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Question From Guest on 91 BUICK SKYLARK

My 91 buick skylark wont start at the key. It has a new battery, the starter works andthe ignition switch is new. What else could keep it from starting? I'll try changing the P/N switch.

Response From Hammer Time Top Rated Answer

Which engine does it have?

1993 Buick Skylark has no power to a/c fuse under dash

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Question From fluxtube on 1993 Buick Skylark has no power to a/c fuse under dash

1993 Buick Skylark 3.3L V6 has no a/c working. After replacing all switches on dash, last one mode switch, a/c worked intermittently then went out completely. Replaced blower motor relay and resistor. Have power to relay. Pulled 25A fuse under dash and it's ok, but no power to it. Can you tell me where the power comes from to the 25A fuse; ie, ignition switch, ECM, a relay or elsewhere? I still need to drop fuse block to check wiring connection.

Response From Hammer Time

What doesn't work, the blower?

Response From fluxtube Top Rated Answer

The blower works hot wired, basically wanted to know where power comes from to fuse. Discretesignals says from ignition in run. That's what I was looking for. Now I'll drop fuse block to check connections from ignition switch. Thanks.

Response From Hammer Time

That feed also powers the power windows so if they work, the ignition switch is fine.

Response From fluxtube

I don't have power windows, but the power locks work ok.

Response From Hammer Time

Door locks don't run off the key.

You are looking for an orange wire that feeds the fuse box from the ignition switch for that fuse.

Response From fluxtube

Thanks, so much.

Response From Discretesignals

Power to that fuse comes from the ignition switch in the run position. Power windows work?

2000 buick lesaber

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Question From mddrj74 on 2000 buick lesaber

2000 Buick lesaber ,3.8Lt ,140,000mi

Hello, I have recently ran into a Problem that just bogels my mind. I drove my car all day mind you, went into a friends house and came back to the car (2000 Buick lesaber) and attempted to start it. It would not even turn over. No selections of the ignition switch would ingauge (key Pos 1,2,3). The lights illuminating the driver and Passenger door window and lock buttons are constantly on (have to unplug the battery) and the horn will stay ingauged if Pushed at all. The radio will turn itself all of the way u or down when battery is plug back in but, no power to it other than the tiny security light(on the head unit not dash). The power seats do move when battery is pluged in.I have no dash lights nothing other than the mentioned above.

Checked All grounds I know of.
Checked Battery
Checked fuses,fuse box ground studs
Removed ignition switch(Took it apart all contacts and wires are in pristine condition but what I observed was that the vehicle has the same problems with ignition switch removed so could that still be the problem?)
pass key 111 unit is installed factory but, the keys I have do not have chips in them, never have.(also security light it not blinking on dash)

Any and all suggestions and very welcome and thank all of you for taking your time to read and possibly help me out

Response From Tom Greenleaf Top Rated Answer

Do you have an original working pass key to test this with? In that it can work without one it may (probably) was by-passed and that wiring work may be the issue now. Can only guess so far,


Response From Double J

The Backlighting staying on on the switches is due to a unique software issue within the IPM.
GM issued a bulletin on this

Bulletin number 01-08-47-002
States to replace the Heater / A/C programmer Assm (also called the Instrument Panel Module)
Part number 12214171

Once replaced,the IPM will need to be reprogrammed so you'll have to take it to a qualified shop or the dealer for this repair.

Response From mddrj74

Thank you sir

Response From mddrj74

Thank you for your reply I have never had a "passkey" with a chip in it but there is a pass key MOD and I do have both of the keys that came with the car none of them have chips

so checking the weiring to that would consist of checking for faults in the wires that run from it ?

Possible ignition switch problems

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Question From petelg on Possible ignition switch problems

Hi, hope someone can help. I have a 1989 Buick Park Avenue,6cyl,3.8 with 200,000 miles. It's old but has been very well taken care of. I'd like to keep it running just because of sentimental reasons..It has been cutting out and I think I have the problem narrowed down to a faulty ignition switch. I could be wrong, I've definately been wrong before. What I would like to do is by-pass the ignition switch and run the car for awhile to see if it will die on me.. My question is....Is there a simple way to by-pass the switch and hotwire it? Any suggestions will greatly be appreciated....Pete

Response From Sidom

I'm not sure what kind of problem you are having......Personally I haven't seen the security system cause any cutting out problems. When they fail it's usually a no start....

I'm just a bit leary posting instructions on how to bypass a security system. Once it's posted, anyone can read it.

If you are having a driveability problem with your car, start a thread in the troubleshooting section with as much useful info as you can and someone will help you out....

Response From Hammer Time

It's the ignition switch that he wants to bypass, not the security system. It's not known if it even has one at this point.

Response From petelg

Thanks for the help guys....No, the car doesn't have a security system. I was mainly asking about bypassing the ignition. If I can do that and and it doesn't stop on me anymore, i would think that's were the problem lies...

Response From Hammer Time Top Rated Answer

Don't be too quick to jump to that conclusion. Security was available in that car

Forgeyt about bypassing an ignition switch. If you don't trust it, replace it. It would be cheaper.

Response From petelg

Ok, thanks again for the insite...Appreciate it!....Pete

Response From Hammer Time

No, there is no simple way. It probably has Passkey security system anyway. If you suspect it, just replace it. The electrical part isn't expensive.

Response From petelg

Thanks for the insite..Appreciate it...I'll give it a try....Pete