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Re: Ignition Switch problems on a 2001Mercury Sable GS

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Question From darons on Re: Ignition Switch problems on a 2001Mercury Sable GS

Does this linkage on a 1996 sable that commonly breaks between the ignition and the ignitions switch swap out with the ignition system on a 2001 mercury sable

Response From Tom Greenleaf

Hey - Start you own thread not someone else's. It's new now........ Tom

Response From darons

ok sorry

Response From Hammer Time Top Rated Answer

Just so you know, your post has been moved and this is your question now.

Response From Hammer Time

We would have no idea if the parts from those 2 years are the same and why would you even consider digging for a used one for a part that costs that little. I bet that thing is less than $20 new.

ignition switch(96 mercury marquis)

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Question From JimH on ignition switch(96 mercury marquis)

Have 96 Grand Marquis, had to disconnect battery to turn car off. Replaced ignition switch. Now car won't turn on, and start lights (oil light, battery light, etc.) won't turn off when key is in off position. Can you tell me what the problem may be?

Response From way2old

Did you replace the key cylinder, or the ignition switch down on steering column? If it is was the key cylinder that was replaced, look for a broken rod going to the ignition switch, or a mis-adjusted ignition switch on the column. If it was the column switch replaced, same diagnostics.

Response From JimH Top Rated Answer

Thank you for your reply. After tinkering some more, I found what you are saying is true. I had replaced the key cylinder, not the ignition switch, which happens to be fine. It appears that it is the rod that the pin from the ignition switch goes into to turn car on/off, mounted on top of steering column. Was told this is a dealer part, but don't know what it would be called? Do you know if the steering wheel would need to come off in order to replace or can I just drop the steering column? Thank you for your reply in advance.

Response From way2old

You will need to remove the steering wheel to replace the part. It is not a hard job, just a little time consuming. Just be careful of the air bag as Tom stated. It is best to disconnect the battery, then get a cup of coffee or a beer and drink it, then continue with repairs.

Response From PTEC

hahaha cup of coffee or tea and drink it, i see why u said that. yes, take your time while drinking the tea or coffee, if its hot let it cool down.

Response From Tom Greenleaf

This would be a dealer part. You can go to any Ford dealer and they should be able to show you a nice diagram with part #s and you can just pick what you need from that. At least the Ford dealer near me does that for all Ford products.

Be carefull working on this. I don't trust the air bag and especially with a broken part around any wiring,


Ignition Switch problems on a 1996 Mercury Sable GS

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Question From Saibot on Ignition Switch problems on a 1996 Mercury Sable GS


I'm having some Ignition Switch problems with a 1996 Mercury Sable GS. The switch seems to be totally unresponsive. The car can't be started or turned off via the key, and there isn't a chime when the door is left open. The car is always on (I have to keep the battery disconnected so it doesn't get drained). I can start the car manually by bridging the connections near the starter, and it'll run fine, but the battery needs to be disconnected for it to turn off.

I removed the switch, but there doesn't seem to be anything obvious wrong with it. It would only cost about $20 to get a replacement, would it be worth a shot?

Thanks in advance!

Engine: 3.0L V6 SFI
Miles: 188XXX

Response From Hammer Time Top Rated Answer

There is some linkage deep inside the steering column that commonly breaks on those but it requires some special tools and knowledge to repair it.

Response From Saibot

Thanks for the info. Do you think it would be best to replace the entire Steering Column, or would that be just as difficult?

Response From Hammer Time

Doing that would get you into a mess with the immobilizer system. The part you need is cheap. You just have to know what you're doing to change it. It is a sliding actuator rod that connects the ignition lock to the ignition switch.