubes can make noises if they have a split.

Response From zmaro5

just went back out there again....with the heater hose to my ear...and think i found the source!? the #3 injector? seems to be coming from this specific area! any ideas guys?

Response From Discretesignals

Get ya a spray bottle with water in it. Set it for stream. Then spray around the injector bottom oring and see if the noises changes. Rubber o-ring chunk/split flapping around in the wind could make that type of noise.

Response From zmaro5 Top Rated Answer

NOTHING! Spray bottle came up with nothing! I sprayed it with water and Brake Cleaner....and NOTHING!

Response From zmaro5

theres 2 vacuum lines on the throttle body goes to the "air pump" i think...and the other goes down to some "part" that has an electrical connection and that vac line that plugs into it...and it just so happens to be below #3 injector too....i think this is it....but i cant quite see what part it is or what its called or how to find out what the hell it is....guess ill see if this Haynes manual has a vacuum diagram....

Response From zmaro5 back under there with the flashlight and a small mirror to try and make out what that part is....theres a FuelLine, a vac line (from the ThrottleBody) and an electrical connector on this part that i think is the culprit!

Response From zmaro5

link deleted ....................... not allowed

Does anyone know if this part right here (the Canister Purge Control Solenoid) has the ability to WHISTLE when defective?

Response From nickwarner

If it has a hairline crack in it, yes. Otherwise I think the more likely cause is the rubber hose that goes onto it.

Sometimes the spray test doesn't hit a bit enough leak to change the pitch of the engine. I never use brakleen for that, just carb cleaner. But if you watch the datastream with a scanner and deselect all pids except the upstream O2 sensors so you get a faster refresh rate you can try spraying looking for leaks with the carb clean. You can also use a propane torch with a piece of hose on it to control closely where it is applied. Watch for a sudden spike in the 800-900mv area that is much longer than the normal 100-900mv oscillation the sensor normally makes. Found a problem child vac leak on a 4.3 Chevy once that way.

Response From zmaro5

i unbolted the Canister Purge Control Solenoid to see if it was that making the wasnt....and spent another 20 minutes getting that bolted back in....(in a really tough spot and couldnt see anything)...

then...i decided for the hell of it to take the car out for a ride...maybe see how it drives and see if maybe i can just live with the whistling noise....i didnt get a 1/10th of a mile down my street and that $%#@ing noise just....(wait for it)......DISAPPEARED! just like that....GONE! WTF?!?!? I just hope it doesnt return with avengence!

and boy...what a difference a new intake manifold gasket makes!

Response From nickwarner

Some of those vac hoses are molded and have to be ordered from GM, but aren't too badly priced. If you need any have the last 8 digits of the vin handy when you call or stop in so they can look it up properly and save you time.

Maybe you disturbed something just enough to put it at an angle where the whistle noise doesn't happen, much like adjusting your lips just so will not allow you to whistle. With these rubber lines being 14 year old I usually change them out when I do any intake or head work to prevent comebacks down the road when they fail.

Glad to hear you got the noise to go away, but I would concentrate on the area you disturbed as the cause if you have future issues. When something changes after getting touched its a pretty good indicator.

Response From Tom Greenleaf

Is it a nice tune? You might like to leave it - joking. Maybe air filter or anything where air moves and not really the gasket at all,


Response From zmaro5

ya know what....hahahaha....i did try that yesterday...with a piece of heater hose...and still couldnt pin-point where its coming from!

Response From Tom Greenleaf

Noise right after your work? Go back and check all your work. Likely integrity of anything after throttle plate or vacuum anything involving intake manifold,