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Chrysler Stratus 2.0 squeaking noise

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Question From manual on Chrysler Stratus 2.0 squeaking noise


I have Chrysler Stratus 2.0 from 1998 (Dodge Stratus for EU market) with 160 000 kilometers on the odometer, and I have strange squeaking noise coming from transmission (I think) when release the clutch. here is the video with that sound:

from 0:00 to 0:10 clutch pedal is pressed, and at 0:10 it's released, on 0:18 again pressed and on 0:20 released. I think you will notice strange sound, so can anybody help me with detecting the problem.

Thank you in advance

Response From Hammer Time

Yep, if that noise is only occurring when the clutch is out, then you have an internal transmission issue. You need to get that to a trans shop before doing as lot more damage. You could make sure the oil level in the trans is correct first but it sounds like the damage is done already.

Response From manual

I tried to refill oil, but no luck, still the same. when the weather is colder, sound is louder and more noticeable.

Response From Discretesignals Top Rated Answer

Could be a clutch release bearing or input shaft bearing. Your going to have to remove the transmission and take a look.

Response From manual

I tried already to remove complete transmission and put another one (I bought it at junkyard), but the sound was still here. Thats why i think that its caused by something at clutch system, not tranny

Response From Sidom

The thing with manual tranny repair.....If there is any kind of mileage at all on the clutch assembly.....Then it gets a new one while the tranny is out......That is the one piece that IS going to wear out and need to be replaced at some point....

It's a shame you didn't change it while you had the tranny out.......but the tranny is going to have to come back out and that assembly inspected......You probably have a broken spring in the disc or pressure plate.....

While its out.....change everything, disc, pressure plate, t/o bearing, pilot bushing & have the flywheel turned....

Response From manual

Clutch kit has been refurbished when we were removing the tranny last time. Some springs have been broken, but new springs are installed, new housing and clutch

Response From Sidom

Just so it's clear......You bought a complete clutch kit for this car, that had a new disc, pressure plate (housing) throw out bearing & pilot bushing/bearing and all these pieces were installed?

Response From manual

My english isnt so good, se here is the link on ebay to part that I bought and replaced when we were removing tranny last time:

Link removed ...................... not allowed

Response From Sidom

Your english is way better than my spanish...

It looks like everything was included in that kit.

Is it making the same noise as before you changed the tranny & clutch assemby or is this a new noise?

When it's make the noise can you tell if it's coming from the tranny or the engine?

Response From manual

Yeah, the sound is almost the same. It has not been as cold weather as it is now, so i cant tell exactly, but yeah, that was the same sound. And when its colder, its louder as I already said. Did you see the video I posted the link at the start of the thread? that's the sound I hear, and I hear it when I release clutch if the engine is cold

Response From Sidom

Yes, I listened to it and from the noise and your description, it really sounds like there is a problem in the tranny or clutch assembly but if everything is new and you have the exact same noise you would think that the problem is somewhere else....

When you press the pedal down, you disengage/release the clutch, so the engine is spinning, the tranny isn't spinning other than the clutch assembly. The t/o bearing is pressing on the pressure plate so if its bad, this is when it will make noise but there is no noise when the pedal is pressed & the clutch is released.

I'm guessing you have it neutral when you are pressing and releasing the clutch pedal since the car is sitting still...while this will get the main shaft of the tranny to spin, it really won't pull a load on the engine since the car isn't moving....

I'm curious if the noise is the same when the car is moving and in all the gears?

It's possible you got a tranny with the same problem as the one you removed.....While the odds are pretty high against this I suppose it is possible....

If you get a long bar or stick, you can put one end on different parts of the tranny & engine and your ear on the other end to see if you can hear the area the noise is coming from..

Response From manual

i can hear the same sound in 1st, 2nd and a little in 3rd gear (3rd gear about 2000 RPM, not below). and if cars is moving and in gear, if I press clutch it wont stop the sound until i shift the gear to neutral

Response From Sidom

Well....it keeps coming back to a tranny noise... I would have to admit that it would be real bad luck to get a wrecking yard tranny that is making the same noise as the one that you replaced but it really looks like that.....

I'm not there but before I pulled the tranny again, I would want to see the exact spot the noise is coming from.....If it's the middle of the tranny, then the tranny would have to come out.....

If it's in the bellhousing area (front of the trans where the clutch goes) I would double check all the shields and anything else I could to make sure something wasn't touching the flywheel....

I know you don't want to hear this........I've been there & don't that...Most recently I got a cracked head from a machine shop.......BUT....At this point.....looks like you are going to have to pull the trans again.....