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1975 Volkswagen Beetle Ignition Starter Switch Volkswagen

P311-17BAE8A    AC905805  New

Volkswagen Ignition Starter Switch
  • With Keys; Hella; Display Pack
Brand: Volkswagen
Additional Fitment Information:
1975 - Volkswagen Beetle
1971 Volkswagen Super Beetle Ignition Starter Switch Volkswagen

P311-17BAE8A    AC905805  New

Volkswagen Ignition Starter Switch
  • Hella; Display Pack
Brand: Volkswagen
Additional Fitment Information:
1971 - Volkswagen Super Beetle

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ignition switch

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Question From peggyfran1 on ignition switch

2007 Dodge Nitro . how do i replace the ignition switch?

Response From Tom Greenleaf

Most electrical switches are down low on steering column. If key assembly it would require going thru steering wheel which involves air bag wiring and I don't think DIYers should mess with that. Take that to a trained tech in properly fixing or replacing those if needed,


Response From peggyfran1 Top Rated Answer

thanks tom

1995 wrangler ignition switch removal

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Question From jacjm313 on 1995 wrangler ignition switch removal

i am trying to remove the ignition key cylinder from a 1995 jeep wrangler, and also the multi-func. stalk. they both operate intermittently.i removed the lock plate and signal actuator, however, i am stuck trying to remove the key cylinder. i have a haynes manual, but it's not specific enough (natch). any advice on what to push (pull, slide, lift,etc.) would be truly appreciated. any other helpful hints on this project is nice,toothx-

Response From Double J Top Rated Answer

Some have a retaining tab to push in others have a retaining screw...

This link is not for a wrangler but for a Cherokee..but it will give you some

Let me know if it helped ...

Response From jacjm313

i haven't tried it yet, but it looks like the right procedure. i left the buzzer switch in so i'm hoping there's a screw underneath it- thx for the info!

Response From jacjm313

i must have been trying too hard, but after i looked at the pix some more, i realized it WAS the black thingy at the bottom of said slot. sure was hard to push in tho, thanks for the help! any info on removing the ig. switch actuating arm???


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I have a 71 Dart Swinger and I need to change out the ignition switch. Do I need a special tool to do this or do they pop out with a key pin? Please advise!

Response From Loren Champlain Sr

Your going to need to remove the steering wheel to access the key/tumber. Looking at the new unit, you'll see that there is a slot with a matching 'button' that needs to be depressed with the key in the on position. The cylinder should then come out. "button' is shown at the far right end on the lower part of the pic. The 'slot' is in the column.

Response From MUSTANG3484

Loren ,
Your the man! You help me with the mustang (tranny doesn't shift out of 1st link) Jusy to let you know I sold the Mustang 2 weeks ago and she's still running great. Now I'am back with the Mopar circuit. If you have time here is another one for you. On the same car ,71 Dart , no turn signals or brake lites. but I have running lites . Should I start with the brake lite switch or where would you start. Everything under the dash has been pull down (e-bay special) by the previous owner, so I don't think this is going to be a quick easy fix. Do your magic and give me a few pointers. When I have this car done I can post you a picture.
Thanks again,

Response From Loren Champlain Sr

Patrick; Loren ,
Your the man
LMAO! That's the same thing my mother told me. But, you know how mothers are.
The turn signals and the brake lights go thru the turn signal switch, which is under the steering wheel, also. Of couse, first, check fuses, stop lamp switch, and turn signal flasher. Don't forget the obvious, the bulbs. Do the four-way flashers work okay? If so, that will tell that the bulbs are okay. The brake lamps and turn signals share the same bulbs, so if they work with the four ways, that's a good thing. The four way and turn signal flashers are the same so you could swap the two to see if the turn signals work. Good luck, and thanks for the vote of confidence, however underserved.

Response From Hammer Time Top Rated Answer

Congratulations on successfully posting photos Loren

Response From Loren Champlain Sr

LOL; I don't seem to have a problem posting ones from the parts stores. Just from Mitchell. Hmmmm.

Response From Hammer Time

That's because nobody can paste from Mitchell or Alldata. They are secured images. You have to save them and upload them.

Response From Loren Champlain Sr

Oh, I've tried. Oh, how I've tried. I can do it, just as an attachment, though. I don't mind doing it that way, just jealous of the rest of you!

Response From Hammer Time

The attachments have a 300K size limit. The hosting sites have a 1MB size limit.

ignition switch replace

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Question From kemptw on ignition switch replace

1988 dodge Ram D-100
318 motor
standard stearing wheel

ignition switch replace?

Response From way2old Top Rated Answer

Why??? If you don't mind telling us.

Re: Ignition Switch problems on a 2001Mercury Sable GS

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Question From darons on Re: Ignition Switch problems on a 2001Mercury Sable GS

Does this linkage on a 1996 sable that commonly breaks between the ignition and the ignitions switch swap out with the ignition system on a 2001 mercury sable

Response From Tom Greenleaf

Hey - Start you own thread not someone else's. It's new now........ Tom

Response From darons Top Rated Answer

ok sorry

Response From Hammer Time

Just so you know, your post has been moved and this is your question now.

Response From Hammer Time

We would have no idea if the parts from those 2 years are the same and why would you even consider digging for a used one for a part that costs that little. I bet that thing is less than $20 new.